Success stories the richest person in China, Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Congratulations meet again my friend in This time I'll tell you about the richest people in the country's bamboo curtain, the country of China. Hopefully this story can be a motivation and inspiration for all of you. Happy reading.

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Go down in history as the biggest IPO Jack Ma, the founder, and CEO of Alibaba is currently expressed as the richest man in the country People’s Republic of China (China). An inspiring success story now hunted while the public grew along with the internet in the world.

The wealth of Jack Ma now consists of 7.8% stake in Alibaba and almost a 50% stake in the service process payments Alipay. If in an aggregate, which is worth about $25 billion.

The story of Jack Ma is the true story of a poor boy who is transformed into someone who is filthy rich. He grew up in a poor community in China, never had failed the college entrance exam twice, and was rejected from dozens of companies. KFC became one of the companies that rejected him before he was successful with all three internet companies, Alibaba.

MA (AKA Ma Yun) was born on October 15, 1964, in Hangzhou, Southeast China. He has an older brother and younger sister. He and his brother grow up in families that are less fortunate and China increasingly isolated from the West.

Although thin, Ma often fights with her classmates. "I was never afraid of a fight bigger than me," he recalls in a book by Liu Shiying and Martha Avery, ' Alibaba '. Ma has a hobby just like other kids. She likes collecting crickets and pit. Uniquely, she is able to distinguish the size and type of the cicada from only the crickets sound eject.

Go down in history as the biggest IPO Jack Ma, the founder, and CEO of Alibaba is currently expressed as the richest man in the country People’s Republic of China (China). An inspiring success story now hunted while the public grew along with the internet in the world.

After U. S President Richard Nixon visited Hangzhou in 1972, Ma hometown into a tourist destination. This is an opportunity for him. As a teenager, Ma began to get up early to visit the city's main hotel and offers the services of interpreters to visitors of the city. This is the beginning of the nickname of ' Jack ' is attached to her as a gift from a tourist who is good friends with him.

Got no money, also have no connection, then it is also the only way that can be done to Ma can move forward is through education. After high school, she decided to go to College. He never fails to entrance exams twice, but his hard by learning more enterprising, he finally passed the third examination and officially became a student of Hangzhou teacher's Institute (a College of special education). He graduated in 1988 and began to apply for jobs at several companies.

He received more than a dozen rejections (including from KFC) before he finally found employment as language teachers the United Kingdom. MA very loves disciples and enjoyed his work as a teacher although he was only able to make $12 per month.

Ma has no experience with computers as well as coding, but he was lured by the internet when he used the first time when a trip to the U.S. in 1995. At that time, he had just started the translation services and business travel to help the recovery of the payment of the Chinese company. The first time, the thing that he is looking for in the online search is "beer," but she was shocked when no Chinese beer appears in the search results. That is when he decided to build an internet company People’s Republic of China (China).

Although at the beginning the business Ma fails twice, four years later, he managed to bring together 17 of his friends in his apartment and convince them to invest in themselves and his vision in creating an online marketplace which he named ' Alibaba '. The site will contain many products from the exporter that lets customers can buy directly through the site.

The service quickly began to draw members from all over the world. In October 1999, the company has raised $5 million from Goldman Sachs and $20 million from SoftBank, a Japan telecom companies are also investing in technology companies. The establishment of the team became solid and spirited team fighting, "we'll create it because we were young and we will never, would never give up!" exclaimed Ma to his team.

She was always to grow and maintain a pleasant atmosphere in Alibaba. When the company's profit for the first time, Ma gave each employee a can of Silly String and the ' craze ' with them. In the early 2000s, when the company decided to start Taboo (created to rival eBay), he occasionally took over the work of his team and give them a break so that their energies remain prime.

In 2005, Yahoo bought a 40% stake in Alibaba with a value of $1 billion. This figure is rated to Alibaba. At that time the ammunition it used to try to beat eBay in China, and finally if win, it will also provide a great benefit to Yahoo (assuming profit: $10 billion in IPO Alibaba themselves).

Ma resigned from his position as CEO in 2013 and chose to become Executive Chairman of Alibaba. "Today what we have is not the money. What we have is the confidence of the people, "Ma told CNBC on date 19 September. In the list of companies by America, Alibaba is recorded as the first company to have $150 billion IPO in the history of the New York Stock Exchange. This led the Ma became the richest person in China, with a value estimated at the US $25 billion.

Employees of Alibaba made a big party at the corporate headquarters of Hangzhou in order to celebrate the success of Alibaba. One employee even uses the party as a perfect opportunity to apply for. Ma told his employees when the press conference that he hopes they use their new wealth to be "a group of people who are truly noble, the people who are able to help others, kind and happy."

IPO may indeed have made Ma became a very rich man, but he is (yet) make a purchase are striking, and still have some hobbies are fairly simple. "I do not think he is changed a lot; he is still with the old style", Xiao-Ping Chen, a friend of Ma, told USA Today. She likes to read and write fiction Kung Fu, playing poker, meditating, and practicing tai chi. He has even worked with Jet Li to disseminate awareness of the importance of tai chi, and he brought with him when coach travel.

His interest in environmentalism developing Ma when a family member from his wife fell ill with a disease that Ma had expected caused by pollution. He took a seat on the Board of The Nature Conservancy, a global and addressed a session of the Clinton Global Initiative in September this year. He was also instrumental in the funding of 27,000 hectares of nature reserves in China.

Ma keeps her family from the public spotlight. He is married to Zhang Ying, a teacher whom he met at school. After they graduated in the late 80s. " [he] is not a handsome man, but I love him because he can do many things that handsome guy can't do," said Zhang. They have two girls and a boy who is the final level students at UC Berkeley. Ma also audit history class in College his son.

He has the nature of wastes. In March 2013, Alibaba reported spending $49,700,000 to the Gulf stream G550, mostly to meet the wants and needs of Ma.

MA is a kind of celebrity in China, and the crowd would come to listen to him speak.

The company also organizes an annual talent show, and Ma was a natural entertainer. In the event the company's birthday, she dressed as a punk rocker to appear in front of 20,000 employees of Alibaba.

The name "Alibaba" born when Ma was sitting in a coffee shop San Francisco. "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", became a secret password that is now opening up a tremendous wealth of fields for him. The company Ma way has opened up the potential of small and medium businesses around the world.

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