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Success Stories David Karp, the Founder of Tumblr

Happy to operate social media named Tumblr. The form that is combined Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and WordPress making as one of the favorite social media internet users, the young. By operating this social media, you can find a variety of images, writings, and online videos in one site only. Interesting, isn't it? However, have you thought about who is the inventor of this social media?

Success Stories David Karp, the Founder of Tumblr

From inside the room a young man named David Karp, the social media that are now used by 230 million people in the world. Successful established Tumblr doesn't automatically make Karp success in academics. The young man's birth 6 July 1986 is not completed his education at Bronx Science High School, New York.

After one year was educated at Bronx Science High School, He quit and homes school. According to Karp, related to his desire to continue his education at New York University or MIT, his decision to home school while doing another project is one way to make her choice of universities were impressed.

Although not continue formal education, working in this field remain Karp she liked that is computer engineering. His first job in business website design he did immediately after mastering HTML at the age of 11. This is the point where early success is journey started Karp.

Long Road to Success

Prior success with Tumblr he created together with his first employee named Marco Arment, Karp worked at a company called animation producer Fred Seibert who was the founder of Frederator Studios when she was 14 years old.

From one worker Frederator, Karp then recommended on Urban Baby, an online parents forum where he worked until the site was taken over by CNET in 2006. That is when the man is a Cancer pioneered its own software consulting business while creating a Tumblr.

It's true, David Karp success publishing a Tumblr at age still belongs to the young. But don't be mistaken for it not to work hard for it. On Karp tells the various experiences in overcoming difficult clients in the early days he was building a career.

He has admitted he originally thought he had created something really cool, where it does not need to find the money to take care of it and also do not have to sell it, because he's already got a Tumblr from many clients for a software consulting business he incubated. His thinking is indeed true, but only in the early months.

Shortly after that, more and more clients get upset and leave it because it does not respond to the call-phone calls from clients. Finally the consulting business closes Karp in October 2007. On June 20, 2013 official Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo and Karp remains CEO.

Never Give Up, Never Too Quickly Satisfied

After selling Tumblr on Yahoo for one billion dollars, in one of the interviews he has claimed that he was not yet found success. He needs to dig deeper potential himself for the sake of creating a range of new innovations. He also be grateful for work that continues to challenge himself.

Hmmm…. feel challenged to be as successful as David Karp?

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