How to Motivate Yourself to Dare

Fear is a part of us that can not be separated. But often fear more dominating than the daring nature. Excessive fear of something usually happens because of the experience. Fear arises because a person has a trauma which eventually became Paranoid. Unwittingly, this attitude that we can not move forward and improve lives.

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We are not going to get rid of fear as a whole. However, the important thing is how we can bring up courage in the face and live. Because in life may be more trouble than the pleasure, we will experience. Dare mean no fear but the fear was to be implemented by leaving sin or badness to do things that can give you a kindness.

Here are some tips to motivate yourself to get up out of fear, both fear that is inside themselves or due to environmental factors. I summarize these tips from one of the magazines I accidentally share because it is so influential for me.

Assure fear it is a truth, which ultimately leads courage. An example of when you did not dare to lie for fear of sin or hurt others was over time you will dare to reveal and tell the truth.

If you are frightened by threats or criminal activity around you, begin to equip himself or herself with the ability of self-defense or the other, it can be useful if a time when you have security concerns.

Get to know your skill and expertise of the exploration well. to have a skill, you will be more willing to compete with anyone. with the expertise you have, you will become more confident.

Brave against fear. Opponents fear you by weighing the pros and cons. For example, if you want to trade but fear no rival, then start thinking about the benefits you get by so you will be more motivated.

To do something, do it with adequate preparation, then convince yourself that everything that happens to you, is it pleasant or ugliness is something that has been outlined by the Lord to yourself? Therefore, you will be braver to live.

Last, there is no man who can remove the fear. The bravest man also has fear. We have to do is clean them to overcome the fear that exists. Continue to learn to overcome fear is the best thing to do.


Self-Motivation Tips for You Stay Awake

Motivation in a person often becomes the main capital they need to achieve a dream. However, the motivation of a person tends to be unstable. Just as the wheel of life that continues to spin, self-motivated person, can sometimes go up and oftentimes can be dropped. This condition has made many people start complaining about her motivation that cannot last long. So it was understandable if often morale that we have started to decline and become personal rather pessimistic when facing a problem. 

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To cope with the decline in self-motivation, the most important thing we have to know how to motivate themselves when they lose the spirit and trying to rise to achieve the dream. Either by learning from experiences or stories of successful people, learn from the experience of failure, or try to find an easy way to read motivational books.

Why do those who fail to rise again? They were able to get up again because the ability to motivate him is very high and the desire within him to try to try again. In contrast to those who give up, they are no longer able to motivate him to get up again and mired in failure.

Therefore, when you are experiencing conditions that are not a spirit, there are only two options for you, which are still mired in a weak condition or bounce back to achieve your big dreams. So how can we continue to maintain motivation within ourselves? Here we give three tips to maintain your self-motivation.

Tips first tried to generate self-motivation

How can you do to raise your motivation is to manage energy and emotions? For example by reading a book about motivation or can also view and listen to the stories of successful people. This method is quite effective so that you can motivate yourself when you are down. Rest assured yourself that successful people have also experienced failure, but they do not dissolve in it and got up to get a much bigger motivation.

Tip two-channel self-motivation in the form of action

Many people who are motivated to be better, but it is often unsuccessful because they have not acted. Motivation is not converted into action will be a motivation empty. You can only excited, but did not produce anything. Perform real action quickly when your motivation is still high.

The third tips of motivations maintain self-motivation quickly to avoid outages

people say that evoke it is easier than maintaining or maintain consistency. Therefore, to maintain self-motivation it takes effort and a strong intent from within us, to continue to do better than the previous day.

If you can do these three self-motivation tips, then certainly you are also able to maintain motivation without any outside factors. Because the motivation that already exists within you. Motivation it just needs to be refreshed and revived. Never discouraged to continue trying. Failure is the beginning of a success. Good work and never easily discouraged. Send regards to success.


Also, Leaders Need Motivation

Your job as a leader does require you to always provide motivation your team members. However, has it ever occurred that when you feel stagnant and seemingly did not have a dream in your career, you have lost the motivation? When you fall asleep with all the previous achievements, you will lose your edge and feel motivated to continue to develop themselves. 'I've become a boss' may have had in your mind. However, be careful, a word to the wise that you can look; "If you're coasting, you're certainly not sliding up the hill."

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When you are the only powerhouse enthusiasm of your team, what happens when your spirit disappears and you feel all the power fading?

Then who motivates a leader? You may be thinking, "Okay, I lost my strength, then who will motivate me?" The answer is you. Yes, your own. You are the greatest motivation for yourself. Remember that your current position is proof that you actually already have the ability to develop themselves and character. You know how to survive with its own stand and finish the job.

Apply for personal motivation program as a fuel that will ignite your spirit to always continue to have goals, desires, and needs the new and sustainable victory.

The next important step that you can use to get your self-motivation:

Focus your mind

You must set specific goals for yourself with a period for achieving it. The general objective will not be effective. Make an attractive destination ensures you will keep the spirit and enthusiasm. Example: In this month I want to be the leader of an increasingly flexible and prudent in delegating the work, I will not immediately 'explode' angry if one of my team members failed to reach its target.

Make a list or write down your goals

Write your goals into concrete steps that can be checked at any time and mark when you have reached it, you will remain committed and focused. Do not start your next destination if the destination previously unmet. When you need to create a spreadsheet that marks every achievement of your goals and take it wherever you go. You can upload to smartphones and at leisure, a time to examine it.

Develop the greatest desire to achieve goals

Maintain your desire to achieve goals and to identify all the advantages and disadvantages that you will pass. Create a specific list of existing benefits. Do not be afraid to say what 'crazy' though.


It is natural that sometimes your spirit is becoming weaker. When your mood is low, look back a list that includes your goals, and imagine the good that you can get both for you and for your team members as well as the company. Indeed, you not only help you but also those around you.

Round determination that you definitely can face all odds

Once you survive strong for your liking and its benefits, you will see all the obstacles it is not anything to be scared and you will soon get rid of. Do not let anything stand in your way!

Leaders are human, sometimes not motivated. Make sure you have your own personal time to motivate yourself.


Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

Want to motivate yourself is willing to discuss and want to focus and direction. Not only that, you are also in demand to be ready to face challenges that require you to be thinking as a personal smart and assertive, so as not to be manipulated and always think positive. Well, this time I will discuss some simple ways you can do to motivate yourself easily.

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Forming Positive Mindset

Any case would be difficult if we have a negative mindset or thought patterns that inhibit self. Applying Positive Thinking is a major step that should do to motivate yourself. In addition, stop thinking negative. Try when you are minded, negative, divert your attention elsewhere. What more if you think of a way to motivate yourself. What you need to do is, ask yourself, if the negative thoughts are important to consider. This will hamper your efforts if you continue to think of anything else.

Build confidence

Positive thinking about the meaning of life means that you have to think positively about yourself. If you think that you cannot afford and so it will make you block any of your business. You try to remember how difficult it is to achieve your success. In addition, what the reasons are able to hinder you from achieving that success.

Know that the constraints it will always be there

You need to remember that a failure will probably occur and always try to make this a habit of your life. Perfects desire to be individual; it will only make yourself become frustrated and will be easy to give up. Sometimes, when the failure occurred. Sometimes the cause of it is yourself that as you take the right decisions. However, it can also occur due to the external environment. Readiness will deal with this very useful later on.

Focus on the ultimate goal of a positive

Usually, this makes it easier to recognize things we do not want. So also on the things, we most fear. We often find it difficult to determine what actually makes us happy. In addition, what we are striving for? In terms of achieving something, somehow, we must always start it with the thought of this positive outcome, instead of negative thoughts. With positive thinking does not mean you have to be the best, but you just do what you are capable of doing.

Start from small things

Having a goal is very high end will burden you? For example, you will administer the exam by reading books five volumes at once, it will make you saturate. However, you have to start with little by little. By using this method can give you good results and did not make the burden of your mind.

Always noted one thing to be achieved

Humans always want to find the meaning and purpose of his life; this is not merely to maintain the viability alone. However, we are looking for purpose in doing a job, hobby, or even in a relationship. We need to avoid activities that are fun. Whether it is you want to work overtime, want to lose weight, determine the time to learn the routine in order to get a good score. Write down all the things you do. It can boost your spirits and as a result will show a positive result of your behavior, which will make your life more meaningful.

Enough rest

We need sufficient rest. Research says that students who rested can learn better than the other students who are less rested. As we already know. Muscles in our body also need rest, rest is not for the lazy. However, for those who always keep their own health and to be able to continue doing their jobs well.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

To get the best way to achieve something, usually, the error comes when we do things we have never done before. As long as you evolve and always wanted to be better, such errors could happen. In fact, of these errors can be useful for us. At least it can help us to achieve success.

Look for a good friend

Tell me that you want to keep the motivation to friends, relatives, or families; the most important you have to tell the parents. In addition, you need to ask yourself whether the people closest to you who can help you to stay focused and always eager?

Do not compare yourself with others

If this happens you, it is very quick to eliminate the motivation within yourself. You should know that they will never be you and you will never be them. So the question is why? Although this is, you have heard. The important thing is all the things that you have to fix. Not think of the advantages that happen to other people.

This is important to record your daily progress. In addition, you need to know where your position before the previous one with yourself is now.


How to Restore the Down Motivation

Not everyone can easily find a way to restore the motivation is down, especially for those who are facing severe problems. Not only have you ever experienced a decline in motivation or passion for daily life today. Frankly, we personally as the author of this article also once and often decreased the motivation to carry out all the activities that are capable of success.

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How to restore the motivation is weakening and down, for people are different. Maybe there is the solitude in the woods, or anyone spends time in crowded places, there is also a go way street, but there is no purpose and others. That is all there is nothing wrong in terms of restoring the spirit of struggle. What is wrong is when you vent the problem by doing negative things outside the boundaries like a drunk, taking drugs or go to a place of prostitution?

Relieve anxiety due to a problem or restore lost motivation to do the wrong thing will not provide the best solution for you. You may feel the pleasure and pleasure outstanding at the time, but believe me, it was only temporary. When you are conscious and out of the zone, the anxiety will come back to haunt you.

So what should you do when experiencing life motivation drop or down? Okay, here I will share the tips that we personally do when decreased motivation in us personally.
Entertained them by watching a film that is both motivational and provide entertainment

Read a good book is a romance novel that had the breath motivations

Around the city with the bike while enjoying the outside air and gaze at the beauty of God's creation

Go to the waterfall or playing on the river that flows swiftly while enjoying the sound of a waterfall or water flow in the river

Rest your mind with enough sleep

Visited the house of a friend who can give you the spirit of struggle to achieve success

If the hobby with music listening to your favorite music for at least 30 minutes

Thinking about the fate of the future will be, what happens if you continue to drown in sorrow

Thinking of his hard struggle for the sake of parents expects their children to be a great and helpful to many people.

Read the success stories of great people through the long journey to success by dealing with various obstacles

Think of the biggest future goals to be achieved, so that way we will be aware if it continues agitated because of problems the impossible dream of us will be achieved

Make writing or print motivation motivational words and then paste it to the wall in the room that is often seen to be giving positive energy into our inner

Think of the most beloved person, whether a lover, wife etc., say to yourself that to be happy with them, cannot be embodied by continuing to is a slacker canal drowning in grief long

That is what I usually do when motivation begins to decline. Actually many ways to restore motivation is down. However, we also have to understand and realize that the biggest motivation that can control us lying there on ourselves. If we are not able to motivate yourself so others will never be able to and not entitled to return the motivation of our lives missing though. Because we are the commander for ourselves, we control and to control ourselves while others just a mere compliment that will facilitate the restore motivation of life is declining.

May you all who are in grief and problems or are experiencing a decrease in motivation to be able to control yourself so do not stay too long and immersed in adversity. Keep the spirit of life.


How to Motivate Yourself for a Better Career

Apart from the fact that a habit of parents is a little pressed their children to get a great value in every lesson learned of the child, also give the best private teachers only to obtain high scores. After many years, children become grown up and started looking for a job that fits their parents with the child field of science. It is normal to happen, but it does not seem to be able to grow motivation in the children themselves.

self motivation

Did you know that whatever talents you have, would not be excelling in the work if you work without having the right attitude and do not become better from day to day? To become better at every day, certainly needed a motivation. This motivation must come from within him naturally, without coercion from any party. Usually, the motivation will grow due to see people who have a high spirit.

There are several ways that you can motivate yourself to a better career again. Here is a great way to motivate yourself:

Remember Interest Early Work

If you feel motivated to yourself just because your sweet memories about the money you get from your job, maybe it is not the motivation, but that is because you hate your job.

A study shows the ratio of people who are motivated to work for the reward he got and people who are motivated for reward, status, and recognition. As a result, 75% of people are motivated in their work. However, you need to avoid it. Discover powerful reasons that made you become motivated, not just because of money.

Consider by Mature Prior to resign

Before you apply back to your new job, make sure you do not make the salary as the main factors working in the company. Think of it more like how you would enjoy the new job every day. Sometimes, a lot of highly educated people in certain areas but should eventually work into sales of a company. However, the man survived because his motivation to live from day to day is quite high.

To motivate yourself to success. You should try to make friends with your work any heavy activity. Any work must be enjoyed.

Do not Let Yourself controlled by Money

In a perfect world, everyone wants to be free to determine his or her passion. With the passion you have, at least they make money from their paychecks. Unfortunately, salaries and money is always a thing like everything. Indeed, as employees, they will know what considerations they should take a decision in their careers. These considerations are the issue of money. Do not make money as the sole motivation within yourself for the better. Alternatively, you will become dependent on the money.

As a metaphor, it is if you work at a company that is able to afford you with high scores. You would think that your life would be better. You can buy what you want with a better form again. However, once again, do not make it your main reference, while working at a company with a high salary.

Do not like the students in the school, which always are motivated to get good value continuously, even when they do not like these subjects. Better is, with increasing your salary each month, the skills that you have also increased. It could be said to be balanced and will be the different taste, compared to just want value for money is high, then you move from one company to the other company.

Side job

Looking for a second job, not only to be an entrepreneur by selling items needed something someone else. However, this is related to Skill contained on yourself. For example, you work in your office as expert design and marketing. Meanwhile, out there, a company needs people like you, but not to be used as a permanent employee. If indeed you have time, you can work in these two places. By doing so, the expertise and your portfolio will grow. Is not this also can improve your skill level, not least from Junior to senior level?

Confident and Belief In Your Own Capabilities

The important thing is that you instill in your everyday whether at work or other activities. You really are motivated to work not because just want to find the money, but you want a career level increases, which must be done with hard work, smart work, and work sincerely. Therefore, this motivation is necessary, to achieve the key to success in your career.


How to Motivate Yourself to Learn

Many studies show that the learning success depends not only on the intelligence of the child; rather it depends on many things, including motifs. Therefore, the efforts lead to actions motivated learning is very important. As we know, the background motif especially is the need felt by students. Then sensitize the students to the needs to be required means raises a child's learning motive. Protégé, especially the very young, many who do not understand the sense of learning and learned; for various materials and whether the lessons learned useful for the study of life in the future, he is not yet aware of.

self motivation

They generally just feel a biological necessity. The human being living in the community and not be alone; communities where various abilities and skills demands. Kids have to learn and to understand why it should be studied. Then sensitize and convince the child will sense they are educated for the position of people in society, aware and convinced of the benefits of learning materials presented by the school for later life after leaving school and so are attempts to motivate the child to learn action.

In the history of Ovid doggerel for example, well known as people who pay attention to the role of motivation in learning. Learning materials are chosen carefully and based on the points called centers of interest or "center interests" For that studied various trends in children, especially the encouragement gain self-satisfaction. In this way distinguished four centers of interest in, that relates to food, clothing, and self-defense and self-games and games or work. Therefore, it is clear that learning must be accompanied motif. Without a motive, action learning will not achieve adequate results.

Often the necessary requirements to achieve certain goals neglected by children, so the teacher or the school must create a temporary destination or artificial. For example, a teacher or a school would want to learn to drive a specific purpose and it is necessary for the improvement of student learning activities.

However, this improvement effort is not easy, it was created purpose-made (artificial). For example, the Government issued regulations or appointments, that those who can demonstrate academic achievement best in its class will earn the title of "Star Class or the most excellent academic achievement in schools would have the title of "star schools". Then the students will compete with each other, they tried to study hard, because it holds a "star" is already a requirement, in this case, social needs.

With that title, they feel they receive awards, honors, and even a symbol of praise, especially from their parents. So now they've learned actions are motivated to action, which is based on their perceived needs and directed towards the achievement of objectives, which got a "charter" or and so on. It was for the students.

However, viewed from the granting of a charter school, a teacher, or other signs it is not the purpose of education is essential, but rather as a tool to induce action motivated learning, which is the factor is expected to achieve the real purpose of education. The process of using purpose-made (temporarily) to generate the necessary activities to achieve the real purpose is the conditioning process. Purpose-made, which are intended to be pursued by students with activities that commonly referred to as reinforce.

Robert H. Davis proposed nine principles of learning that could motivate students to want and be able to learn the following:

Principle Prerequisites

Students are motivated to learn something new when you have had a provision is a prerequisite for the lesson. If a teacher ignores this, can lead to boredom for students who have mastered and vice versa or frustrating for students to feel hard and cannot be mastered.

Principle Meaningfulness

Students are motivated to learn when learning materials meant for him. Therefore, teachers should convey the subject matter connected with what happened, linked to use in the future and be associated with what is his interest.

Principles of Modeling

Students are motivated to show any behavior if the teacher (Performance Modeling) models such behavior. In this case, students will prefer to follow what the teacher of the alleged, so here apply the principle of "The Medium is the Message".

Principles of Communication Open

Students are motivated to learn when the information and hope gave him a well structured and communicative. In this case, Bruner suggested that teaching becomes more effective should the subject matter be structured well with a communicative message processing. One example of this principle is the formulation and notification instructional objectives clearly, using simple words so easily understood by students.

Principle Attractive

Students are motivated to learn the message, and the information is presented in an interesting (attractive). Therefore, teachers should always try to present the subject matter in a way interesting attention, and it would be nice if every subject matter can be followed and accepted students with intensive enough attention.

Principles of Participation and Engagement

Students are motivated to learn when to feel involved and take an active part in the activities. Thus teachers need to implement the concept of exercising their competence in the teaching and learning process because with this concept students experiencing emotional intellectual engagement in addition to physical involvement in the learning process.

Withdrawal Principle Guidance in Fade

Students are motivated to learn if the guidance and instructions of teachers are gradually withdrawn. The withdrawal became effective when the students begin to understand and master what they have learned.

Spreading the principle of Schedule

Students are motivated to learn when learning programs are scheduled in the state spread over a long period is not too long. Programs of learning for a long time and successive tend to be boring students.

Consequent principle in Exciting Condition

Students are motivated to learn when his fun instructional conditions, thus giving the possibility to learn optimally.

Intrinsic motivation has a powerful role in the learning event but even gives job. In giving, the task to the students to see and remember the correlation between students' needs and the level of motivation will be charged.

Teachers should involve dodgy "ego involvement" students. When they apply for right motivation will affect the ego involvement of students, so that each task is given will be considered as a challenge, this will cause the price to defend himself to finish the job with enthusiasm. Students will feel satisfied and self-esteem can arise when solving a given task.


How to Motivate Yourself in Control When

Controlling the time is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Surely many of you who have trouble dividing time into activities which solid. In fact, just to rest just sometimes you do not have time but it is very important to keep the stability of the body are maintained.

self motivation

For you who like to postpone the work, controlling the time to do the job, it is difficult to do when despite having a lot of free time. Type delay this work is usually doing things after nearly past its deadline because of your work will not be maximized.

In controlling the time you have, there are a few things to consider are as follows:

Determining Priority Scale in Your Work

Before you begin your work, you should divide the work started on the job has aspects or most impact. This can be a huge impact for yourself and for the entire job. There are several types of people are eager to finish the dirty work first, only then completing the work light.

Create a Supportive Atmosphere Your Job

Workplace atmosphere will greatly affect your performance. Therefore, before you start the job, conditioning your surrounding environment supports such as family, work colleagues, until a work desk. When everything had been arranged neatly, it will be able to minimize the disruption of the currently logged finish the job.

Check Your Time Has Perform Live and Evaluation

Sometimes you will find that 24 hours is very less to finish the job. The days are very busy makes time seem to spin faster. This may occur as a result you cannot control the time and so cannot know where the time is utilized and where time is wasted. Solutions to see the effectiveness of your time is to make a detailed schedule, Tuck time to rest for a moment that does not stress the body, and mind. Live a schedule that you have created with discipline in order to produce optimal results.

Searching Tips Maximizing Your Time

There will be many ways to streamline the time is very tight. One is to eliminate boredom with the same job at any given time. Everyone will have his or her own way.

Make Modified Schedule

To avoid boredom, you can also make modifications to the schedule periodically. Everything can be tailored to the job you have prioritized. This method will be effective to control the time you have. You do not need to be pegged into a schedule that sometimes it is different from the bustle in the future.

With five of the above, then the efforts to have a neat life will be realized. You will not feel the time pass so fast or so slow. I hope these ways to motivate myself and you to manage time well.


How to Motivate Yourself When Discouragement

All people in this world must have experienced the most vulnerable moment in his life. Either he is rich, poor, young, old, all must have experienced it. Ranging from a breakup, family problems, work problems, let down your friends, ostracized, and so forth. I did the writing of this article, has also been feel what is called despair. I also never felt the fragility of myself when faced with a problem that is very complex.

self motivation

Perhaps from this article cannot change anything to your life, but it does not hurt me to share my way to solve the problem after problem that comes although sometimes because so many issues that come up, there are one or two problems that I cannot solve and I must surrender us to God. Well, here is a way to motivate yourself to get up:

Seeing Move Down
Imagine the surrounding people that life is much more difficult than your life. Many people around you live to your standards. Their life is full of hardship, even to eat them too hard. However, they can still live in peace. Why we cannot see it and learn from it.

Gather with Friends
Gather with friends to entertain, the laugh can ease the burden on your brain. In addition, there might just be a friend who can help all the problems we are facing. Realize that there are other people around us who genuinely help us and make us happy.

Never Alone
Look for the crowd because it alone instead will add to your load. Alone will not make you be able to solve the problem. Alone will make you more stress.

Search for New Pleasure
Doing things, you have never done / fear / forbidden to do during this time, but do not do illegal things just for pleasure themselves. Usually, with the way, people make you disappointed to be aware of.

Think that others will miss you
Do not think that there are no longer people who love or wish you did not exist. That is wrong. Repent and build it. There are still humans dear to you. There are still humans who care about you. In addition, do not ever love and not waste their concerns.

Remove Objects That Make You Grieving
For example, you have a favorite item to be given to someone special. What you want to continue to cry when you remember the giver disappointing when you see it? Immediately throw away the object. Never store it again because it would only add insult to injury.

Read the word Motivation
Frequently you read the word motivation because few will lighten your load.

Telling stories to friends/family
Tell all the grievances and the burden of your life to the person who really can trust and accept your laments. Because the storytelling can reduce a lot of burdens. With told me, who know they can help you out of all the problems you are facing.

Leave the Less Important Activities to Do While
Reduce activities that you normally do, but it is less important to do. Believe it was, many activities that drain your mind and your mind could make the burden heavier.

Positive Thinking Above All Happened
This is the most difficult thing to do when someone experiences adversity in his life. Think again all meaning in your life, think that what happened was a warning, think that it's going to change you become stronger, think that happened it was a lesson not to happen again in the future.

That was some way to motivate yourself, for those of you who feel less worthy of this article, I am sorry but this is my own way to motivate yourself.


Story of Two Friends

The story of two best friends who were walking across the desert. Amid the trip, they quarrel and one without restraint slapped her.

Moral Stories

People slapped, was hurt, but without saying a word, he wrote in the sand: People slapped, was hurt, but without saying a word, he wrote in the sand:

"Today, My Best Friend Slapped cheeks."

People whose cheeks slapped and hurt tried to swim to cool his troubled. They continued walking until he found an oasis where they decided to take a shower. However, it turns out the oasis deep enough that he almost drowned, and saved it her by her best friend.

When she started to sober up and fear is gone, he wrote on a stone:

"Today, my best friend saved my life."

The assistant who had slapped his friend asked, "Why, after I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now you write on a stone?"

His friend smiled and said, "When a friend hurts us we should write it down in the sand so that the wind blows and clear apology to the text. In addition, if something happens between friends in the slightest virtue, we have carved in the rock of our hearts, to keep remembering not blown time lost. ,"

In life are often differences of opinion and conflicts arise because of different viewpoints. Therefore, try to forgive and forget past problems.

Let us learn to write in the sand.


Success story of Chris Gardner

The words above is the principle that drove the success story of Chris Gardner, a bum who became a billionaire. Previously, I would like to give a statement: success is not because of fate.

success stories

So, from now on do not ever hesitate to realize something. Why?

Do you know the success story of Chris Gardner who was once homeless, starting from zero? Even from a state concern. Well, this is the success story of Chris Gardner began.

Christopher Gardner was born in Milwaukie, Wisconsin on February 9, 1954. As a boy in his family, he only cared for by her mother, who worked as a teacher who also has some odd jobs but still not enough to meet demand.

The success story of Chris Gardner initiated many heavy things. Moving around the house, living in an orphanage, to enter military school to become a medic and dreams around the world are gone. However, from there, Chris knew a heart surgeon who later hired him as a clinical research assistant at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco. Chris enjoyed the work, but he only earns $ 7,400 per year, and he wanted more.

For the sake of paying off various loans, Chris was to be a seller of medical devices, with an income of $ 16,000 per year. Until one day, he fell in love with Ferrari and from there, his life changed. Chris asked the owner of the Ferrari two things: "What are you doing?" In addition, "how do you do that?"

The Ferrari driver was a stockbroker with an income over $ 80,000 a month. Then, Chris decided that being a stockbroker is his future. Without having the background, experience, and connections, he pursued his dream.

All the while trying to sell medical equipment had slept in the train station, to keep the child she loved. He also gives advice to his son: "You got a dream; you got to protect it ... if you want something, go get it. Period. "

In addition, until 1987, finally Gardner Rich & Co. stood as a brokerage firm that focuses on the implementation of the debt, equity, and derivative products transactions. With an initial capital of $ 10,000 and some home furnishings sober, Chris is reported to have 75% of the stock brokerage firm with the rest owned by a hedge fund.

The success story of Chris Gardner continues, by selling its stake in 2006, he became CEO and founder of Christopher Gardner International Holdings, with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. He also paid a visit to South Africa and met Nelson Mandela to discuss the possible investment in Africa and creating hundreds of jobs for millions of people.

"There is no plan B for passion."

Everyone's experience is very diverse. Moreover, the experience of the difficulties of traders, we are certainly aware of the struggle to be faced. Indeed, Chris Gardner is not a competent trader like Warren Buffet, but the relationship to the world of investments, such as uniting the success story of Chris Gardner. The success story of Chris Gardner made in a book and filmed under the title The Pursuit of Happiness.

Chris realized that if we can beat the biggest, of course, little things could be overcome easily. This principle could motivate traders, that every effort and struggle will certainly bear fruit, even if you are not educated and start from zero like Chris Gardner.

"We were homeless, we were not hopeless. There is a world of difference. ,"

However, confidence, entrepreneurial spirit, and a father's dedication have catapulted him to the success he found on Wall Street. Because we know that the dreams and hard work start from the success and failures.

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How to Motivate Yourself When slumped In the Works

Is your presentation does not go as planned or did not get a raise you expected, or you drop your coworkers, or you're having a hard day at work? Are you looking for a way to motivate yourself when sunk?

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Actually slumped size depending on how you see the downturn itself. Although we all know how difficult it is looking for ways to motivate yourself when dropped, but actually it can help you stay upright.

In addition, how to motivate yourself to face the downturn in the world of your work? Here is how:

Motivate schedule

Unexpected events or sudden information sometimes comes at a bad day and when you are not ready to deal with it. This is where we need a schedule. Having a schedule to keep you focused on the direction of your destination. In fact, as early as possible to apply routines often referred to as smart tactics that can have a direct impact on the success. Why? Productive in the morning can help you organize the rest of the workday, no matter what happens next.

This could be very important when your work involves another person, or if there are external; factors that can make you feel easily distracted.

Get offended

How to motivate yourself when collapsed is the thick-skinned (eliminating embarrassment) for a few days. Do not easy to quit their jobs just because of what other people offended or unmotivated factor that come from outside yourself. Refusing to quit is not easy, but doing so can make a big difference in achieving your goals.

In fact, taking steps to become more resilient can help you overcome the hardest moments in your career. Experts suggest that, although everyone is different, you can start building your endurance muscles from time to time to see failure as a learning opportunity.

Find the Right Perspective

When you are in trouble is severe, you may feel the world is going to collapse. However, in fact, it is evident that to face severe problems that make us much stronger. Try to remember the big picture of your goal to work and does not let stress or a small mistake makes you unmotivated. Realize man would do wrong, but not on a mistake, we have to concentrate. Focus on doing our best, facing and correct the mistakes that we make. At times worse, try to get rid of the bad things go out of your mind and get a chance to learn to be better.

Surround yourself with positive things

As reported by the Harvard Business Review, a positive work culture makes you more productive. So if you do not get a good vibe from your team on a super challenge, take a moment to remind yourself to find the good things around you. In addition, if it does not exist, create good things your own version.
To get started, try to provide support to colleagues and treat them with respect. Give gratitude, trust, and integrity, no matter the circumstances. Harvard research shows that it can be a positive influence in the workplace which in time will be contagious. Treat your colleagues well can help lift the spirits of your own.

Figuring out how to motivate yourself when slumped does require a little practice. However, once you know how to motivate themselves when dropped and keep your momentum, you can stay motivated within and outside the work environment. You also can give inspiration to people around you.