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The story of the founder of Spotify, Drop out of College and Success

When we read the biography of the giant corporations who are now influential in the world, some of these companies seem to have in common, i.e. they do not complete formal education at grade or College, but they reap the success that is not got by a school to Classroom College, though. Another example in the world of business, i.e. the founder Daniel Ek, Spotify, succeeded with no capital in College, though. Spotify is a music service online application or Web-based.

The Stories the founder of Spotify

Mother of Daniel was an opera singer and pianist. The biological father of Daniel left it since Daniel was a baby. His stepfather who worked in the IT field raised Daniel. Background to a mother that singer and musician and his father, who worked in IT, appear to be influential in a Daniel Ek in his career.

Since the age of the adolescents, Daniel has shown his business qualified talent. Age 14 years; Daniel makes Website creation business by recruiting her friend’s expert. At a young age, Daniel Ek was already reaching for a income of 15 thousand dollars.

Teens do not allow it to hunt down success, Daniel had applied to the search engine company Google, but was rejected because of his age is still too young. It triggers Daniel creating create a search engine itself, but have to reap success. Daniel got around to working on Technology Company named Hajj, and the revenues from Daniel bought a server.

The next life journey of Daniel is entering the lecture at the Royal Institute of Technology, majoring in engineering. However, in only eight weeks, Daniel Ek has already left the world of education.

Daniel Ek who is smart and creative made programs for the company and paid for with money larger is 1 million dollars. The next trip, Daniel sold patents to return money pocketed 1 million dollars more.

At the age of 23 years, Daniel has included wealthy people. Daniel Ek buying apartments and luxury cars, Ferrari. Then Daniel wanted to look cool, but Daniel felt sad because it could not lure a girl.

In the course of the next, Daniel back home, live with his parents after selling his luxury car. Daniel Ek often does meditation and interspersed plays guitar. Of the opportunities that, Daniel Ek discover ideas for combining music and technology.

Daniel Ek met with Silicon Valley veteran, Martin Lorentzon that is already filthy rich. However, Martin experienced boredom, as experienced also by Daniel. After all this time exchanging thoughts, the two men have a mission to overhaul the music industry. Within a few years the music industry is dying, it is due to piracy of music craze in the industry.

After finding the idea to enter the music industry, Martin and Daniel recruit people to run his new start-up businesses. This is where Spotify was starting from birth.

In bringing up Spotify, Daniel and Martin to design his new start-up interface that many of Apple's proprietary iTunes. However, one thing that would like to emphasized Daniel is, he does not want to launch music service on his line is in a hurry.

Daniel Ek, want a deal with record labels before launching a music service. On the way to an agreement with the label, Daniel requires a long time, which is about 2 years old. In his travels, Daniel spent money resources. In his statement, Daniel and Martin spent much of the private money to develop Spotify.

Spotify started its services in Europe, in Scandinavian countries, France and the United Kingdom. After three years of service, Spotify enters the market of America. Former President of Facebook, Sean Parker, is a figure who helps enter Spotify to America.

Spotify's success continues, the more the business model used Spotify is a "Freemium", providing free services with certain limitations and a paid service with more facilities. Music service Spotify, which comes from Sweden, now dot the similar services, such as iTunes, Guvera to Heaven music is the work of the nation's children.

The success of Spotify Founder Daniel Ek, they add a row entrepreneur technologies that drop out of College and then focus on business. We know Bill Gates, Steve Jobs up to Mark Zuckerburg. Although the drop out of College, there is a determination owned by them, i.e. big idea supported by willpower and hard work, without it all will not happen.

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