Love Is No Need To Have Each

Love does not have to have, a sentence that very often we hear from the mouths of people who did not get his love. This phrase is usually used merely as an entertainer's heart when love just claps hands or rejected by someone beloved.

meaning of love

People who say this sentence is the person who is being felt the bitterness of love. Whether people like this deserve to be pitied? No. Whether it is appropriate if the person we refer to as the poor man? Not really. Why? Because with the experience of love is rejected by the people he loves, he will have a valuable experience, which he will become more mature, become more patient and more thoughtful in life.

Let's look deeper still. Whether the affection and love that should have? Whether to love the money we love it, we have to be his girlfriend? Whether when we love someone, that person must belong to us completely? Affection and love, you have not fully gotten a score of 100% if you still expect reciprocity or remuneration in the form of love and sadness. But it is very human.

Love and affection that ideal is love and affection without expectation of reward or a reply. But we should know that in this world nothing is ideal and perfect as we want.

Love is giving and self-sacrifice without expecting any reply from loved ones. The actual true love, we can give only if the lovers already really belong to us completely. And if our loved ones are not yet completely ours, surely the love we always want strings attached or reply. Whether it wants to love and be loved by the people we love or other rewards.

That love requires sacrifice. Not only the sacrifice of time, energy and material, even victims feeling. Especially if our love is not reciprocated, then we will be the even greater sacrifice.

A question for those of you who say that love does not have to have each other. Could you smile happily when the one you love to introduce his girlfriend or husband/wife? Could you feel happy to see happy together with others whom he loves?

I think you would be upset, angry, disappointed and felt hurt when seeing those you love with others and live happily. It was very normal. We are just ordinary people who have emotions, ambition and motivation. Whatever we do, we often expect the reward. If there is no hope of getting strings attached, for what you do that? Just because of love? Simply because of love? Sure? Is it true that you do not expect him to come back someday? Is it true that you do not expect a sweet smile? Just note that smile that is often a vulnerary at heart, although only just blink of an eye.

However, I remain convinced that a sincere love was still there. As its size is, if you still love him, continued to do well against him, when he expects to remain help, it means you can be said to have had a sincere love and sincerity.

Regardless of how great a sacrifice you have to bear and does not care as deeply as any pain in the hearts of you. If you still can smile sweetly sincere when seeing someone you love is happy with someone else, I'm sure that's what love is sincere and selfless.

Now you have to realize that sometimes love does not have to have each other. However, you also have to realize that you've hurt yourself when you maintain unrequited love.

If you are experiencing unrequited love. Rest assured that he is not the best for us. Now you should immediately clean itself to become a new self by learning to love others.

Do not let yourself continually believe that "I am also happy to see him happy." rest assured that there are other people who can make you happy.


Love and Romantic Future Orientation

Build the relationship, always be the focus of attention and time because it is a potential that it can bring individuals to happiness, though it can also be a painful thing.

meaning of love

The relationship became even more complex when they start involving love and trust in a partner. Romantic relationships can be either ' intimate relationships ', a term widely and erratically, which can include a variety of different associations between friends, couples, families and relatives of the family (Gillies, 2003).

This intimate relationships and interactions affect the adaptation in a changing needs and pressures involved at each stage of development in one's life.  According to Erikson (in Papalia, 2007), developing an intimate relationship is an important developmental task for young adults. The need to create a strong, stable relationship, close, and the matter became a very powerful motivator for the behavior of individuals.  

In fostering an intimate relationship, the individual need to have an understanding of self, ability to express emotions, ability to commit, and decision making in sexuality. These things are very important for young adults in deciding whether they will marry or form homosexual relationships. Forms of expression in intimate relationships may include friendship, love, and sexuality.  Love is an expression of human emotion is most excellent and most desired.

According to Sternberg (1987), love consists of three main components, intimacy, passion, and commitment that all three are related to each other. Intimacy refers to the feeling of closeness and tied with couples; passion is the encouragement of physical attraction, romance, and sexual abuse; and the commitment occurs when individuals begin to decide (short-term aspects) and sustain (an aspect of the long term) of the love he had. Loving someone owned depends on the degree or the proportion of these three components (Sternberg, 1988).  

The difference in the levels of this love can be explained through a combination of these three components, for example the love romantic intimacy and passion component contains a lot more than a component of the commitment. In addition, a relationship that is based only on one component only more difficult to endure than based on two or three components at once.

The difference in levels of love can also be due to the difference in age and gender. Women are usually more intimate to the friend of the couple, compared to where they are more difficult to express emotion and intimacy in communication with their partner. But instead of the man who more easily express the emotional intimacy with a partner than with the companions (Sternberg, 1987). Women and men also have sexual needs and desires are different, where men have a greater proportion to their sexual needs (in Papalia, 2007).

In addition, men tend to be more premature in terms of sexual desire, where she has appeared in the initial phase of young adults; whereas women tend to give priority to the immediacy of emotion and communication.  With regard to love, Kienlen (2007) mentions three phases in romance, that romantic feeling (flavor of love), physical attraction, and attachment to emotions.

First of all, the feeling of love appears on the individual because of the proximity to the opposite sex. Furthermore, individual minds are met by loved ones and start making it an ideal partner. Physical attraction phase is often said to be false "lovesick" or smitten. Then the relationship continued to attachment to emotions, which involves commitment, friendship, or even a child. In this last stage, the individual positive or negative character knowing of the pair, and decide whether you want to build a life together.

The third stage is not separate but rather a fusion of all three in a long-term romantic relationship, one of which is the bond of marriage with a commitment to share (Stutzer & Frey, 2006).  Romantic relationships based on love can arise from a wide variety of ways, for example, two individuals mutually attracted to each other and decided to build a romantic relationship. In addition, a romantic relationship may also arise from a friendship, then develops into a relationship romance. (Guerrero & Mongeau, 2008). However, it is not easy for individuals to be able to maintain a romantic relationship that is owned in a long period of time. Based on Sternberg (1987), to maintain a relationship can be made through triangular theory.  

First, keep your emotions so well developed intimacy.  

Second, analyze fulfillment and sexual passion in a relationship. The components of the poison can be different between individuals with her partner and sometimes it is hard to be controlled, so that couples need to understand their respective needs and try to meet those needs.  

Third, understanding the importance of relationships and enjoying a relationship with happiness. In doing this, the third point is needed for components of intimacy and passion, and especially expressions of commitment of a long-term romantic relationship.

With regard to maintaining long-term romantic relationships, it is important for individuals to be able to express emotions, commitment, and the decision in sexuality. This refers to the ability of the individual in doing assignments, planning, and decision-making about a romantic relationship that is being carried, as it is important for the sexual behavior of young adults (McCabe & Barnett, 2000).  The setting, planning, and decision making in life a person closely related to the orientation of the future (Sanger et al., in Seniger, 1992).

Cross-cultural research on the orientation of the future often compares domain orientation of the future in teenagers and young adults, teens are more focused on their feelings and thoughts about the future of education and career achievement, while intimacy is more focused on young adults (McCabe & Barnett, 2000). In line with that, Salmela-Aro, Aunola, and Nurmi (Nurmi, 2005) conducted a study of longitudinal against college students in the period of 10 years.

They found that after the second and third years of lectures, education was deemed less important; In contrast, career, family, and children become more specialized purposes. Thus, the themes related to the future of the future, especially in romantic relationships, it becomes more important things for young adults.  Future orientation of the term was first introduced by Lewin (Öner, 2000a; Öner, 2000b; Nurmi, 2005; Seniger, 2009), which refers to all the interests of someone in the future. Future orientation is defined as thinking and planning about the future (inside the Malmberg & Norrgard Dorham, 2005); and as the capacity to manage and anticipate future events (Gjesme, in Öner, 2000a; Kalkan, 2008).

Further, the Gjesme (in Kalkan, 2008) distinguishes between the orientation of the future in the context of the General, with the orientation of the future in more specific contexts.  The orientation of the future in a more general context associated with estimates and anticipation of individuals in General, i.e., for example, that he would be working in the future; While the orientation of the future in a more specific context associated with the estimates and anticipation of individuals at certain things, for example, individuals who are interested in a particular job only.  In line with the thinking Gjesme, Öner (2000a) suggests that future orientations in romantic relationships differ from the orientation of the future in General. The orientation of the future on a romantic relationship is the tendency to seek temporary or permanent relations with the opposite sex.  

Referring to Öner (2000b), individuals with a level of high future orientation is expected to seek a relatively permanent relationship; instead of the individual to the level of orientation of the future more low can enjoy temporary relationships.  

In his research, Öner found several factors that influence the orientation of the future on romantic relationships, i.e., attention to the commitment to the future, investing in the future, involvement in the future (Öner, 2000a), the search for a permanent relationship, as well as a focus on relationships in the future (Öner, 2000b). In addition, gender, satisfaction in the relationship, as well as some individual characteristics, such as jealousy, and self-monitoring, also seems to affect the orientation of the future (Öner, 2000b), although only on a certain boundary (Kalkan, 2008).

Based on the research of Öner (2000a), individuals with a preference for long-term commitment will find a relatively permanent relationship (future-oriented), and have an attitude that is more cautious in initiating and fostering a romantic relationship. This cautious attitude can affect an individual's response to our satisfaction relationship. However, the individual will also need to pay attention to the components of intimacy and passion, as well as the length of a romantic relationship that he lives. According to Berscheid (Sternberg, 1986), at the beginning of a romantic relationship, uncertainty in the relationship to make individuals not able to predict behavior and emotional condition of the spouse.  This inability can make individuals feel uncomfortable with the relationship. Furthermore, when in a romantic relationship of individuals don't get passionate needs properly, it can also be not satisfied; that can lead to the termination of a relationship (Sternberg, 1986).

This means that satisfaction in the relationship can also involve high or low degree of each component of love.   In addition to the engagement component of love, relationship satisfaction in individuals also can be caused by weather or not there is a romantic touch experience. According to Öner (2000b), the discontent relationship with individuals with beorientasi the future can also be caused by the lack of a romantic relationship to the individual experience. Individuals who are currently not in a relationship, certainly not feeling romantic expression of intimacy, passion, and commitment as perceived by the individual who is the romantic relationship.

The lack of experience of the individual against the expression of the components of this love can affect the orientation of the future on the romantic relationships of the individual, particularly on the subject of young adults in connection with the task of development.  Furthermore, young adults are more likely to determine continuation of the dating relationship romance that they undertake. They have a better position in the discuss loss and benefit in the relationship, romance (Manning et al., 2007). It is with regard to the orientation of the future of a romantic relationship.  

In his book, Reeder (2008) concluded that knowledge of the goals and objectives in a romantic relationship can help individuals to understand human interaction better. In line with the developing understanding of the potential mate, someone will live in the future, understanding concerning goals and objectives will help in forecasting and regulating the interaction of individuals with their partner (Dennet, Reeder at 2008). The consequences are obtained when an understanding of the prospective spouse is not developed will have an impact on the relationships that clunky, hurt, or aggressive feud (Abbey, Reeder at 2008).

At the conclusion, love is one of the aspects that are important in determining the sustainability of romantic relationships carried by individuals. Research on aspects of love in romantic relationships can help the individual understanding of the orientation of its future on a romantic relationship.

Based on the foregoing, it is an important thing for individuals, especially young adults, to know the level of love that he has to be able to determine whether he will be in a relationship long term or short term with his partner. 

Theory and Definition Of Love

Love is a positive emotion is most intense and most desired by everyone. Kelley (Sternberg, 1987) defines love as:

“Positive feeling and behaviors, and commitment to the stability of the force that affect an ongoing relationship.”

meaning of love

According to the above definition, love is a feeling and positive behavior, as well as a commitment to maintain the stability of someone possessed feelings and the vagaries of the Act that could affect the relationship that is being lived.  To understand and decipher love deeply, Sternberg (1987) formulates a model with regard to love. This theory is known as Triangular Theory of Love or love that triangulation theory tells us that love can be understood through three components namely intimacy, passion, and commitment.

Components Of Intimacy According to Sternberg (1987), intimacy refers to those feelings in a relationship that promote closeness, connectedness, and bondedness. Intimacy refers to feelings in a relationship that can increase the closeness, attachment, and the nexus between the people in it. The components also include a feeling of intimacy that may give rise to the warmth in the relationship remains.  Sternberg & Grajek (Sternberg, 1987) identifies ten components of intimacy in love: 1) Have a desire to improve the welfare of the couple. 2) Feel happy and enjoy pleasant moments with a loved one. 3) Respect and cherish the couple well. 4) Can expect and rely on the couple when needed. 5) Mutually understand and grasp the excess or deficiency of one another. 6) Self, time, Share ownership, and secrets shared with a loved one. 7) Felt got support and encouragement from your partner. 8) Empathize and offer emotional support on a loved one whenever needed. 9) Can communicate in an intimate, immersive, and open about the deepest feelings with loved ones. 10) Assess and consider the importance of a loved one.

In addition, based on research on a number of behaviors that pertained in romantic love, Sternberg and Barnes (Sternberg, 1987) find the three subdimensi that can better explain the components of intimacy.  The third subdimensi this refers to the difference in the level of intimacy. Subdimensi the first refers to all behavior that generally appears in an intimate relationship, while the second refers to the subdimensi specific aspects that are good for the individual. Further, on the third subdimensi refers to things that are deeper, namely the aspects on the intimacy that can make a special or unique relationship, in which a couple are already very close and always feel the togetherness though separated.

Of the three subdimensi above, Sternberg and Barnes (Sternberg, 1987) distinguishes three levels of intimacy: • Aspects that are good for anyone in a relationship; • Aspects that are especially good for individuals (me); • Aspects that can make couples special or unique.
The Components Of The Passion Passion is a condition that intensively makes us always want to United with a loved one (Hatfield Walster &, Sternberg in 1987). According to Sternberg (1987), passion is largely the expression of desires and needs-such as for self-esteem, nurturance, affiliation, dominance, submission, and sexual fulfillment. Passion is the expression of a variety of wants and needs, such as self-esteem, maturity, needs in relation to power, desire and obey the will of the sovereign, as well as sexual fulfillment. Simply put, this component refers to the impulse that leads to romance, physical attraction, and sexual satisfaction. The expression of a variety of these needs varies from one individual to another individual, so the passion between the two individuals are making love might be different.

Most people just connect your passion with sexual needs, but not just that. Other needs like self-esteem, affiliate, dominance, and others also contribute in passion. Can not be denied that passion in love tends to be associated with intimacy. For example, sexual desire may arise because of the intimacy, or vice versa, the fulfillment of a good sexual desire will result in intimacy. Thus, both these components are almost always interacting with one another in close relationships.  Component Of The Commitment Harold Kelley (Sternberg, 1987) defines commitment as "the extents to which a person is likely to stick with something or someone and see it (or him or her) through to the finish."  Commitment is the level that allow one to ' attached ' or ' closely ' on something or someone, and keep doing so until it is finished. Someone who is running things is expected to continue to do so until the goal is reached. Problems that may happen is that couple who fuck have different views about what is to be achieved, so that the different commitment can occur between one individual with his partner.

love is feeling

Sternberg (1988) mention that the components of the decision/commitment have two aspects, namely, short-term (decision) and long-term (commitment). Aspects of short-term is a decision to love certain people, while the long-term commitment is to maintain love. The second aspect of decision/commitment this does not have to occur simultaneously. The decision to make love not necessarily implies a commitment in making love, and vice versa does not imply commitment decisions. However, the decision should precede the commitment.
Sternberg (1988) mention that the components of the decision/commitment have two aspects, namely, short-term (decision) and long-term (commitment). Aspects of short-term is a decision to love certain people, while the long-term commitment is to maintain love. The second aspect of decision/commitment this does not have to occur simultaneously. The decision to make love not necessarily implies a commitment in making love, and vice versa does not imply commitment decisions. However, the decision should precede the commitment.


The Meaning Of True Love

Have you ever felt love? Have you ever felt true love? Or if you ever felt love but you still wonder whether the love you have is true love or not? Well, this time I will discuss what is meant by true love.

meaning of love

You should know that love is not the as simple wording. Love is a feeling that exists between two people. Love is not just talking about giving and mutual acceptance. Love is wider than that. You should know that every relationship is woven must be based on a true love relationship that can last forever. If not, then a pledge to be faithful to just be an ornament in the poem. If really you and your partner love each other, then I'm sure you'll know what true love.

1. True love is shared and complementary

True love is compassionate and merciful emerged based on feelings are willing to share with a partner. Both share the joy and shared sorrow. Those who love true love will know and be sensitive to their partner when the partner in trouble or in a state of mourning, though her partner hides it. So one would begin to ask questions about what has happened and what makes their partner becomes sad.

Then, they will share more about the problem and will discuss how to solve the problem together. So both saying complement, not just a complete lack of, but also enhance mutual advantages. Because true love is the perfect grace of god given to mankind.

2. True love is accepting wholeheartedly

Nobody is perfect. Every human being must have disadvantages and advantages of each. In a person who we know and love, there is always nature or other things that we like and do not like. However, if your love is true love, then you will not look at the advantages and disadvantages couples.

The most basic things that can be the benchmark is, we are also in fact not a perfect person. We also have many shortcomings. So of self-awareness is true love will grow and will receive what their loved ones. You will not be looking better again because the best ones certainly have its drawbacks.

3. True love is honesty and a sincerity

There is no perfect love, but love is in the drama and romantic movies. Love is in the drama is just an imagination of the director who intentionally inflicts that true love is a perfect love. But in fact, they are only acting full scenario. In real life, true love is quite marked by sincerity and honesty.

True love does not begin with a lie. True love only comes from a heart that truly expresses love. If he is in love he says love and if he does not love then he will say no love. So couples who endowed pure love is a love that is sincere and honest as a partner. From the beginning until the end of life separate the two.

4. Real sacrifice for love

A person who has a genuine love will never feel burdened by love, though it should be sacrificed and continue to sacrifice. Rsa no remorse in him, even though the whole body and soul become sick and die from the fight for true love.

Couples who have a true love will uphold mutual affection and place it above all else.

There is no reward more beautiful than someone we love but a love that is true. And there is no gift more beautiful than those who love us in addition to the sacrifices and struggles to maintain relationships.

5. True love will not fade with time

True love is the eternal enemy of distance and time. Where time always tries to seduce and distance will always make longing. That's when the mind is getting hurt by love without the physical encounter. Had, however, no chance to be together. That's when we have to remember what is the meaning of true love. True love is a love that will not be disturbed by distance and time.

Because the distance is the end that is not visible to the eye and time are the seeds of lakeside longing. Then when the two met at a later time, the love of sweet fruit. The fruit of love is what is called true love. Fruit to be eternally separated till the end of life.

6. True love is our

As well as the word love, a love that has a very simple meaning. True love is us, you and I were merged into one in the taste. The flavor that grows and develops from a sense of mutual understanding. Although sometimes we are not in line and did not get along, but there is always a road that brought us together.

7. True love does not need to have each

There is a lot of love that sometimes the unexpected arrival of. There are times when love comes without permission, break down the door of the heart without care. When we feel it, my heart seemed questioning. What does this all mean? If this is true love? Or just an ordinary love? Or just love that moment? When we realize it is a true love, sometimes it was too late, because the people we love is gone with other people she loves.

One thing we believe is already worthless. One heart that we want and we expect only a shadow. That's when we'll know that true love does not have to have. Knowing that we are sincere love is enough, even if unrequited, though no trace yet love is limitless.

That bit about the meaning of true love. Essentially, if someone has a true love, then she will bestow everything just for the sake of love. He would not care what was going to happen, an important person she loves can feel his love.


The Meaning Of Love

This time will discuss about love. I'm sure everyone already knows about love and may you all have never felt love. But I'm sure if you all do not know about the meaning of love. Hopefully after reading this article, you can understand what love is. Happy reading.

meaning of love

Love. Just a simple word that is composed of four different letters. Very simple. Word altogether is not a difficult word to be spoken or written. Yet this simple word has always been a theme in the lives of millions. Love becomes a theme in the story of a happy or a sad story that is endless.

I'm sure you've all heard, and i've even been to feel what love is. But do you know the real meaning of love? This time i will try to decipher what love is.

Love is a feeling

Know, o friend, that love can not be seen and can not be touched. Love can only be felt. Love is a person's feelings toward others.

Love is a feeling that no one in this world knowing when and where it came from, be destroy those who are suffering love too will never know when and where it comes from the love she had.

Love is a gift of God

Love is a natural human feeling given by god to mankind as a gift of the most beautiful. God-given love that is a deposit which can be taken back by god if we abuse it. Love itself simply can not be forced, love can only work if both parties sincerely love each other. Ideals can not start if they are selfish.

Love is a gift of the most beautiful that can not be assessed the price and it was given to a perfect creature that is man. Feelings of love can not be spoken only with words, and can not be described by any language. Love can only be read with the language of love and feeling. Love is a feeling that there is in my heart most deeply.

Love is pure

Because love is a gift from god, then god would not give a gift that is not holy and pure to humans. Believe that love is sacred because love is a gift that is fondest tuah. With their love, then life in this world more beautiful. With their love of the peace will be created in this world.

But never blame love if you hurt because of love. Because it does not love that caused you hurt and suffering. Not love that makes you feel sick. Actually, makes you suffer are those who abuse love you. That makes you sad is the people who have hurt you in the name of love.

Love is white

Love is like a blank white paper. White and clean and no stains. When love is given to man, then the paper will be colored. All depends on your wish or want to give any color of love.

Love can be black if you write with black ink and colored iridescent love can be if you are a painter in love. And love will remain white if you are the person who maintains the sanctity of love.

That's a little picture of love. Hopefully, we get true love, pure and holy.


Moral Story : The Girl Standing On The Roof

One day, a young woman standing on the roof of a high building. This he did because she knows her husband is having an affair with another woman and because of the hurt and despair, he wanted to end his life by suicide.

Moral Stories

With little doubt in his heart, he began to move further towards the edge to jump off the top of the building. Then he decided to end his life and jump.

Prior to picking her death, fear permeates the whole soul. Suddenly she felt like being in the hands of a person. Then he opened his eyes and saw an angel located nearby and was holding her body falling from the building.

The woman then asked the angel.
"why did not you let me fall?" he said in an angry tone.

"I will let you fall off if you were dead, but before that, you have to know that there will not be a memory that will you leave this world, everything will be erased". The angel replied.

"how could it be?". The woman asked in shock.

Then angels and even then replied, "you do not have children who will be going to remember who you are, your mother is old and he's going to die soon, while others soon will soon forget you".

"and my husband? He's going to blame himself for the banks have become the cause of death, if he is guilty, then he'll remember me."

"it will not happen, your husband does not love you, he'd find happiness with another woman, and she would not blame himself for death, and someday she'll forget you".

"okay, I believe you. But I have objects and photographs that will make others remember me". Replied the woman again.

"your house will burn after one year and all of yours will also burn to ashes".

"but my friends have my pictures" returned the woman was denied.

"you do not have friends". Angel replied softly.

"but I was in a memorable photos alma mater',s," she said again loudly.

Then this woman back said with a smug "are you going to let me go if I can prove that there will be a memory that is left behind when I die?

Angel it was then said: "no, you're just wasting my time alone, you have convinced me that I should let you die, whereas other human beings survive desperately to live although their chances are very small. I do not want to spend moments it with you because I can help other people at this time. I want to give a chance of survival for people, but not to people like you ".

Suddenly the angel began to stretch out both steps and then let the woman's body this fall and die.

Understand friends, life is full of ordeals. Don’t ever desperate to try. Never take a decision that is self-inflicted. Remember, you are never alone in this world. Do not feel that just you who is in trouble. Others also affected many possible problems with you and they are able to deal with it. Be a great person and never despair.

Life Story Of a Beggar Who Become Entrepreneurs

Congratulations pal reunited, this time I'll tell you about a beggar who eventually became an entrepreneur. I hope this story can be a motivation and inspiration for all of you. Happy reading.

This story contains a very good motivation for us to learn. The Extraordinary story of a beggar who does not have anything, and later became a successful businessman. This story also teaches us that is not the situation is what makes us into the poor, but the intention and mentally we who actually makes us poor people.

Moral Stories

Okay, we'll start this story. In a small town, there lived a beggar whose name smith (not his real name). We all know that's not, that the beggar is a job that a lot of people away from him and was disgusted with the job. He was a young man, he should be able to work like everyone else. However, because of poverty and compulsion for food, she decided to become a beggar.

Every day he spent with begging and begging others for food. He pretended to have a deficiency in the body, thus making the other person feel pity and give him a little charity. For many years he did it without any thought of changing her job because she felt it was comfortable.

One day, an incident made her into changing her story. One night, he was still in front of a bank. He was sitting on a mat and before him, there was a bowl containing some coins. Possible during the day only a few people were sorry for her so she does not have as much money. And on that day he was forced to beg till evening.

Not long after, there arose a man wearing a black suit and looking very hasty. In terms of appearance, this guy looks very neat and appear as a modern, rich or height classes.

Regardless of beggars who sit in front of the bank, he went into the atm machine. Not long after he had finished taking money in large quantities. While walking, he counted the money that had just taken it. For busy counting the money, he could not pay attention to the road and then stumbled up almost fell. Held very lucky money does not trickle, but not unexpectedly there was a piece of the money that falls into the bowl of the beggar.

Saw a piece of the money falls into the bowl of the beggar, he really wants to take the money back. But he was embarrassed to do so. Eventually, he went away with a full face was not sincere about the money.

Smith, of course, very happy and very no idea if his efforts begging until the evening turned out to produce good results. There is good-hearted man who gave him a piece of money with a nominal so much to him. Smith then holds the money gratefully.

Unexpectedly, the suited man back again and then seizing the bowl of a beggar. Then he said, "you're also a businessman, is not it?". Smith confused and can only be silent and looked at the man in a suit her but get into his car and drove away.

Short stories, five years have passed. A successful businessman named Roy is experiencing confusion because the business inherited from their parents in decline and nearly went bankrupt. To save the company, he must be looking for investors to help him. While frantically looking for investors, suddenly the phone rang in his office and his secretary said by telephone that there are people who want to meet him.

Heard of anyone who wanted to see him, Roy swiftly immediately want to meet people in the hope that the person is willing to invest in his company. Short stories, Roy also met the man, and then he saw that the people who want to meet the ever met him.

In fact, people who wanted to meet him that is a smith, which has now become a successful person. Roy was very surprised and then asked smith, "why do you want to invest in my company?"

Smith just smiled and then said, "I want to repay the debt of gratitude alone".
"debt of gratitude?" Roy asked, confused.

Then smith replied "host may have forgotten if the first host ever buys my bowl with a sheet of paper money. Even the master say that I was a businessman when everyone has told that I am a beggar and always makes fun of me. You are the only one who looked at me as a businessman. Nah, since that time I stop being beggars and worked hard until finally, i could be successful as it is today ".

Hear the narrative and the story of the smith, Roy was silent and unable to speak. He did not expect that the first actions were to make a successful smith.

That's the story of the beggar smith, may we all be able to extract meaning from this story.

How To Cope With Angry Children

Do not make the child as an outlet for anger. Pressures of life increasingly difficult with many demands resulted in us emotions up and down. When emotions rise and lead us angry, it fair if we vent our anger to the child? Of course, it is unfair, is not it? Well now, how do we maintain our consciousness in order no make our children as an outlet when angry?

emotional feelings

1) focus on the consequences that would happen
If your child constantly disobeying your orders, then step back and do not force your will and inhale deeply. You can get out of the house for a moment to breathe fresh air and trying to focus and overcome the anger you are feeling.

The point should not be whining and crying your child tastes your anger. When you have felt calmer, give a little punishment to educate our children if he is not with us is still defiant.

Do not give severe punishment and torture its children. For example, do not let you yell at your child simply because it is small. Be wise parents in parenting. A good example of punishment is ordered to clear the house, bathroom or cleaning his room, but it must remain in our care to avoid things that are not desirable.

2) ask for assistance
Generally, the mothers will experience less sleep and less rest when they have a child aged less than 3 years. Do not make the condition less your fatigue as a reason to be angry. Immediately ask the help of parents, neighbors, family or friends who can be trusted to help care for your child for a minute so you can rest.

3) schedule a date with spouse

Sometimes we are too busy being parents so forget partner us. Duties and responsibilities as parents have been time to consuming and lead us to overlook the needs of our partners.

Some parents sometimes feel very angry with the child, so subconsciously imagine your days with a couple without children is disturbing.

It helps you and your partner take a moment to be alone without being bothered by children. It will make your back feel close to your partner. And it is also a sedative to overcome the anger that you feel.

Time to go home, you will be able to appreciate the existence of our children and do not feel that our children are bullies your life.

4) it must have been passed
Anger is a form of emotion, but the anger will increasingly become if you let it remain in the mind.

Maybe you think that your child is the one that bothers your life. Maybe you think that your child is selfish and does not understand you are tired after working all day. Then you look for other reasons for justifying your anger him.

Realize that it is plumb children to always want to be loved and for attention to their parents. Demand the attention of a wide variety of forms. From disturbing their parents or others.

So, remember. Lest we scold our children. All must pass. Our children will not always so. When he was great, I'm sure you'll miss the times when your child is still small.

5) improve the spirituality of self
If you are adherents of a religion, it helps if you take a moment to pray and meditate in accordance with the teachings of their respective religions to reach peace of life and eliminate anger.

This will help you in building a balanced perspective of looking at life. This is also useful as a protection for you from the anger that is excessive under any circumstances.

Benjamin franklin says: anger never happens without a reason, but the reason it is often not appropriate. Therefore keep trying to manage angry we effectively and precisely because children are too precious to be used as impingement anger.

From the above description, let us care about our children. Do not make our kids as an outlet for anger. Do not use a wide variety justification to scold our children. Our child is a gift of god the most beautiful in life.

The Success Story of Adam Khoo

There is a story about a man named Adam Khoo Singapore. when she was 26 years old, he already has four businesses that have a turnover of US $ 20 million. However, it is thought that when he was 12 years old, he is regarded as lazy, stupid and backward so that there is no hope for him to become a successful person

success stories

In elementary school, he hates to read, he just wants to play games and watch tv. Because they do not want to learn, he gained a lot of value F that make him more hate towards their teachers, hatred against him even hated school lesson.

When in 3rd-grade elementary school, he was expelled from school and transferred to another elementary school. When entering junior high school, she was rejected by six schools and finally accepted by the worst school in his city. At the school, many students are ignorant and nominally on average are not accepted in other schools. Adam Khoo is included. At the school, 160 students were there, Adam Khoo was ranked 10 on the bottom of the order.

See the development of their children, parents also feel panic and send Adam Khoo to follow a variety of tutoring. However, it is not much help its development. The average value of 40. The study results are still around even the math teacher who never inviting parents and asked: "why in the first grade of junior high school, Adam Khoo could not do a problem for elementary school 4th grader?".

At the age of 14 years, Adam Khoo is sent to super teen programs in custody by Ernest wong, using accelerated learning, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and whole brain learning. Since studying there, Adam Khoo beliefs changed. He was convinced that he could. in the learning program, Ernest Wong convinces his students that everyone can be a leader even though he was a most stupid. Ernest Wong said, "the only thing that can prevent us to be successful is a mistaken belief as well as a negative attitude". word is then affected, Adam Khoo. in the end, he had confidence that if anyone could get an A, then he can get it. These diving Adam Khoo stupid, because he was young, naive and wholeheartedly accept the words of others who negative about him.

For the first time in his life, Adam Khoo dare to set targets that get an A in all subjects were given. He determines the short-term goal that is entered victoria junior college (a secondary school best in Singapore), while the long-term goal is to enter the national university of Singapore and be the best student there.

When returning to the junior high school where he studied before, Adam Khoo into action by sticking words of motivation that he pictures himself and learning how to learn the correct use (which is not taught in school any). Using speed-reading techniques and use super memory techniques. This resulted when asked by his teacher, he can respond quickly and appropriately.

When friends and his teacher asked what will be achieved? He answers will be students who have ranked first in school and then go to victoria junior college and then national university of Singapore. Everyone was laughing at him because there never was any of the junior high school graduates who can enter victoria junior college and the national university of Singapore. However, instead of discouraged because of the ridicule, Adam Khoo, even more, challenged to be the best and achieve all its objectives.

Within three months, the average value rose drastically to 70 in one year, he was able to show that he is able to become the first rank in his school. When the first high school graduate, he occupied the best value and all values are An of 6 subjects tested. He then accepted to the school in victoria junior college and graduated with a value for its vapor it three subjects. And finally, he received at the national university of Singapore. Here he became a champion for three years in a row which makes him added NUS talent development program. This program is specifically given to 10 students who are considered geniuses.

How a person who was initially regarded as stupid, backward and have no hope then could turn into a genius? We go back to the words of Ernest Wong ''that prevent us are mistaken belief and we are always negative attitude ". Adam Khoo success first came from the change of belief, from the mistaken belief that the right to belief. of the belief that he is a fool and him who backward into the belief that if others can, why I can not. The second key to success is that he has a goal and targets steady.

The third key to success is that he has a strong intention. he even utters intentions in front of friends and teachers, although he at mocked and ridiculed because of his intention.

The fourth key to success is that he has a proper strategy for learning. He used the technique to read fast, how to record using both sides of the brain and memory using super techniques.

Essentially, in this life, we must have goals and targets we have to achieve with sincerity. Not just intentions, but intentions are carried out properly and sincerely.

Way To Reduce High Emotions Of A Woman

You must already know that she was easy to hurt, then angry when she thinks we do not notice it. Angry women are one way to get the attention of whoever she wants, especially you as a partner. Angry it is a weapon for women.

emotional feelings

1. Anger in silence
With the typical rage of this kind, when the angry women tend to silent. You will be forced to find out for himself what the fault. It's up to how you search for it, he did not want to know. That sure is he wants you to apologize and fix your mistake. This is the hardest part. Because you will not know what you ere him.

2. Anger with words
This type of woman, when angry will shed all his heart which is why he's mad at you. You will more easily know what your mistakes to him. At least we do not have to guess what led him angry with us. But keep in mind that this type of woman can make you humiliated before the public. Sometimes when angry, his mouth could not be detained, harsh words will come out of his mouth and does not care how his surroundings.

Of two types of women over, the easiest to overcome his anger is the second type. This is because it is easy to find out what the cause of her anger. However, that does not mean the first type that can not be overcome. Basically, nothing is impossible. The following are ways to reduce the burden women with the assumption that you do not mistake a serious mistake for instance affair.

3. Do not follow angrily
Do not look for who is right and who is wrong. Because anyone is wrong, so do not need to follow angrily. Berating each other will not solve the problem. Behave calm and not create additional noise with your woman. A good man is a man who can keep calm when the female partner emotional and angry. Is not very good if an emotional response to the emotions as well. The relationship is the most important here. Do not damage the relationship that has been built well only for trivial reasons.

4. Immediately apologize
Should not be raised again who is right and who is wrong. Even if you feel that you're self-correct, apologize immediately. The first to say sorry is the people who have the magnanimity and noble character. When you apologize to your female faster, then at least his anger will quickly muffle. There will be little fresh air that enters the heart is still hot. This will reduce his emotions and anger.

5. Give flowers
After a few hours or it could be the next day, give flowers to her liking. With a note, that your woman likes flowers, if he did not like flowers, so do not give flowers.

6. Buy ice cream or chocolate
Almost all women love ice cream and chocolate. Most ice cream also contains chocolate. Brown for women as for men cigarette. This thing will make her feel better. Dopamine content in chat will make women become emotional level down and be more relaxed.

7. Leave physical and non-physical
If all of the above have not been able to make your woman's anger subsided, there is one more thing you need to do. Namely disappeared. Disappeared here means away from him and did not reach him through any path for a while. Be it physical like to meet in person or in non-physical such as texting, facebook or telephone. This will make the woman re-think about what he had done. If it is not you that is wrong, sooner or later, she will notice it and immediately look for you to apologize.

The five tips above assumptions made for your mistakes at the level of mild to moderate. While severe or fatal error categories like cheating, it feels that way will not be able to divert her attention. Indeed, it is not fair if women always win in any case. But in a relationship, there is no such thing as a win or lose. The relationship continues to run well is a shared victory. May be useful.


How To Calm The Emotions in Men

Not just the men who are often confused when faced with emotional women who often uncontrolled, it turns out she also experienced the same thing. Women also often think, what should be done so emotional man back to normal.
emotional feelings

For women, while men you care grumpy, do not worry and confused by what you have to do to deal with it. This time i will teach you how to deal with men who are angry that lost his temper.

1. Give an explanation calmly
Women usually do not know what to do when the man she loved suddenly angry. And a lot of the women who actually wrong in taking action resulting exacerbate the situation.

When there are problems that make the man you love angry, then immediately provide an explanation with a calm and reasonable and do not be swayed by anger him. You must be quiet if you want your relationship to continue. If you get carried away as well, then you will bring yourself into issues more complicated.

2. The tone you can calm the emotions of men
When giving an explanation quietly, you also should be able to set the tone that is smooth so as not to add to the anger of men. Not a few women who managed to explain all the problems that occur with calm and reasonable, but because of court tone, intonation is high, then it is not managed properly. In the end, it does not dampen the emotions of men, even more, add to his anger. Show your sweet face. Show that you love him, that is by speaking gently.

3. Admit mistake
The woman is a creature with a very high prestige. Because prestige is too high, sometimes women are reluctant to admit mistakes, and always blame others. So the emotions of men you care may subside, then subtract the prestige you have. Do not be afraid and embarrassed to admit a mistake that you are doing. Ask to apologize to him. Apologize it will never drop your self-esteem before him. Indirectly, an apology is words you desire to keep your relationship and keep him well.

4. Cooed and bring her favorite
After the three things above you do, it is time to seduce her and bring or make what she likes. After making three previous actions, confirmed his emotions had begun to subside. This is a good time to give the things he liked and simultaneously seduce him in order not angry anymore.

5. Give hugs and kisses dear
This last is the most powerful way to quell angry for men you care. Combine in ways that have been described earlier by the latter, and you will see the results. I remind you, he was very shallow, a hug and a kiss of affection from you are enough to drown out her emotions.

Should be noted that the above methods will not work if your partner does not want to open his heart and forgive you. But, you better to try and fail than to fail before trying altogether.

Your Cause Irritability Factor

Each person has a level of emotion different. There are people who have a low level of emotion, some have emotional level stable, and there are also people who have a high level of emotion. However, it all depends on each individual, whether he is able to control his emotions well or not.

emotional feelings

Angry is a healthy emotion just like crying and laughing. If a person is angry, maybe it is because of fear, upset, offended or feel hurt. However, if you find your nearest excessively angry, then you should first look at the real cause. Investigate first whether she was in effect or side effects of medication or are suffering from an illness.

A Doctor Of The Royal College Of General Practitioners, dr. Helen Stokes says that the cause of the anger someone could occur as a result of the use of drugs or side effects from medication and perhaps the person is suffering from a particular disease. The following factors often cause a person to be angry:

1. Stroke
When people have a stroke, then he will not be able to again perform the activities as before. Parts of the body affected by stroke will not be driven normally. People who do not have much patience will become irritable when faced with this disease. Tidka especially if there are people who serve full time.

2. Hyperthyroidism
Hyperthyroidism occurs because the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone to the body. This condition is usually experienced by women. This will affect the thyroid hormone in the body's metabolic system. Thyroid hormone is very influential on feelings such as anxiety, nervousness and concentration. More thyroid hormone produced by the body, it will further increase the anxiety, nervousness and difficult to concentrate. When these overactive thyroid hormones, then it might be the cause of your loved ones become grumpy.

3. Cholesterol Drugs
One is a statin cholesterol drug content. If a statin is taken in high doses, the side effects are acceptable is easy to lose patience or extremely irritable. This is because the statin will make lower serotonin which causes an increase in depression and may result in death.

4. Deabetes Disease
Someone who is suffering from a disease deabetes, anger will increase. Imbalance of sugar levels in the body can cause an imbalance of serotonin in the brain. This resulted in a person with diabetes to be more aggressive, confusion, anger excessive and often even panic.

5. Depression
A person suffering from depression will become irritable, restless excessive, shame, guilt, and causes a feeling that she is unworthy or unappreciated.

6. Autism Disease
This developmental disorder can affect normal brain growth and influence bersosial skills and communicate with others. Many things that the sensory stimulant for which can ultimately increase the rage for people with autism disease. Not to mention the mockery and ridicule from peers.

7. Alzheimer's Disease
This disease is a form of dementia that affects demesia or brain function including emotional behavior and personality. It can cause flare-ups.

8. Sleeping Pills
Types of sleeping pills such as benzodiazepines work by slowing the various functions of the brain to calm down and relax, making it easier to sleep. But in fact the reduction of brain function is compensated by the increased levels of anger someone. Especially if the sleeping pills do not work properly, for example after taking sleeping pills turned out he was not able to sleep well.

9. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Pre-menstrual syndrome in women occur due to imbalance of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Women become more irritable for no apparent reason. Lady mood could change during the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle or dpada two weeks before menstruation.

See 9 above causes, you now understand that anger someone who is probably the one you love is not necessarily come from the ego. Factors of disease and drugs that can also affect the dikunsumsinya and angered unnatural.