Secrets to Getting the Perfect Smile

Indeed, that smile has many benefits both for themselves and others. Only with a smile, we can improve the mood was ugly. In order to get a perfect smile, there are some interesting tips that you can do to make you smile maximum. Listened to yes!

perfect smile

1. Have a fuller upper lip? Try to show little teeth when smiling. If the upper lip is thin, then try to smile so that the bottom line of the upper teeth touch the bottom lip.

2. Did you know that teeth can look shiny in photos? Wet your teeth with proper water shortly before photos to create a sparkling effect.

3. When you're choosing a lipstick, invest in red with blue Undertone. The use of color lipstick will make your teeth whiter. Trust me, it works!

4. When being photographed, press the tongue on the palate male and 8 show top gear to produce a perfect smile.

5. The experts found that a smile brings important advantages, among which are lowering heart pressure and helps reduce stress. So if more stress, try the mirror and smiled. Who knows your stress is reduced.

6. The smile of a gap between the upper teeth and lower teeth is approximately as wide as one of the little finger. Do not smile 3 fingers yes, breadth!

7. Know your angle and maximize. Tilt the head according to mainstay angle when photographed. Most people currently do not have a symmetrical smile on his face. I myself still good from the right angle, heh he-he ...

8. Finally, exercise for the lips that will frame your white teeth. Lip pucker aerobics. Like how is that? Tricks to promote your lips, yes, like a teenager being the selfie with the advanced lip for. Well, continue to do up to 10 seconds and repeat up to 5x.

The most important thing when a smile is you have white teeth. Therefore choose the best toothpaste to whiten your teeth.

Having white teeth a lot of benefits. According to the infographic, the benefits of having white teeth among others, can make look five years younger, increase the attractiveness, increasing the chances of getting a job (ah time anyway?), And is able to attract the opposite sex.

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