Success Stories David Karp, the Founder of Tumblr

Happy to operate social media named Tumblr. The form that is combined Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and WordPress making as one of the favorite social media internet users, the young. By operating this social media, you can find a variety of images, writings, and online videos in one site only. Interesting, isn't it? However, have you thought about who is the inventor of this social media?

Success Stories David Karp, the Founder of Tumblr

From inside the room a young man named David Karp, the social media that are now used by 230 million people in the world. Successful established Tumblr doesn't automatically make Karp success in academics. The young man's birth 6 July 1986 is not completed his education at Bronx Science High School, New York.

After one year was educated at Bronx Science High School, He quit and homes school. According to Karp, related to his desire to continue his education at New York University or MIT, his decision to home school while doing another project is one way to make her choice of universities were impressed.

Although not continue formal education, working in this field remain Karp she liked that is computer engineering. His first job in business website design he did immediately after mastering HTML at the age of 11. This is the point where early success is journey started Karp.

Long Road to Success

Prior success with Tumblr he created together with his first employee named Marco Arment, Karp worked at a company called animation producer Fred Seibert who was the founder of Frederator Studios when she was 14 years old.

From one worker Frederator, Karp then recommended on Urban Baby, an online parents forum where he worked until the site was taken over by CNET in 2006. That is when the man is a Cancer pioneered its own software consulting business while creating a Tumblr.

It's true, David Karp success publishing a Tumblr at age still belongs to the young. But don't be mistaken for it not to work hard for it. On Karp tells the various experiences in overcoming difficult clients in the early days he was building a career.

He has admitted he originally thought he had created something really cool, where it does not need to find the money to take care of it and also do not have to sell it, because he's already got a Tumblr from many clients for a software consulting business he incubated. His thinking is indeed true, but only in the early months.

Shortly after that, more and more clients get upset and leave it because it does not respond to the call-phone calls from clients. Finally the consulting business closes Karp in October 2007. On June 20, 2013 official Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo and Karp remains CEO.

Never Give Up, Never Too Quickly Satisfied

After selling Tumblr on Yahoo for one billion dollars, in one of the interviews he has claimed that he was not yet found success. He needs to dig deeper potential himself for the sake of creating a range of new innovations. He also be grateful for work that continues to challenge himself.

Hmmm…. feel challenged to be as successful as David Karp?


Success Stories Colonel Sanders, Founder Of KFC

Colonel Harland David Sanders or known by the name of Colonel Sanders, born on September 9, 1890. He is a figure known as an American businessperson and the founder of one of the fast-food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Success Stories Colonel Sanders, Founder Of KFC

Colonel Sanders, born to Wilbur David and Margaret Ann. He is the eldest of three brothers. His father was a good person social surroundings and worked on a farm. One time, his father was knocked down and suffered broken bones. Long story short, the father of Colonel Sanders working as a butcher in Henryville. In 1895, Colonel Sanders's father fell ill and died.

His mother manages the feed family, by working in a tomato cannery. Sanders as the oldest child, must maintain and cooking for her younger sisters are still small. Thanks to this, Sanders became an expert cook bread, vegetables and meat. At the age of 10 years, Sanders worked as peasants on a farm in Charlie Norris and Henry Monk.

In 1902, Mrs. Sanders remarried to William Broaddus and moved to Greenwood Indiana. Sanders himself did not have a good relationship with his stepfather. In 1903, Sanders was forced to get out of school, while grade 7 and go back to work on farms. At the age of 13 years old, he left home and worked as a Carpenter chariot in Indianapolis. At the age of 14 years, Sanders moved to Southern Indiana and work in agricultural lands belonging to Sam Wilson.

After getting approval from his mother, shared his uncle headed into Sanders New Albany Indiana in 1906. His uncle was working inside the tram and Sanders made as conductor. Sanders incorporated in United States Army in 1906 after birth of the forge. He got an assignment in Cuba and a year later was discharged in respect. After being dismissed from the army of the United States, Sanders moved to the residence of his uncle in Sheffield, Alabama.

After that, Sanders had moved around the residence and employment. In 1909 the Sanders met with Josephine and married. There are few significant changes in the work of Sanders. He worked as a fire extinguisher inside a steam-engine train, farm to insurance agents.

In 1920, Sanders and some friends founded the ferry companies operating on the Ohio River (between Jeffersonville and Louisville). Business is growing in his ship time is short. Sanders pulled as Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Columbus Indiana. It turns out that Sanders feels doesn't fit with the job. Sanders out of the business of the joint venture and using the money to create the company acetylene lights. The acetylene lights business failed success because electric lights with.

Sanders moved to Winchester, Kentucky and worked as a sales person for the Michelin Tire Company. He lost his job in 1924 when the Michelin factory closes New Jersey. In 1924, Sanders met with the Manager of the Standard Oil of Kentucky. The Manager asked Sanders to run a service station in Nicholasville. In 1930, the station was closed due to a severe Economic Depression.

In 1930, the Shell Oil Company offers deal with Sanders to run a business at the gas pump station in North Corbin, Kentucky. They offer with the concept for the results with Sanders. Long story short Sanders offered the cuisine of fried chicken and other foods such as ham and steak. Sanders had given the award as the Kentucky Colonel in 1935 by Governor Ruby Laffoon Kentucky. His local popularity grew and in 1939, food critic Duncan Hines visited restaurant Sanders. Sanders entered the restaurant name Adventures in Good Eating Guide and restaurants throughout the United States.

In July 1939, Sanders bought a motel to be home to eat., in November 1939, the place suffered a fire. Therefore, Sanders must rebuild the dining House, with more seats. In 1940, Colonel Sanders has completed his secret recipes, for frying chicken. In December 1942, World War II happened and happening chaos. Sanders had shut the dining House and moved several times in the work of the resto and restaurants.

Develop The Franchised KFC

Colonel Sanders had experienced the nadir of his life when He had to part with his wife. At the age of 60, he was ahead of the annual returns of the House packed secret recipes and offers to franchise business. After undergoing a long journey and a lot of rejection, in 1952, Colonel Sanders sold the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises to Pete Harman of South Lake in Utah.

KFC franchise business concept was successful and sold in 1964. At the age of 75 years, KFC business into one of the restaurant with the branch growth very much. KFC bargained by a businessman with a price of US $2 million.

Lessons from success stories of KFC founder Colonel Sanders

A lot of the things we learned from the life story of Colonel Sanders. It turns out that an awful lot of events that don't wear, at those times. Despite that there are lessons like perseverance, creative in building business models and business, don't underestimate the opinion of experts. The story of Colonel Sanders of KFC founder above can be useful.


Success Stories Jeff Bezos the Founder of

Jeffrey Preston Bezos (born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 12, 1964 age 46 years) is the founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of A graduate of Princeton University, Bezos was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, worked as a financial analyst for d. e. Shaw & co. Before founding Amazon in 1994. He was chosen as Person of the Year by TIME magazine.

Success Stories Jeff Bezos the Founder of

Ancestors of Bezos Texas hereditary Ranch has 101 km² in Cotulla. His grandfather was a regional director of the United States Atomic Energy Commission in Albuquerque who have requested early retirement to work on farms. In adolescence, Bezos often spend the summer together with his grandfather. Since childhood, Bezos already showed his talent in the field of mechanics. Bezos toddlers never tried dismantling his own bed with a screwdriver.

Bezos was born to his mother named Jackie Bezos ' when he was still a dozen years old. The marriage of father and mother only survive more than a year. His mother remarried when Bezos was five years old. Bezos ' stepfather named Miguel Bezos Cuban immigrants. Miguel Bezos came alone to the U.S. as a 15-year-old to accept at the University of Albuquerque. Bezos family moved to Houston, Texas, and Miguel Bezos worked as much as insecure at Exxon. Grade 4 to grade 6 passed a small elementary school in Bezos ' River Oaks Elementary in Houston.

Bezos showed an interest in science since I was young. He rigged an electric alarm so that the younger brother did not go into her room. Also, parents whom he turned his garage laboratory for scientific experiments. After the family moved to Miami, Florida, Bezos continued to Miami Palmetto high school. When received at the University of Princeton, Bezos wanted to major in physics, but changed his mind and devoted himself to the computer until graduated with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering.

After graduating from Princeton, Bezos got a job on Wall Street that is associated with your computer. The building of computer network in a building international trade center by a company called Fitel. Next Bezos worked for d. e. Shaw & Co.

In 1994, Bezos founded the web site business model he developed while driving from New York to Seattle. Office of the the first is Bezos ' garage. The web site, founded Bezos took him as one of the successful entrepreneur dot-com era. In 2004, Bezos founded the company called Blue Origin in the field of civil aviation space. being an example of a success in the world of the Internet, though not yet a decade old. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 as an online bookstore, Amazon, based in Seattle was $1.6 billion in sales of "Electronic commerce" every year.

Amazon sells books only, then music and video, and now software, screwdriver, and a sofa. Amazon grows into a department store with 17 million online consumers around the world.

When the Department store chain that has been as successful as Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart trying to compete in business online store, CEO Bezos defended online store as the market leader and maintain service to consumers through continuous innovation.

Yet there are companies like Amazon when Bezos are researching software and the internet to a company in New York City in 1994. He was intrigued by the possibility of setting up business selling books online in a way that is almost the same with the company that received the orders and selling by mail. This idea proved to be very attractive, so that Bezos quit his job, collect money from family and friends, write a business plan, and moved to Seattle to be closer to the supplier ledger.

One year later, started his business. In the first months of its founding, without advertising or public relations services, the site attracts consumers from all the States of United States and over forty other countries.

at the start the establishment amazon stands no large bookstore that has looked at Amazon. However, Salver two years, strategies such as providing a discounted price, an e-mail about a book review free and easy search facilities have attracted many buyers and attract media coverage. This led to the competitors continue to strive to maintain its reputation.

However, Amazon established the reputation and a loyal consumer became a major obstacle for competitors. Although it has been promoting an aggressive and aggressive pricing strategies, still not able interview online sales and the number of Amazon customers.

Meanwhile, Amazon's Bezos developed a range of products by buying shares in e-commerce companies such as He also designed the auction sessions on Amazon to get a success like eBay, the online auction site first.

In addition, Bezos made room on the Amazon site for zShops. A room where small businesses can sell products on Amazon to pay the fare.

One reason for the success of Amazon is the action-oriented management of its founder, Bezos. He planned with extreme caution company objectives. He also tried to avoid the failure that comes from the error analysis of the destination.

As a pioneer in e-commerce, Bezos used to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. He encourages all its employees to do the same thing.

Because it works with the Internet, Bezos feel better if he directs the company to enter the unknown, and fix the problem later, rather than hindering growth now.

To continue to grow and innovate, Amazon should continue to receive, train, and motivate managers and employees. Bezos was involved in the decision to appoint top managers, which he believes to hire people who will work under him.

Bezos is very selective to accept the employee. Bezos knew a skilled workforce is essential for the success of the Amazon. Bezos always inquire about recruitment techniques when he was interviewed top management candidates.

In the middle of a crowded schedule management, Bezos set aside time to browse through the Amazon Web site to search for new ideas. To stay in touch with employees and customers, she is grateful to certain employees for the work they have done, and he was always reading the messages e-mails from consumers to know what they like and dislike.

one-third of the time Bezos used to visit a national network of distribution centers Amazon. He answered the questions of employees and re-embeds about six "core values' company that consumer obsession, ownership, the tendency to act, savers, the high entry requirements, and innovation.

Each December, Bezos and the entire management team go to work for handling requests that peaked during the holidays. By involved wrapping a package to be sent to the consumer or to answer calls from consumers, they can feel what first-line managers face. This makes the employees know what is cool by consumers.

The annual tradition of the first-hand experience also sharpens the feelings of achieving goals, that in a changing industry, everything is important.

Estimates of the wealth
Most of the wealth derived from Bezos ' stock ownership in In 1998, Bezos has a 41 percent stake, but the amount was reduced to living 24.26 percent (around 100 million shares) in 2006. His salary has never ridden since 1998, the size of the US $81.840 per year plus allowances amounting to us $1.1 million. Nevertheless, Bezos still entered into the list of the richest people in the world.
1999 – US $10.1 billion, ranking 19
2000-u.s. $6.0 billion, ranked 23
2001-u.s. $2.0 billion, ranked 234
2002 – US $1.5 billion, ranking 293
2003-u.s. $2.5 billion, ranked 147
2004-u.s. $5.1 billion, ranked 82
2005 – US $4.8 billion, ranked 41
2006 – US $4.3 billion, ranked 147
2007 – US $8.7 billion, ranking 35


Success Stories of Carlos Slim Helu

He is Carlos Slim Helu, the richest man in the world in the past year 2010 according to Forbes magazine. At that time, Carlos had about 200 big companies with total assets of his wealth around U $ D 53.5 billion. Actually, the wealth of Carlos Slim Helu is greater than that figure. Hmm, great!

Success Stories of Carlos Slim Helu

It all started when Slim is still 10 years old. By that time, he was a seller of drinks and sweets.

Then what kind of business trip Early Carlos Slim Helu to achieve much success? Check out success stories Carlos Slim Helu in running its business.

At the age of 14 had reached the Slim knows, his father Julian moved to Mexico from Lebanon. Slim was the youngest of six children. The name is taken from its own slim middle name Julian Slim, that Julian Slim Haddad. The name of the Haddad is taken from the middle name of mother Julian Slim fit with the naming customs in Spain.

Slim was a Bachelor at the University nacional Autόnoma de México. He married Soumaya Domit in 1967 when it has been 27 years of age.

Slim was very lucky to be able to inherit from his parents in the form of cheap property is sold at a price that high. In business, Slim was often accused of unethical actions, because he bought companies cheaply and sells them at a high price.

At the age of 28 years, Slim was named the best entrepreneurs in Mexico. He also led several leading companies such as Teléfonos de México, America Movil Financiero Inbursa, and groups.

Carlos wealth continues to increase thanks to its investment in Sechairulor Telecommunications. In addition, through his company called Telmex, Carlos can secure 99% of the telephone network in Mexico. As for cell phones, Carlos mastered 80% of the Mexican market through the company Telcel and America Movil. Though the number of users America Movil when it had reached 110 million subscribers.

Do not want to just be a hero in his own country; Carlos also has the largest stake in MCI. MCI is a Telecommunications Industry United States great until it covers 65 countries. In addition, Carlos also has a stake in SBC Communications, which is the parent company AT & T.

Not only to there, has Carlos continued to develop its business by becoming one of the holders of shares in CompUSA. CompUSA is a company salesperson of various equipment and computer components, which have the widest network of outlets in America at the time. He became the majority shareholder.

Besides moving in telecommunications, Carlos is also investing in finance, television stations, health, industry, investment in the capital markets, construction and infrastructure, and a restaurant. its business Networks scattered Carlos, ranging from Latin America, the United States, Hong Kong, Until Finland. 

In 2000, He founded the Histόrico Fundaciόn Del Centro De la Ciudad de Mexico a. C (Mexico City's Historic downtown foundation). The goal is to revitalize and rescue Center of Mexico City that has a high historical value at the same time its possible people have the chance for a better life, more entertainment access and adequate in the historic area.

Slim also founded Project Development-Latin America Fund. The project has to fund until it reaches 10 billion dollars for next year.

However, after achieving much success in business, the Slim is already not much more directly involved. He just gave the command to his children. When the child is Carlos Slim Domit, Marco Antonio Slim Domit, and Patrick Slim Domit. They are appointed to lead the company that has been established by Carlos Slim Helu.

Final Words

Slim Helu Carlos effort includes not only the telecommunications sector, but also other fields such as finance, health, the tobacco industry, investment in capital markets, construction and infrastructure, and restaurants. All of its business in not only Mexico, but also it has to reach the market in many countries such as Latin America, the United States, Hong Kong, and Finland.


Success Stories Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault was born March 5, 1949. He was the 7th richest man in the world and France's richest man with an estimated net worth of $26 billion us dollars, according to a Forbes report in March 2007.

Success Stories Bernard Arnault

Arnault is famous to play LVMH, already giant luxury items when he won control in 1989, became a global empire through acquisitions, marketing well informed, and thick design.

Bernard Arnault is a native of Roubaix and graduated with a technique from the École polytechnic in 1971. In 2007, Arnault was listed among Time Magazine 100 most influential people in the world. He said to be a skilled pianist.

At the age of 35 years, using a combination of family money and loans, he bought Boussac, France bankrupt textile group that has financed the original fashion house Christian Dior in 1946. Arnault stripped Boussac to Dior and use it as a vehicle to create LVMH, which was born from the merger of 1987 between the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy and. Once in control, Arnault fired executives from both companies, put on his own team, then spent the 90 's luxury brands grabbed still more, include shirt maker Thomas Pink, Chaumet jewelry, Fendi leather goods, the Pucci and Donna Karan fashion line, Krug champagne and TAG Heuer Watches. With his father, Jean, she still controlled 47% stake in LVMH and 63% of the vote, while, which has 68% of Christian Dior Couture, Dior fashion side.

Louis Vuitton invented in 1854 by a Parisian artisan who developed the first flat shaft covered by a waterproof canvas. Later, in 1896, he discovered the famous LV logo by printing the initials on canvas. His business flourished with the growth of travel by train and ship. In the late 1980s, though, Louis Vuitton has become a bag your mother bought. Expensive and well made, but boring.

That changed in 1990 when Arnault brought Yves Carcelle Louis Vuitton to run. Then, in 1997, Arnault hired Marc Jacobs, a young, hip young designer from New York, as Creative Director. Jacobs studied a history of Vuitton and developed a series of twists in it. The first is the graffiti bag, which bore a scrawled signature Louis Vuitton. The second is the handbag Murakami, designed collaborated with artist Takashi Murakami, Japan provided the famous LV initials in a kaleidoscope of colors on a white background. "Marc brings that the spirit of modernity with the product," said Arnault. However, he remains a strong focus on quality brand. On the back of Vuitton factory in Ducey, France, shredding machine to destroy sitting bags that are not adequate. Inspectors tally the number of stitches on the handbag strap. If it is off by even one stitch into the shredder, he went. "Japan Counts stitches," said factory director Stephen Fallon. "If they count four on one side and five, they bring the bags back."

As the bag gets edgier, Carcelle works important to create buzz through a combination PR stunts, celebrity endorsements, and most effective, artificial scarcity. They spent $1,500,000 scaffolding erected in the shape of two giant Vuitton suitcases around the renovation of the Paris shop of Louis Vuitton's.

Since 2000, Arnault and his management team have sold a bunch of them from trying. Gone is the Bliss spa and cosmetics, fashion, Michael Kors watches Ebel, champagne Pommery, Tajan auction house, and Hine cognacs. (LVMH could sell other brands of half a dozen, but executives would not have their names.) Instead, Arnault has focused on the most promising underperformers, which include wearing a women's line Celine, Zenith Watches, fashion, Pucci, and Ruinart champagne. In addition, he has notable success so far.

Perhaps the best example is Celine. Four years ago, Celine's sales have plummeted, and losses reached $16 million. Therefore, Arnault named Jean-Marc Loubier, no. 2 in the Louis Vuitton, Celine to the head. Loubier mined the past brands, such as Jacobs has done at Vuitton. He found that they had started as a high-class shoe merchant in 1945 in Paris. "I think we can use this date as assets, allowing us to showcase Celine as one of the first modern luxury brand, a symbol of the revival of Paris and Europe," said Loubier. So, with designer Michael Kors–such as Jacobs talented United–he remade the image of the woman, Celine into the street-smart cosmopolitan Paris. Offerings–including things like graceful dresses red gloves-boucle, two-faced camel's hair pencil skirt and scarf, mink–attract buyers from Chicago to Tokyo.

Loubier also changed the product mix. The Celine she inherited has produced most of the clothes and only a few bags. However, he knows the bag is a great Louis Vuitton profit makers. Therefore, Kors go to work creating more bags, such as Boogie, the classic square-shaped bag with double rolled leather handles, available in five colors and exotic like alligator skin. That bag is an instant hit: Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sarah Jessica Parker all wounds Facebook took it. (Celine send free bags, but celebrities pay nothing to take them.) Loubier took another cue from Vuitton bags at prices beginning at a steep $1,150 to model the skin of calves. Celine then came out with version $580 in denim, a calculated move: the buyer has seen models $1.150 thought they seemed like a deal.

Meanwhile, Loubier increase product quality and delivery time are shortened from months to weeks–making both merchants and customers happy. The result of all the changes: Celine sales last year rose 40% from the year 2000 to $203,000, 000, and profits rolled in for the first time in ten years. Profit this year will be ten times what they were in 2003, predicts Loubier. Celine's fall 2004 line, arriving in stores now, looks strong. However, there is a question mark in front: the season is the last for Kors, who depart this past spring to focus on his eponymous line. Arnault selected Roberto Menichetti, at Burberry, to replace him but it is too early to say what he might do.

Zenith Watches, Arnault did another talent transplant. In 2001, he brought Thierry Nataf, which never managed to Veuve Clique, one of the most successful brands of champagne LVMH's. There have been redesigning the Nataf watches, exposing the mechanism and hand stitched using the band to highlight the history of Switzerland brand movement quality. The company has 120 years of great glory and then forgotten in the last 30 years. This is a diamond in the rough form. For the first time in 30 years, the brand also sells watches ladies in pink, baby blue, lime green, bright red, and Pearl gray, and black. Now there is the logo, the same as in Louis Vuitton: stars on the Crown of the watch. Zenith sales grow at a single digit while Nataf arrived; now they are growing double digits.

Pucci, too, has enjoyed the care of Vuitton. Italy clothing line known for its vibrant mod ' molds were 60 everywhere to Arnault asked for Christian LA Croix to redesign at the beginning of 2002. LA Croix extended icon Pucci prints everything from shoes to carpets and furniture. In the example Vuittonesque synergy, LA Croix has designed a box Pucci for a limited edition for $200 a bottle-a-1996, Veuve Clique champagne. Pucci celebrates at party-studded celebrities from Florence to LA and like Louis Vuitton, Pucci opened a flagship store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, the luxury shopping of Qibla. Sales have more than doubled since 2002.

Even in the champagne, the formula seems to work. At Ruinart, an exclusive Champagne priced under Dom Perignon, Arnault is built on a rich history of a story to sell, as he did for Louis Vuitton. To do that, he hired historians to find little facts about the background of the brand. They found that the Ruinart developed in 1729, taken by Marie Antoinette, and exported to other European royalty. Ruinart identity is elitist, aristocratic. Therefore, borrowing techniques from Vuitton, a buzz in the spring of 2004, LVMH began a series of promotions, such as a champagne dinner $220 at the Ritz Hotel in London, to the position of Ruinart. It is too soon to see how well the new positioning works.

Arnault is still struggling with a certain label. Four months after the London meeting, for example, she still had not found a new women's wear designer for Givenchy. Donna Karan, Loewe, and Kenzo is a masterpiece in the settlement. However, with profits rolling in fat from Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, and Dom Perignon, Arnault has the luxury of time.

Arnault also formed an investment fund with his good friend Albert Frere in 2006; the couple has two vineyards along. LVMH hired Frank Gehry to design a museum $127 million in Paris. In December opened a four-star hotel Le Cheval Blanc in the ski resort of Courchevel, France, where he often spent New Year’s, Eve.

In January 2007 Kathryn Blair, the daughter of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair, completed an intensive French language and culture in French Sorbonne University. Tony Blair has been criticized for accepting the invitation on behalf of her from Bernard Arnault. During Kathryn Blair, which took place from 12 October 2006 to 26 January 2007, he is alleged to have been fitted with security, accommodation, and transport package worth about £ 80,000.

As of March 2007, Arnault has a plurality of 47.5% of LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton), along with Christian Dior SA. Arnault is the Chairman and CEO of both companies. The son of Antoine, 27, joined by sister Delphine, 31, on board the LVMH in 2006.

The main competitors are Arnault. French businessman François-Henri Pinault, whose holding company PPR owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Sergio Rossi, Bottega Veneta, Boucheron, Roger Gallet products &, Bédat & Co. and Christie's Switzerland-based Richemont, which owns Cartier, Van Cleef Arpels &, Piaget, Baume et Mercier, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, a. Lange & Söhne, Officine Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, Dunhill, Lancel, Montblanc, Montegrappa, Old United Kingdom, she believes, Chloé, and Shanghai Tang.

The influence of Arnault's reaches far beyond couture and champagne. He was a close friend of the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, a newspaper baron who sells one business daily, La Tribune, and gains rivals, Les Echos, and the powerful patron of the Arts: Arnault got a green light last fall to build a Center for LVMH's Art Foundation in the Bois De Boulogne.

The formula, designed by Arnault, goes like this: Sharp determine brand identity–or "DNA,"–by mining the history of brands and find the right designer to express it; strict quality control and distribution; and create a buzz marketing expert.


Success Stories of Air Asia

In 2001, Tony Fernandez is a young Executive who served as Vice Chairman of the ASEAN region in the Warner Studio Songs Southern Eastern Japan. One day, he saw TV footage of a study stating that 85% of the inhabitants of Malaysia were never boarded a plane in their lives. This gave him the idea to establish the first low-cost airline in Malaysia.

Success Stories of Air Asia

Fernandez mortgaged his house and then persuaded some friends in the music studio to build a small aviation company. Will be named Track Water After several times failed to get the certificate permits the establishment of companies. Fernandez finally met with PM Malaysia time, Mahathir Mohammed. He recommends that Fernandez took over Air Asia, a subsidiary of the State-owned aviation, who was then a debt incurred due to errors of the previous management.

During this time, many thought Fernandez just needs to issue the 1 ringgit to ownership rights over water for Aisa. Although in theory this is true, in fact Tony et al. also inherited the company's debt worth 40 thousand ringgit, they should pay in installments. He also has only 250 employees and two old aircraft Boeing 737-300 with one travel traffic.

However, his conviction turned out to be true. The citizens of Malaysia and neighboring countries sign up to be snatching passengers of Air Asia. In one year, Air Asia has paid off all his debts. Nine years later, Air Asia is the company cheap flights with the world's fastest growth rates, has been transporting 85 thousand passengers, with 7000 employees and 90 new aircraft to operate 130 airports in Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

It is said that, when his company was little, often also involving Fernandez himself as the operational staff in various divisions. He sometimes takes the passenger bag, serve check-in, even become impromptu steward. This gave him the opportunity to experience firsthand the problems experienced by the crew and passengers of Air Asia. When he learned that some employees of the lowly Air Asia also dreamed of being a pilot and a flight attendant, he gave them a scholarship to continue his studies. One other thing that makes Fernandez is very proud of is the fact that Air Asia has 35 people official women in management, which is the most among all airlines in Malaysia.


The story of the founder of Spotify, Drop out of College and Success

When we read the biography of the giant corporations who are now influential in the world, some of these companies seem to have in common, i.e. they do not complete formal education at grade or College, but they reap the success that is not got by a school to Classroom College, though. Another example in the world of business, i.e. the founder Daniel Ek, Spotify, succeeded with no capital in College, though. Spotify is a music service online application or Web-based.

The Stories the founder of Spotify

Mother of Daniel was an opera singer and pianist. The biological father of Daniel left it since Daniel was a baby. His stepfather who worked in the IT field raised Daniel. Background to a mother that singer and musician and his father, who worked in IT, appear to be influential in a Daniel Ek in his career.

Since the age of the adolescents, Daniel has shown his business qualified talent. Age 14 years; Daniel makes Website creation business by recruiting her friend’s expert. At a young age, Daniel Ek was already reaching for a income of 15 thousand dollars.

Teens do not allow it to hunt down success, Daniel had applied to the search engine company Google, but was rejected because of his age is still too young. It triggers Daniel creating create a search engine itself, but have to reap success. Daniel got around to working on Technology Company named Hajj, and the revenues from Daniel bought a server.

The next life journey of Daniel is entering the lecture at the Royal Institute of Technology, majoring in engineering. However, in only eight weeks, Daniel Ek has already left the world of education.

Daniel Ek who is smart and creative made programs for the company and paid for with money larger is 1 million dollars. The next trip, Daniel sold patents to return money pocketed 1 million dollars more.

At the age of 23 years, Daniel has included wealthy people. Daniel Ek buying apartments and luxury cars, Ferrari. Then Daniel wanted to look cool, but Daniel felt sad because it could not lure a girl.

In the course of the next, Daniel back home, live with his parents after selling his luxury car. Daniel Ek often does meditation and interspersed plays guitar. Of the opportunities that, Daniel Ek discover ideas for combining music and technology.

Daniel Ek met with Silicon Valley veteran, Martin Lorentzon that is already filthy rich. However, Martin experienced boredom, as experienced also by Daniel. After all this time exchanging thoughts, the two men have a mission to overhaul the music industry. Within a few years the music industry is dying, it is due to piracy of music craze in the industry.

After finding the idea to enter the music industry, Martin and Daniel recruit people to run his new start-up businesses. This is where Spotify was starting from birth.

In bringing up Spotify, Daniel and Martin to design his new start-up interface that many of Apple's proprietary iTunes. However, one thing that would like to emphasized Daniel is, he does not want to launch music service on his line is in a hurry.

Daniel Ek, want a deal with record labels before launching a music service. On the way to an agreement with the label, Daniel requires a long time, which is about 2 years old. In his travels, Daniel spent money resources. In his statement, Daniel and Martin spent much of the private money to develop Spotify.

Spotify started its services in Europe, in Scandinavian countries, France and the United Kingdom. After three years of service, Spotify enters the market of America. Former President of Facebook, Sean Parker, is a figure who helps enter Spotify to America.

Spotify's success continues, the more the business model used Spotify is a "Freemium", providing free services with certain limitations and a paid service with more facilities. Music service Spotify, which comes from Sweden, now dot the similar services, such as iTunes, Guvera to Heaven music is the work of the nation's children.

The success of Spotify Founder Daniel Ek, they add a row entrepreneur technologies that drop out of College and then focus on business. We know Bill Gates, Steve Jobs up to Mark Zuckerburg. Although the drop out of College, there is a determination owned by them, i.e. big idea supported by willpower and hard work, without it all will not happen.


Success Stories Michael Jordan The Basketball Legend

In basketball, one name is considered the most influential to the present, is Michael Jordan.

Success Stories Michael Jordan The Basketball Legend

Who is not familiar with Michael Jordan? He was an American basketball player noted as one of the most successful throughout the history of basketball. Poor Michael Jordan NBA Basketball competition in transverse in the United States with a myriad of achievements. In addition, Jordan also shines alongside United States national team.

Michael Jordan has full name Michael Jeffrey Jordan. He was the fourth of five children born to the family of James and Deloris Jordan. Michael Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. When the family moved from Brooklyn to Wilmington, North Carolina, Jordan small come to like basketball. Michael Jordan since childhood was known active and likes the multi-faceted sport. Along with the physical continues to grow, Mike looks like to play basketball one on one in a field behind the House.

Mike was living with her parents in Wilmington, North Carolina. His regular partner plays basketball, not her brother himself, Larry Jordan. During this time, Mike is always lost. enough, Larry is sheer and larger high-bodied. Meanwhile, her small body and slender stones.

That morning there was a different one. Mike's face looks radiant. The emaciated, Mike defeated Larry in a one-on-one duel. This experience is very rare. Because of this new time, she could conquer the elder sister. This victory makes Mike proud and excited. Every day Mike more practicing basketball. When stepping on the teenagers, a natural talent playing basketball in Jordan appeared, so Jordan is famous in Carolina? After the team, he won a Basketball League defense in the city.

Mike's love of basketball on the more rampant when he was the teenager. When continuing education in high school, Mike does not want to waste the opportunity and joined the HIGH SCHOOL basketball team Laney in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Jordan thus got the wallop; his passion towards this sport was still not enough to make it into the list of the main team of his school, Laney High School in North Carolina. Jordan even list the team to make sure the name is not listed. Jordan young so upset until he shed his tears and locked himself in a room for a few moments. Jordan's mother, Deloris, trying to lift his son's disappointment to keep the spirit and return to practice, maybe one reason is a matter of height. Mike just has a height of about 175-180 cm.

Teen birth of Brooklyn, New York, February 17, 1963, was very disappointed. While home and got home, Mike is crying in the room. The mother knew, the State of his being the controversy. Not much to say, his mother just stroking the head and the back of Mike with great affection.

"I then asked Jordan to practice harder. However, if you have still not trained hard, that means yet his fate, "says the mom Deloris Jordan.

Although he went to the Junior Team, he kept a great disappointment because at first, he was sure can get into the first team. Instead of disappointment we can see the brilliant game from Jordan. Since her refusal, he crazy hit him in practice. For hours he spent the entire time to practice, he often saves his energies in playing in junior matches to focus more and have time to practice power, because its main goal is to play for the senior team. The nature of his competitive that led to the results.

"I don't want to feel it again. Bitter mouth and stomach feel heartburn, "Jordan recalls the memory of failure while still in school. In one ad from Nike, Jordan once told the story of his career that is not always run smooth.

While in his second year with the team, Jordan that Laney had 185 cm tall on average can make 25 points for every match he much. As time goes by, Jordan experienced a rapid growth, so it reaches 191 cm. In addition, his ability to play basketball also evolved, and this is thanks to the guidance of one of his brothers named Larry. The rapid development of its ability usher Jordan into an important player in the basketball team Laney. All team Laney, Jordan offered 19 victories.

It's hard work bear fruit Sweet

Before love basketball, Mike has to play various types of sports, which is popular in the United States including American football and baseball. Perhaps, the soul of sportsmanship and competitive appears and awakens from its love of sport.

"I coached Michael since he was 13, 14, and 15 years. During her teens, Michael is not a champion. He is just a regular teenager who played in the junior league. However, she is free and competitive, "said Coach Mike, Richard Nether baseball in Babe Ruth League.

While in basketball, his fate is also similar, as he was at the end of the junior high school level equivalent to grade 3, JUNIOR Jordan which has high 175 cm just a regular teenager guard without achievements and skills above average. However, his love of basketball with the longer the better.

If the views of his family, there is no blood in the body and soul of athlete Michael Jordan. The mom Deloris worked in the banking sector. Meanwhile, his father James. Jordan Sr. worked as a supervisor at a company.

"Practice and continued to practice out loud," that is the advice that always ringing in the ears often spirited practice Mike slackened.

While in his second year with the team Laney, the hard work of Mike appeared. Michael Jordan started in the Laney HIGH SCHOOL basketball team. His ability to play basketball also evolved, and this is thanks to the guidance of one of his brothers named Larry. Many times Mike scored 20-40 points every game.

Ethos works to practice basketball continues to bring until he entered the University of North Carolina, although it has become a great player, though, he has always run a heavier workout than his colleagues have. He is always practicing jump shot at his spare himself. Aware of the high standard of its construction because it is only for the basketball players, he knows that he must have an accurate shot.

Jordan has always been the first to come to the gym and being the last to leave the practice.

"I arrive at school between the hours of 07:00 and 07:30 in the morning. Michael was there before me. Every time I come and open the door, I heard the sound of bouncing balls, in autumn, in winter, in summer. Almost every morning I had to ask him to leave the field. “Ruby said Stanton, a sports instructor at the University.

With a height of 183 cm while on the bench, Jordan still has the only high-nothing special, then he should improve other skills such as scoring or assists. He became a player far above the average of his partner in the team. Through to the end, his team at the University was built with the centered on the figure of Jordan. He can print 25 to 40 points in the match.

Therefore, though not yet incorporated in the professional basketball team, Jordan was asked to defend the United States national team in the Olympic Games in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. In the competition, Jordan can make 17.1 points each game and won the gold medal.

Golden Times

In 1984, Michael Jordan started a professional career after being elected as a member of the NBA basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. With outstanding ability in playing basketball, his career is brilliant, so, Jordan delivered Bulls to NBA Basketball competition champion as much as 6 times, i.e. competition 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996.1997, 1998. Michael Jordan also became the most valuable player for the NBA team in 1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, and 1998

In addition, to shining in his team, Jordan and several other NBA players, such as Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and NBA top players more incorporated in the United States national basketball team also won a gold medal in the World Championships of basketball in 1992 in Barcelona, Spain.


During the defense of the Chicago Bulls, Jordan never stopped playing basketball in 1993 and tried to become a professional baseball player. However, not long after Jordan rejoined the Chicago Bulls in 1995 and brought back the Bulls won three consecutive years (1996-1998).

However, in 1999, Jordan back leaving the world of professional basketball. In the 1999-2000 season, Jordan returned to the basketball world, but not as a player. He became the owner and President of the Washington Wizards basketball team. Because the Wizards collapsed in 2001, Jordan returned to the player. The Wizards signed him for two years of the competition. Upon his return as a player, Jordan still shows its quality as a great player, but he could not lift the achievement of Wizards that this team not qualifying for the play-off. Therefore, for the third time in 2003, Jordan again resigned from the world of basketball.

The NBA Championship trophy six times, the MPV 5 times, a dozen all-star games and two NCAA titles, an Olympic gold medal. Is Michael Jeffrey Jordan, one of the most successful men in the sport of basketball? Behind the failure in the past, he was a successful replace it being the key to its success until the end of his career.


Success Story: Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom

For you men who like selfie or love to capture important moments later the share to the public, knows the photo sharing application called Instagram.

Success Stories Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom

Yes, this application is so popular and already has millions of users, neither of which uses the operating system iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Instagram presence would not escape the touch of the hand of the man named Kevin But along his best friend, Mike Krieger as the founder.

However, Kevin is the figure of the young Executive belongs to success thanks to find out Instagram. Graduate in Management Science and engineering from Stanford University in 2006 this had worked at Google and Odeo, the company that later became known as the company that caused Twitter.

Starting from Hobbies, create Phenomenal Apps

While still working at Google, the man born on 30 December 1983 it spent, much of the end of the week to use the photos application is interesting. The application called Burbn, this application is an application that allows people to include a location on the photo with the share a comment. Often use this application makes Kevin met with Mike Krieger, also a fanatical user application Burbn.

Both interact through this application until it met at a seminar on the campus of Stanford University. The seminar discusses to develop start-up companies. From the seminar, Kevin thought to set up its own application-based photography; he was also inspired by creating application Instagram. Application that allows people to take pictures, edits it, and shares it.

On October 6, 2010, But Kevin and his partner, Mike register this application on the online application store Apple App Store. This application runs a gradual but be because within an hour, about 10,000 users download it though not yetlaunched.

Millionaires at a young age

Thanks to the hard work, is Instagram reached more than 200 million users. This increases user since not only present on Instagram App Store but also venturing on Google Play Store.

His booming Instagram, forcing Apple give as App of The Year in 2011. Even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg could not hold back his ambition to embrace Instagram. As a result the coffers to come by Kevin mounting more.

However, after Kevin's achievement is extraordinary. This new application was around five years old. However, with the magical touch Kevin, Instagram now worth tens of billion. The fruit of the hard work this with his colleague Kevin makes the Boston origin man becoming a young millionaire. His dedication towards Instagram deserves thumbs up and become an example and inspiration for young people.

Now Kevin But can be regarded as the person working on something small and making it serious. Something small is now becoming large.


Success Stories Ray Kroc the Founder of McDonald's

If we talk about fast-food, some people are fixed on the fast-food restaurant McDonald's. The restaurant was founded by two family Dick and Mac McDonald in 1940, but afterwards bought Ray Kroc and expanded worldwide with a franchise or franchise. This is the beginning of a success story as the founder Ray Kroc of McDonald's franchise.

Success Stories Ray Kroc the Founder of McDonald's

Ray Kroc was born on 5 October 1902 in Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States, with the original name of Raymond Albert Kroc. His father and mother is an emigrant from the Czech Republic. Kroc's life at the same time with Henry Ford, William Durant, and Walt Disney.

World War II became one of the vital moment in the journey of life Kroc. He sacrificed his school to join in World War II (1941–1045). When she was 15 years old, he was still listed as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross.

Afterworld War II, He returned to work at a company as a paper Cup salesperson is still the new stuff.

His contribution to the advance of companies making Kroc was elected to be employees.

When selling the paper Cup, he met Earl Prince, inventor of the mixer tool that can make milk shakes.

One time, his company suffered losses. A salary cut of 10% because Kroc turnover bracelets paper plummeted. He could not accept it because he's worked harder than other employees.

The company parties do not want the best employees out of work, so not so Kroc salary cut. But after that, the company again cut the salaries of some servants of Kroc, though his salary itself remained intact.

Knowing this, Kroc beavers. She already felt uncomfortable working there. The results could guessed: Kroc outed of a paper bracelet company.

Being a sales agent products milk shake

To shore up his life, He tried to think of other businesses that could be suffered. He remembered on artificial milk shake Earl Prince. Milk shake is a drink made from milk, ice cream, sweeteners, and fruit or chocolate.

Without a long thought, she came to the home of Earl, and States interested in becoming a milk shake product salesperson. Earl approves that ask. Within 15 years, the product of artificial milk shake Earl ruled the market in domestic United States.

Yes, He is qualified sales agent or salesperson. When selling milk shakes, Kroc realized that his biggest customers come from a restaurant based in California, owned by the McDonald associates.

Kroc pun flew to California to see that its customers business. There, he saw a restaurant belonging to the McDonald familyadopted the of assembly line to make burgers and sandwiches. But Dick and Mac McDonald did not have the want to develop it further.

Ray Kroc of McDonald's suggested that developing a franchise or franchise. There are two terms used in the, the franchisor (franchise giver) or the official owner of the intellectual property, or other typical findings such as recipes, type, and form of McDonald's products.

The second term is the franchisees (franchise receiver). This is where Ray Kroc volunteered to become for McDonald. This proposal was adopted Dick and Mac McDonald's.

Be the first franchisee of McDonald's
In 1954, Kroc opened the first McDonald's in Des Plains, Illinois. His business is experiencing rapid development. Even seven years later, in 1961, He bought the shares of McDonald's Corporation for $2.7 million dollars from the McDonald family.

Despite her age then it was 59 years, Ray Kroc remained nimble runs his business. He's still studying and learning about how to manage a restaurant so unique and successful.

To increase the profit of the company, Kroc founded Franchise Reality Corporation which have a specific task: buy land and sell it to McDonald's franchisees through a credit. This is one reason in a short time can McDonald's franchise bigger business in the US.

The end of 1961, Ray Kroc recruiting franchisees in a big way. The company's profit increased. The high value of McDonald's earned income resulted in the company's stock price soared the stock exchange.

McDonald's in a short time could scoop up large quantities of fresh funds. This capital is used for fund massive promotional products as well introduce the mascot: Ronald McDonald's.

Since then McDonald's keeps expanding, including to various countries are no exception in Indonesia. Time magazine to enter the name in the list of 100 people Kroc the founder of giant industries most influential in the world.

In the old, Kroc baseball fans who are also trying to enjoy his life in his own way. In 1974, or when he was 72 years, Ray founded the San Diego Padres baseball club.

Ray Kroc died on January 14, 1984 at the age of 81 years, or just 10 months before McDonald's record of selling hamburgers to-50 billion, which is designed at once to celebrate its 125th anniversary-82 on October 5, 1984.

Two decades after his death, or in 2004, McDonald's already has 30,000 restaurants across the world, with the average number of visitors 50 million people each, or 1,700 people each.

McDonald's has now been transformed into the largest fast-food restaurant in the world. These are not the result of hard work, sweat and crystallization through intelligent thought Ray Kroc.

The success story of this inspiring Ray Kroc, where someone who is old still can succeed, as long as he's willing to learn and continue to create innovations.