How to Deal Love Triangle and Solutions

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase "love triangle"? It certainly depressing. As if your heart is pricked rusty knife, bloody and often makes your chest tightness by disappointment, resentment, anger, and sorrow. It is easier if you do not establish a formal relationship, but if you were an official partner or girlfriend you have loved, someone else would be more and more painful.

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Love cannot be forced. If your partner already in love with someone else, you cannot force him to stop loving the person. All you can do is how the way your partner with his own will be able to stop loving someone else. However, how? Difficult indeed. The important thing is that you have to be someone who always loved to be your partner remain faithful and be happy with you.

Just sharing, here I will try to discuss a love triangle that hopefully can solve your problem.

There is always a cause and effect

Do not rush to judge rushed our partners with a myriad of a bad label. Not loyal, a traitor, a liar and so on. Before you do that, try correction yourself. What is lacking in yourself so that your loved ones prefer someone else? Look for your weak point and immediately correct.

Often we feel the most correct selfish, so it is rarely correct ourselves. We often blame others rather than ourselves. Know why you are not loved whether because of nature you angry? Alternatively, you overprotective and possessive? Alternatively, you may be too selfish with your desires so that your loved ones are not comfortable with you so that your loved ones are looking for the convenience of others.

Improve yourself. Be personal was polite, gracious and mature. You also need to practice to become communicative. Be a good listener and occasionally you have to be brave to give a solution to various problems. Give a bit of humor so that the person you love is always comforted by your presence.

Nothing is perfect

You cannot choose from the uterus who you were born. That destiny. If you are born with the body and faceless shapely. In the case of less, beautiful and shapely is difficult to change. Because after all, the outside appearance also influences how others perceive you. However, do not make it as the main reference so that you feel insecure and pessimistic.

You are not required to be a perfect human figure. You are only required to have a private graceful and dignified. Elegant private is not determined by how beautiful your face, how well your body but of your self-carriage for which you are so attractive to people you love. Believe in yourself.

Not all should be explained

When you choose the red color and ignore the color green, it does not mean because green is the color that bad. One of the ways of God so that man may live in pairs is to provide every human tendency to like something based on personal preferences. You prefer roses instead of jasmine; you cannot blame your choice. Likewise, in a relationship, sometimes there is no reason why we love people.

The person you love does not choose you may also be because it was not bad for your eyes, not because you are less beautiful or handsome, but only because she had no reason why we should love. In addition, the people you love do not need a reason to love someone else. Because of the tendency of the liver is already congenital, which usually corresponds to his personal character.

Life must go on

Keep walking and stepping explores your personal life. You have parents who are so dear to you. You have a friend who is always you for you. Many people love you, so do not let you forget about the love of others for the sake of a love that does not love you.

You have no future, live your future. Fix it yourself so you can have this one better than the one you love today. Move on, as sad as anything yourself life will continue to run. Look toward the future and make the past as a teacher. Prove you will get far more people can be happy you someday.

May we always gave happiness in love? In love, one may get lost in the love that cannot be owned. However, someday, God will show the way in a beautiful way and in a way that is unexpected to bring us to the people who will be our spouse forever.

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