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Success Stories Wu Yajun : Richest Women in the World

Never heard the name Wu Yajun? He is the richest women in the world to start his business without capital from the family. The Magazine dubbed him as the Richest self-made billionaire women.

Success Stories Wu Yajun

Yajun is Director of Longford property company. From the attempt to build the property and real estate it has produced no less than 6.1 billion US dollars. Yajun have fascinating stories behind their success. He even has a thing that anti-submarine to do. Want to know what is the secret behind its success?

Born To A Family Of Tailors

Wu Yajun was born and raised near Southwest China, in a small town named Chongqing. Her family is not a family of entrepreneurs who have a big business. Both parents Yajun is the seamstress.

Yajun earned a degree from Northwestern Poly technical University in 1984. After graduating Yajun worked several years in the company of his family. It focuses on developing a small sewing business into a large-scale production. But in 1988, Wu Yajun built her own career. He became a journalist in the switch a local newspaper.

From Journalist To The Contractors Property

Wu Yajun accepted in China City Sightseeing Newspaper. He started his career as a reporter. In the early 90s, Yajun was promoted to editor. China City Sightseeing is a newspaper owned by the Government. The people behind this newspaper is that they are close to construction businessmen in Beijing.

From creating the article behind the desk, Yajun built relationships with those Governments that supervise the construction plus employers in that field. He created a useful networking for business development that will build the future.

Along with her ex-husband in 1995 Yajun quit his job as a journalist. They founded the Chongqing Zhongjian to Real Estate Co. Ltd., with an initial capital of about 10 million Yuan. The name was later changed to two years later with the Chongqing Longfor Properties Co Ltd.

In the same year Wu Yajun of the first projects in property developer firm Nan yuan. Even though we still do not have the experience but this project is one of a very successful project in Chongqing.

Curious, What Is The Secret Behind The Success Of Wu Yajun?

1. Always be able to enjoy his place of work
Wu Yajun success can not be separated from the experience and the many relationships when they become journalists. Wu Yajun is a person who could use the opportunity is in front of his eyes. It uses the network of relations of employers and the government to start the construction of new properties.

If you are still so employees in a company, take advantage of your position to learn and build networks. Although must face the work piled up and the sequence of meetings that make sleepy, sure will all is useful. Live you capitalize the experiences you've had.

2. Dare to Follow His instinct
If you want the tasty and comfortable living, actual Yajun lived continued efforts of his family. The road is already available for it. Living just developing, no need to. But the instinct can not lay to. Yajun decision to follow the word heart switch wheel into the field of journalism turns out thus became a success.

If you have a heart, you call sense should be done, follow. The call of heart and instinct are often so the right sign from the universe to your life. Feel I've been stopped so that the clerk's office and turned to be the breeder catfish? He made fun of friends because it is considered your decision is crazy? Closed ear and follow the word of your heart when you later successful they are going crazy think you shut up.

3. 90% duplication, 10% Innovation to create Quick Service
The difference between the company and property developer Longford more is the speed of machining process of the project. At the Longford, Wu Yajun only takes 5 months to get the right to land and build a property on it. While other property companies on average need a minimum of 8 months.

Speed the process of work in the formula have Yajun Longford due to abbreviate the preparation. Yajun starts archiving the whole design and building modules. In each development plan, architect only needs to determine what type of building that will be done. He will then use the archive building designs that have been owned, Longford changes the remaining 10% according to needs.

In this way, the Longford could create a fast working system. Time in months that are discharged to planning a project they can take advantage of to build the building. In addition, Yajun also ensures the efficiency of the employees. He built the Office in central Beijing which is accessible from anywhere.

4. Do not Rush to develop Business

After a successful first project, in fact, Yajun have enough capital to expand its business becomes greater. But he refrains. Too rushed to use the capital for enterprise development could make it lose the clear point of view to calculating risk.

Instead of business plan, Yajun let the company run first. He then intern at Vanke, the property company major in Shenzhen province to learn about the property management company.

From the learning process, Yajun got insight that property companies have to have public accountability. Upon returning from an internship at Vanke, Yajun hiring Auditors to work on the company's financial reports that can be accessed by the public.

5. Pay attention to details and Perfectionist
Wu Yajun is someone who always wants perfection in every work he built. In everyday life, he also always pays attention to all the things to the trifling detail, though. It said one employee about Longford properties Wu:

"Every year we hold a hiking together. Wu Yajun is always asking the team to check the location of hiking up to three times for the sake of ensuring security. He even draws your own hiking routes, complete with slick and steep climbs that should be avoided".

Accuracy is reflected in the building that was produced by Longford. The company Wu Yajun pay attention to detail and quality. Consumers trust the developers on this one. 38% of consumers who never bought the home of Longford says it will buy the home from the same developer. While 50% of consumers will recommend Longford confides to others.

Director of Vanke has even read her perfectionist Wu Yajun:

"When I'm visiting one development project, Longford I left my shoes. When I got back, the position of my shoes is already facing out and ready to use. From there, I'm sure that this will be fast growing companies".

6. respect Employees
Appreciation for the work of others high esteem by Yajun company. A person's talents are rewarded. At the Longford, employees with expertise will be paid. A leader project will be paid not less than 1.5-2 million Yuan each year. The financial person in charge even hired 4 million Yuan every year.

One of Longford's philosophy is "Be good to yourself all your life". This belief is applied in the culture of the company. Officers made as comfortable as possible so it does not want to move to another company. Wu Yajun ensures that everyone is treated well, without arrogance.

7. Avoid Arrogance Through Refused Publicity
Wu Yajun is a very humble to anyone. He even has 3 things that anti-submarine to be done (3 no's POLICY): anti covered media, anti appears on television and taken his picture. It's true when you try to search for them via Google and Hipwee can only find little results.

In an interview with China Daily Wu Yajun stated why he covered and exposed his personal life:

"I have nothing else that is important to talk about. I'm just the guy who focuses on business".
Wang Zhigang, renowned Chinese project planners also declared his fascination on humility Wu Yajun is in the same interview:

"Wu Yajun is a person who has already developed a small company into a large entity. But you will not find the slightest snobbery or arrogance in him".

It turned out that the reluctance of the media to expose Yajun have a significant impact on business. Markets and media want to know about the people behind the property giant in China's largest. Yajun made the company's image is being raised.

How about you? is there anything useful you can use as inspiration?

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