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The story of Sony Founder Akio Morita

This founder of Sony knighted from the United Kingdom in 1992. Although Apple's iPod is the product of a very famous until now, but Sony is the first product that has this concept in the two previous decades. yes Walkman, a portable cassette player that inspire all generation portable entertainment devices through the iPod and Play Station PSP.

success stories Akio Morita

Walkman turns into a daily necessity for millions of people. Try to imagine how the world is without the presence of the Walkman. However, did you know that this product is made not through market research, there is no demand, and even sound like crap product.

However, the Sony Walkman, one fixed, at the behest of Sony Co-founder Akio Morita, eccentric. In the first month, after it went on sale in July 1979, the bad estimates seem to be true. The first production of as many as 30 thousand units, only 3000 units sold.

Then how does his story, something else reverses direction? As told by Ross and Angus (2007), most likely, because the people who tried the Walkman were very impressed with the sound of stereo the high quality.

The press held a demonstration in a park in which the journalists can try it while walking. Sony even took the unusual step where they rented the demonstrator for down the road and persuading passers-by to listen to music from the tool. the Walkman became the talk of the people and the sellers all over Japan always run out of in stock. Sony should double production each month.

News travels the seas when the crew bought a Walkman in Japan and shows them off in their country. In addition, the original plan to introduce it with a name adapted to direct its marketing area discarded (such as Walkman will call on the United States with the name Sound about, Stowaway in the United Kingdom, and the Freestyle in Sweden).

Everyone wants a new Walkman, a word that becomes daily vocabulary. In 1986, the name of this entry in the Oxford English Dictionary. The other manufacturers make with his own, but whatever name their products, public buyers will always refer to it with the Walkman.

Sony later sold more than 250 million personal cassette player Besides stylish Walkman CD player, MP3 player and mini disk countless.

Many stories about the birth of the Walkman, but Akio Morita are a clear champion of this story. In one story, Morita would like to listen to music while playing tennis. In another story, he saw his partner fellow old Sony founder, Masaru Morita, use a conventional cassette player, and wanted to help him.

In another story, he wanted to give the tool to his children he no longer needs to again hear his son’s penchant for rock music.

According to the official version of Sony's history, the advent of the Walkman because the thought of Morita. At that time he will be traveling abroad and want to listen to music while boarding the plane. Then he asked to be made a tool to fulfill these desires. Sony's engineers then create a product that can satisfy the desire Morita in four days. So, whatever things that provide the basis for the Walkman to the world, it's not important. What is clear, this tool meets all the desired needs of many people, even have met a lot of other purposes.

the Walkman is staggering. The first model created in a State of the hurry (four months), there is no choice, but to design it from the components put off products that already exist. Years later, an inventor from Germany tried suing Sony charges violate patent rights, claiming it was he who created the idea in 1972 while on vacation to ski, but the Court found that the United Kingdom patents for the technology ideas is very "" and thus cannot be referred to as a "discovery".

Morita was the first to use the commercial potential of the tool. As described by Morita in his autobiography, "our plan is to direct the public to new products, instead of asking them what they want". "The public does not know what is possible, but we know".

According to Ross and Angus (2007), perhaps the Walkman so successful because it provides more than just music, i.e. by adding the headphones, this tool becomes a personal experience so, building a wave of privacy, even in a public train.

The price of a cheap Walkman and its small size, which is the size of a cassette tape Walkman II launch in 1982 (the model of the best selling of all time), it also means everyone can enjoy quality stereo sound that once could only be enjoyed by those who can afford the purchase hi-fi equipment are expensive.

Awesome again is, Morita aged 60s and Morita-70s have so sharp instincts about what will be sold on the consumer's best selling teen or early 20s.

Akio Morita and Masaru Morita first met Japan in the Navy during World War II, when they worked together working on a research project tracking weapon hot. In 1946, Morita founded the company that changed the AM radio shortwave radio broadcasts and Morita joined him.

Their company was called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo or Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Company.

They had early success, producing reel-to-reel Recorder tool first in Japan. In 1955, they produced the first transistor radios in Japan after his first trip in the Morita to the U.S. in 1952 with the jellies to negotiate technology licensing rights worth 25 thousand dollars of corporate America, Western Electric.

Since the beginning, Morita handles technology development, while Morita showed talent in marketing. In 1957, Sony has claimed to produce radio parts, the model TR-63, when it turns out that radio-sized larger than most Pocket size, Morita told the seller showed that radio with a shirt pocket is larger. This is Japan's first transistor radio, which is exported and gets success.

In 1958, Morita and Morita changed the company name into a bouquet of Sony, which they believe implies the spirit of youth and is a word that is spoken elsewhere, since the word is written with Roman letters, an unusual step taken by a company of Japan.

Morita also demonstrated his penchant for travel and the ability to influence others. secondly it is very important to open up access business overseas. in 1953, he visited the company in the Dutch electronics giant Phillips. Of those visits he determined that Sony should look for global markets. In 1963, he and his family moved to New York for one year. There he became popular as Henry Kissinger in the world of entertainment.

With his trademark white hair and his opinions expressed in for blacken-considering, he's a businessman Japan he became the global face for both the Sony factory although Japan. In the 1970s, he let his hair grow long because he said to a group of executives, the company should be the trigger for a trend and she does not want outdated.

Under the guidance of Morita, Sony confirms itself as a pioneer in using technology, some of its success is the Trinitron television, video cassette recorder Sony-Beta, along with Phillips creating compact disk technology.

However, Morita realized that a brand and the ability to sell a product as important as the quality of the product itself. In the early years, he refused orders to produce 100 thousand pieces a radio from one of the American companies, because of the brand of issuance wear brand to others. even though she was experiencing a financial crisis, namn he always assumed that this was the best decision ever taken.

Sony logo was born in 1973 and is identical to the logo designed in 1957. There is always an emphasis in order for the design of all Sony products as possible from each other so that each will be recognizable as "Sony products", in the initial design that the company always contains shades of black and silver. According to the official history of Sony, in 1983 inspired one of Sony advertising campaigns are most effective with the slogan "it's a Sony".

The combination of ongoing research and the sale value brand that never changes make Sony can set a price 20-30% higher than its competitors with similar products. Although now this margin has been eroded, but Sony is still the Japanese premium brand quality.

So the story of Akio Morita Sir Sony Walkman. Important points that can be drawn from the story of Morita developed the Sony:

Do not be pessimistic over the invention or product we produce is not known, and no one was interested. There will be a time of discovery or many people use our products.

What products make up the public want without asking what they want?

Marketing is something important to introduce and strengthen the brand of our products.

Do not be tempted by Portuguese traders provide opportunities for other entrepreneurs to seize the market we let alone with our product sell with their name/brand.

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