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Success Stories Colonel Sanders, Founder Of KFC

Colonel Harland David Sanders or known by the name of Colonel Sanders, born on September 9, 1890. He is a figure known as an American businessperson and the founder of one of the fast-food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Success Stories Colonel Sanders, Founder Of KFC

Colonel Sanders, born to Wilbur David and Margaret Ann. He is the eldest of three brothers. His father was a good person social surroundings and worked on a farm. One time, his father was knocked down and suffered broken bones. Long story short, the father of Colonel Sanders working as a butcher in Henryville. In 1895, Colonel Sanders's father fell ill and died.

His mother manages the feed family, by working in a tomato cannery. Sanders as the oldest child, must maintain and cooking for her younger sisters are still small. Thanks to this, Sanders became an expert cook bread, vegetables and meat. At the age of 10 years, Sanders worked as peasants on a farm in Charlie Norris and Henry Monk.

In 1902, Mrs. Sanders remarried to William Broaddus and moved to Greenwood Indiana. Sanders himself did not have a good relationship with his stepfather. In 1903, Sanders was forced to get out of school, while grade 7 and go back to work on farms. At the age of 13 years old, he left home and worked as a Carpenter chariot in Indianapolis. At the age of 14 years, Sanders moved to Southern Indiana and work in agricultural lands belonging to Sam Wilson.

After getting approval from his mother, shared his uncle headed into Sanders New Albany Indiana in 1906. His uncle was working inside the tram and Sanders made as conductor. Sanders incorporated in United States Army in 1906 after birth of the forge. He got an assignment in Cuba and a year later was discharged in respect. After being dismissed from the army of the United States, Sanders moved to the residence of his uncle in Sheffield, Alabama.

After that, Sanders had moved around the residence and employment. In 1909 the Sanders met with Josephine and married. There are few significant changes in the work of Sanders. He worked as a fire extinguisher inside a steam-engine train, farm to insurance agents.

In 1920, Sanders and some friends founded the ferry companies operating on the Ohio River (between Jeffersonville and Louisville). Business is growing in his ship time is short. Sanders pulled as Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Columbus Indiana. It turns out that Sanders feels doesn't fit with the job. Sanders out of the business of the joint venture and using the money to create the company acetylene lights. The acetylene lights business failed success because electric lights with.

Sanders moved to Winchester, Kentucky and worked as a sales person for the Michelin Tire Company. He lost his job in 1924 when the Michelin factory closes New Jersey. In 1924, Sanders met with the Manager of the Standard Oil of Kentucky. The Manager asked Sanders to run a service station in Nicholasville. In 1930, the station was closed due to a severe Economic Depression.

In 1930, the Shell Oil Company offers deal with Sanders to run a business at the gas pump station in North Corbin, Kentucky. They offer with the concept for the results with Sanders. Long story short Sanders offered the cuisine of fried chicken and other foods such as ham and steak. Sanders had given the award as the Kentucky Colonel in 1935 by Governor Ruby Laffoon Kentucky. His local popularity grew and in 1939, food critic Duncan Hines visited restaurant Sanders. Sanders entered the restaurant name Adventures in Good Eating Guide and restaurants throughout the United States.

In July 1939, Sanders bought a motel to be home to eat., in November 1939, the place suffered a fire. Therefore, Sanders must rebuild the dining House, with more seats. In 1940, Colonel Sanders has completed his secret recipes, for frying chicken. In December 1942, World War II happened and happening chaos. Sanders had shut the dining House and moved several times in the work of the resto and restaurants.

Develop The Franchised KFC

Colonel Sanders had experienced the nadir of his life when He had to part with his wife. At the age of 60, he was ahead of the annual returns of the House packed secret recipes and offers to franchise business. After undergoing a long journey and a lot of rejection, in 1952, Colonel Sanders sold the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises to Pete Harman of South Lake in Utah.

KFC franchise business concept was successful and sold in 1964. At the age of 75 years, KFC business into one of the restaurant with the branch growth very much. KFC bargained by a businessman with a price of US $2 million.

Lessons from success stories of KFC founder Colonel Sanders

A lot of the things we learned from the life story of Colonel Sanders. It turns out that an awful lot of events that don't wear, at those times. Despite that there are lessons like perseverance, creative in building business models and business, don't underestimate the opinion of experts. The story of Colonel Sanders of KFC founder above can be useful.

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