Success story of Chris Gardner

The words above is the principle that drove the success story of Chris Gardner, a bum who became a billionaire. Previously, I would like to give a statement: success is not because of fate.

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So, from now on do not ever hesitate to realize something. Why?

Do you know the success story of Chris Gardner who was once homeless, starting from zero? Even from a state concern. Well, this is the success story of Chris Gardner began.

Christopher Gardner was born in Milwaukie, Wisconsin on February 9, 1954. As a boy in his family, he only cared for by her mother, who worked as a teacher who also has some odd jobs but still not enough to meet demand.

The success story of Chris Gardner initiated many heavy things. Moving around the house, living in an orphanage, to enter military school to become a medic and dreams around the world are gone. However, from there, Chris knew a heart surgeon who later hired him as a clinical research assistant at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco. Chris enjoyed the work, but he only earns $ 7,400 per year, and he wanted more.

For the sake of paying off various loans, Chris was to be a seller of medical devices, with an income of $ 16,000 per year. Until one day, he fell in love with Ferrari and from there, his life changed. Chris asked the owner of the Ferrari two things: "What are you doing?" In addition, "how do you do that?"

The Ferrari driver was a stockbroker with an income over $ 80,000 a month. Then, Chris decided that being a stockbroker is his future. Without having the background, experience, and connections, he pursued his dream.

All the while trying to sell medical equipment had slept in the train station, to keep the child she loved. He also gives advice to his son: "You got a dream; you got to protect it ... if you want something, go get it. Period. "

In addition, until 1987, finally Gardner Rich & Co. stood as a brokerage firm that focuses on the implementation of the debt, equity, and derivative products transactions. With an initial capital of $ 10,000 and some home furnishings sober, Chris is reported to have 75% of the stock brokerage firm with the rest owned by a hedge fund.

The success story of Chris Gardner continues, by selling its stake in 2006, he became CEO and founder of Christopher Gardner International Holdings, with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. He also paid a visit to South Africa and met Nelson Mandela to discuss the possible investment in Africa and creating hundreds of jobs for millions of people.

"There is no plan B for passion."

Everyone's experience is very diverse. Moreover, the experience of the difficulties of traders, we are certainly aware of the struggle to be faced. Indeed, Chris Gardner is not a competent trader like Warren Buffet, but the relationship to the world of investments, such as uniting the success story of Chris Gardner. The success story of Chris Gardner made in a book and filmed under the title The Pursuit of Happiness.

Chris realized that if we can beat the biggest, of course, little things could be overcome easily. This principle could motivate traders, that every effort and struggle will certainly bear fruit, even if you are not educated and start from zero like Chris Gardner.

"We were homeless, we were not hopeless. There is a world of difference. ,"

However, confidence, entrepreneurial spirit, and a father's dedication have catapulted him to the success he found on Wall Street. Because we know that the dreams and hard work start from the success and failures.

Many people out there who say that you cannot. Do not worry it. Turn around at them and say: Just wait.

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