Success Stories the Founder of Wal-Mart: Sam Walton

Already known by the name of Sam Walton, or even just heard this name. Sam Walton was a successful entrepreneur founder of Wal-mart. Wal-mart is a company founded in 1962 in a town called Arkansas and its founder Sam Walton and Bud Walton.

Success Stories the Founder of Wal-Mart: Sam Walton

Sam Walton was born in 1918 in Oklahoma. He grew up in Missouri and got his first retail experience in the store owned by his father while still in school. Sam Walton raised when the Great Depression hit the United States. He Knows well that hard work and saving is a way of life. He was milking cows belonging to the family, put the rest of the milk into the bottle, and sell them to customers. After that, he worked delivering newspapers. Sam himself is dreamful working in his father's shop. In 1940, he graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in economics. Despite graduating from college, he still follows the steps of his father by opening a retail store.

After 17 years running a retail store franchise, Sam Walton opened his first Wal-Mart discount first city in Roger, Arkansas, in 1962. He cut the price of goods up to a maximum and provide low prices to customers. Sam Walton does this in a way:
Filling shelves with a variety of valuable products is tiny;

Make in the crowded shop is so available to the customer;

Remain open when most stores closed as at Christmas;

Experiments with merchant discount (buy from the primary distributor thus enabling lower prices and sell more goods, which increases the volume of sales and profits);

Wal-Mart has specialized in the brand which gives a low price, and even Sam Walton was surprised by the success of Wal-Mart. After that, the Wal-Mart store chain spread throughout America and became the world's largest retailer in 1991 with 1700 stores and an enormous profit.

Sam Walton split a successful recipe in a book entitled "The Wall-Mart Story," here he opens the secret of success:

Rule 1: Commit Business. Hold these principles requires more than others. If we love what we do, then we will do our best to do it. It will spread on the surrounding people.

Rule 2: Divide the advantages to all the staff and treat them as partners. If you can do this, then together with yourself they will show the performance that far exceeds your expectations. The shares offered to them at a discount and reward them with shares as stock retirement.

Rule 3: Motivation your business partner. Always create new ways and more attractive to motivate staff and partners. Specify a higher target, cultivate a healthy competition, perform periodic staff rotation so that they continue to feel challenged, and create performance appraisal scores. To be more attractive, you have to be more creative when creating new measures to motivate, so they are hard to predict what you do next.

Rule 4: Communicate what you can do for the business associates. The more they know what you can do then they are more familiar. The more they understand, they will be more concerned. If a sense of caring that already exists, then nothing can stop them. If you are overwhelmed with disbelief, then they will know you think of them not as a partner then so can they run into your competitor.

Rule 5: Appreciate what has been done by the staff. Loyalty may be gained from a high salary or stock bid. But as humans, we would be happy if there were argued that what we have done, if it is something that should be run. This real appreciation did not eat the cost but priceless.

Rule 6: Celebrate success. If there was an error or failure, do not collapsed. Find the humor element of the failure and laugh together. Have fun and always show enthusiasm in work. Do not forget to celebrate success.

Rule 7: Always listen to what people in the company and find a way to get them to talk. Those in the front line is that most people know the customer's wishes. Listen to them and always find a way so that their ideas can go out and if possible realize their thoughts. Inevitably, they will be responsible and will promote the organization.

Rule 8: Create a higher parameter consumer satisfaction. If it can do, then the customer will keep coming back. Give them more of what they want so that the clients know how much you appreciate them. If you make a mistake, do not find justification but apologize.

Rule 9: Control your expenses. Control your spending, lest you spend money only for work in vain.  With these tips, you will find a competitive advantage. The key here is efficiency. The series of mistakes can happen, but we can still recover if it can be efficient in operational activities. Or, you can just brilliant in business concepts, but still, it will be eliminated from the competition due to the inefficient.

Rule 10: Swim upstream. Do not want to be stuck with following what is done by others. Create ways and means of their own business and do not be afraid when contrary to the belief of many businesspeople. Sam proved successful Walton founded the store in town with a population only 50 thousand people. Whereas, many individuals in business believe the stores that give discounts can not last long in the city whose population is limited.

Sam Walton key to success is "If you love your job, you'll be out there every day trying to do the best you can do, and soon, everyone around you will catch your spirit."


Success Stories Michael Dell: The Newspaper Sellers Become a billionaire

Many of us think if success comes from generation to generation. If our parents had a business so successful and significant, then we as a successor to inherit and carry forward only a success. That may be true, but not accurate. The success achieved from zero will feel more proud and a marker we are people who are pitching in and keen to see business opportunities.

Success Stories Michael Dell: The Newspaper Sellers Become a billionaire

What could a newspaper vending business can dominate the technology developed so and? Perhaps, as a concrete example, we can see the life of Michael Dell.

Youth Full of Struggle

Although born into a family is well off, Michael Saul Dell does not pass his youth to have fun every day. Men born February 23, 1965, has a father who works as a dentist and mother as a stockbroker.

Although father wanted to follow in his footsteps and little Michael a career in the health field, the interests and talents of Michael turned out to show different things. Since the age of 7 years, Michael loves technology, and at that age, he got his first calculator. An excellent tech objects and tickle the curiosity of a little Michael Dell.

Teenagers, Michael tried to earn money to work washing dishes in a restaurant Chinese food in Texas. Wages amounted to USD 2.3 per hour collected Michael then used to buy and collect stamps share. The hobby of collecting stamps brought it earn money worth $ 1,000 by selling the entire collection of stamps. The value of which is amazing is not it.

Despite running a side job and a hobby of collecting stamps, love Michael to computers and technology continues to evolve. After love to play the computer at Radio Shack, he got the Apple II as the first computer he had. High curiosity also led Michael to disassemble and reassemble the computer.

Glancing Technology Based Business Starting From Zero

Fate did not deliver someone in the highest position and Dell. Early in his career, he used to be a seller newspaper for several years. But his efforts to pursue the world of technology bore results. Having worked for the Houston Post as a newspaper seller, at 19, he took an important decision to start a computer business. Under the banner of PCs Limited and at the University of Texas dorm, Michael tried to sell assembled computers themselves with superior specs and an affordable price.

Unique technology business and can communicate with customers make PCs Limited can achieve great success and reap a gross turnover of USD 73 million. Michael developed the first computer product with a product called PC Turbo. In 1988, PCs Limited changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation. At the young age which is 27 years old, Michael Dell incised achievement as the youngest CEO of a large company in the list of Fortune magazine's top companies.

Providing Opportunities for the Next Generation

After over 15 years dealing with Dell Computer Corporation, in 2004 he resigned from the position of CEO and sit on the board of directors of the company Dell. But it does not deter Michael to keep track of all system management and operation of Dell Computer Corporation and trying to pick the right CEO for the betterment of the company. As events of the return of Michael to the CEO seat in 2007 when he replaced Kevin Rolling and tried to revive the Dell Corporation of adversity.

Now Dell has a lot of products innovation and business development. Not only sells personal computers, but Dell also spread to the provision of laptops, servers, cameras, televisions, MP3 and various other technology products. Proficiency Michael Dell in business and his interest in the technology can bring Dell Computer Corporation ranks 41 in the list of Fortune 500 Companies in 2011.

So, what can we learn from Michael Dell? What is evident at the beginning of our careers are not things that can determine the success of our lives later? There is still a long way and sometimes hard to follow. Pitch in and develop our interest in a positive way and useful.


Success Stories Saichiro Honda (Honda Machine Inventor)

"The Power of the Dream" is one of the first mottoes when companies Honda Motor launched. Honda's success in the automotive market adorns the world are not achieved in a secure manner. Lots of obstacles and failures are an obstacle in his efforts establishing the company. However, due to the determination and the power of a dream, Honda proves that everyone unyielding will succeed. Let us see how good a successful trip.

Success Stories Saichiro Honda

Honda's full name is Soichiro Honda. He was born in the village Komyo, Shizuoka, Japan on November 17, 1906, from Honda and Mika Gihei partner. He is the eldest of nine children. Honda does not come from a wealthy family, he came from humble and lived in remote and far away from the city. Father, Honda Gihei, was a blacksmith.

Honda's interest in the world of machines had seen when he was a kid. Before entering school, Honda has been used to help his father repair of agricultural tools in the workshop of his father. He could even stand for hours just to observe the performance of a machine.

At age 8, he was willing to cycling as far as 10 miles just to see the plane. He was a hobby observe cars passing in the street. Also, at 12 years, he has created a simple model motorcycle foot brake.

Now the school, Honda does not have such a good value. In fact, he likes to be absent. Love for the world of machines makes him more like machines than subjects studied in school.

Honda went to Tokyo to look for work At 15, and then he received in Hart Sokay Company.At first, he worked as a cleaning service babysitter cum her boss. Until the owner discovered the talent of Honda in a machine. He was very deft and genius of an engine problem so pleased with his boss. He worked with the company for six years.

When he was 21 years old, the boss was working to open a branch in Hamamatsu, and then Honda chose to lead the branch office. Because Honda, the department's performance has improved. He always received reparations rejected other workshops. His work was fast and precise. Honda did not hesitate to work until late at night, without compromising creativity.

One result of his creativity is to make wheels with metal fingers when he was 30 years old. The cars still use wheels with wooden spokes. The radius of this timber, besides not good at damping vibrations, also combustible. Honda's invention became the first patent rights once its first success story.

Then make Honda wants to establish his own business. He left the company in 1938 and builds a business making piston rings. Dear piston rings homemade rejected by Toyota because they think the quality is not eligible.

The failure does not make Honda discouraged, although he had fallen ill, then to rise again pursue the manufacture of pistons.

To find a solution in the production of piston rings, Honda went to college. Each home tuition, Honda to the garage to practice their gained knowledge. On campus, Honda is one student who often oppose his teacher. Honda is one student who often criticized his teachers for being too wordy and focus from theory practice. This is because Honda would rather practice than theory. He was an involved student in the set and often absent. Honda kicked out of school because following the lecture, this happens after he attended the lectures for two years.

The hard work carved a success story. Toyota Piston Ring received his creation, which gave him a contract. When the dream is almost a reality, its intention to build a factory forced undone. The Government of Japan is ready for war, did not provide funds to the industry. However, he is not desperate. He collects capital from a group of people to set up factories. Again disaster was coming. After World War II had broken out, the factory had burned twice.

However, Honda is not discouraged. He was rushed to collect employees. They were ordered to gather the remaining cans of oil discharged by ships United States to build a factory. Once again the plant destroyed by an earthquake. Honda sold factory piston rings to Toyota. After that Honda continues to fail while it continued to establish other businesses.

In 1947, after World War II, Japan experienced poor economic conditions. To the extent, that Honda cannot sell her car to buy food for his family.

Although in a state of urgency, Honda does not run out of ideas. One of his ideas is to install the engine on a bicycle by using used machinery of war, which became the forerunner of today's motorcycles. These creations are getting the proper response from the public. On September 24, 1948, stood the Honda Motor Company with its first product called "Dream" with the Honda company slogan is "The Power of the Dream.”

Although the result of the bike is working well, Honda is threatened with bankruptcy because of financial problems. Honda is not the people who are good at managing finances; he was an inventor and a great mechanic. This then brings himself with Takeo Fujisawa very influential person in business continuity Honda next. This meeting occurred when 42-year-old Honda and Fujisawa was 38 years old.

Duet two men made the Honda dream and desire to reach the world. as we all know, Honda's products not only are number one in Japan but also in various parts of the world.

Soichiro Honda, by employees, referred to as a tough leader. However, his attitude softened when the show drinking sake together. Anti-Nepotism in determining positions in the company is an excellent view of Honda.

Throughout his life, Soichiro Honda was known as a person who is always youthful. Honda spirit never diminished even though he was already old. He died of liver disease On August 5, 1991.

"Many people only see 1% of my success. But, they do not see 99% of my failure." The word Honda. Honda proves that success is not because we have a high IQ, but because of the persistence of what we do. Do not easy to give up when subjected to failure.

The power of dreams drove it towards a remarkable success. Although coming from a humble family, the village, and not the offspring derived from successful people, it proves that everyone can be successful, including himself.

Today we learn from the story of Soichiro Honda with determination, passion, perseverance, and spirit of abstinence surrender able to deliver himself into a remarkable success. The key is to dare to dream because your dream that will drive our steps.


Success Stories of Twitter Founder

Twitter, a name that is now familiar to almost all people in the world. Hundreds of millions of Twitter accounts have enlivened social media, to compete with the popularity of Facebook, Tumblr, and other social networking sites. In February 2013, there were 200 million users of Twitter. Twitter popularity brought by four young men the United States is Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Noah Glass.

Success Stories of Twitter Founder

Evan Williams, has set up Google gained Blogger in 2003. The success of Evan can not be separated from her ambitious character. For Evan, is an online entrepreneur one must work with great people, willing to take on big challenges, maintain personal hygiene, focus, and loved the people around him as success.

Jack Dorsey, achieved a profit of US $ 1.1 billion of Twitter as noted by Forbes. Jack became one businessman registered as "Youngest Billionaires 2013" or seven years after Twitter stands. Jack's success is influenced by nature rather listen than talk much. The man from St. Louis, Missouri is like inspiration comes from simple things, such as from observing environmental conditions.

Biz Stone, his shrewdness in the mix to make him get along with Co-founder of Twitter. Stone is known as a clever diplomacy and have enemies.

Noah Glass, Evan Williams was kicked out of Twitter. Although Noah among the founders of Twitter, the social networking luck in business is not as good as three friends., Noah attempted, like expressed in bio Twitter account, "I wish the Twitter team, the best the of luck and trust they will be successful in continuing to develop this important communication tool."

Twitter became the popular social networking site as a mature strategy from its founders. The fab four wanted a social networking site, which could accommodate up to someone's opinion can be read by many people. When chat and text message can be made between a few people, Twitter can involve many people to interact not even know each other. Jack Dorsey was the one who started the idea. Dorsey also aspire for a person to pour mind into a lengthy article without such status.

Twitter founder made Twitter as conveying a message broadcast format open to the public. All users type in 140 characters, then he made posts can be addressed by many people.

Twitter's success has attracted worldwide attention, changing lifestyle and mindset of the people in various parts of the world. Twitter was as a social networking site accounts the must-have, important people like presidents or famous, actors, actresses, and so on.


Success Stories Jerry Shen: Asus Computer Company Founder

For fans of technology, especially computer, notebooks and smartphones, may be familiar when they hear the name Asus. Asus is one of the vendors and market leader in the field of technology. Asus products dominate the market because it has a quality, high specification, and affordable price.

Success Stories Jerry Shen: Asus Computer Company Founder

With big name Asus today, do we all know who the figure behind the Asus Company? He is Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus. Also, how the success story when he founded Asus Jerry Shen? Here journey Jerry Shen life that may provide a valuable lesson for us.

Brief Profile Jerry Shen

Jerry Shen is a graduate of National Taiwan University and received a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering. Jerry Shen himself has married and has three beautiful daughters. Prior to joining ASUS, Jerry shen spent 10 years in senior positions at the company's Research & Development of computer and IT research institute.

Flourishing in Asus

company name itself means "Pegasus,” which is a winged horse from Greek mythology. ASUS signify a creative spirit, the strength of which exemplified by this mythical creature. It likens Asus company's growth will continue to grow in line with the strength of a horse "Pegasus.”

Before his appointment as CEO of Asustek Inc., in 2007, Jerry Shen has served as President of ASUS Open Optimum Platform (AOOP). Also, in 2008, he became the tallest Asus boss today.

One achievement of Jerry Shen is making partnerships with other Asus founder is Jonney Shih in 2006, the EePC project. Project EePC notebook is the effort to bring game-changing device that is lightweight, cost-effective, and efficient. This project targets the middle consumers such as students. Then for the first time, Jerry Shen had a vision that is an idea of mobile computing can help revolutionize the industry continues to lead to future technologies.

Jerry Shen itself has talent in engineering and basic knowledge of technology. This makes ASUSTek built products such as motherboards and graphics cards in the world and bring the company Asus into a company that holds a third of world trade.

Jerry Shen himself much helps in the field of human resources in terms of recruitment, training, and career planning at Asus. He believes that "People are creative and talented people are the core of innovation, and that is a driving force in the global success of the company ASUS."

In 2004, sold 30 million Asus motherboard. In 2005, Asus reported that they sold more motherboards from other companies and this makes Asus become one of the largest companies that dominate the market and VGA motherboard or graphics card. This figure also includes contracts other brands. Asus also manufactures components booked by other companies, including Sony and Apple IPod, PS2, iBook, etc.

Asustek Computer Inc. is a company based in Taiwan, which focuses, manufactures computer components such as motherboards, VGA graphics card, and a notebook. However, Asus went into business PDA, Smartphone mobile phone, desktop LCD monitors, tablets, etc. Strong competitors of the company Asus is MSI, an


Success Stories Anthony Tan: Founder of Grab Applications

Grab transportation Startup Company popular in Southeast Asia. If we hear about Grab, we know Grab taxi or Grab Bike. Grab just focus on Taxi services online, but given the demands of the customers and competition, then widen Grab his wings to start a motorcycle online.

Success Stories Anthony Tan: Founder of Grab Applications

Grab last of the big names, do we all know who the figure behind the success of the Grab? He is Anthony Tan, CEO, and founder of Grab. Besides, how the success story of Anthony Tan when creating enterprise Grab? Here we will get to know the profile and brief biographies and discuss inspiring stories and the life of the founder Grab Anthony Tan.

Brief Profile Anthony Tan

Anthony Tan was born in Malaysia; he is the youngest of three brothers. Father Anthony Tan named Tan Heng Chew one of the richest men in Malaysia in 2015 and is a graduate of civil engineering. Mrs. Anthony Tan worked as a stockbroker in Malaysia; Tan is family friendly businesspersons in Malaysia.

Grandfather Anthony Tan named Tan Yuet Foh. He establishes car assembly business and distribution network of Japanese cars in Malaysia. Now the company his grandfather Tan Chong Motor Holdings Bhd., Become a major distributor of the Japanese automaker Nissan in Malaysia.

Since childhood, Anthony Tan small already familiar with the business world. Anthony Tan has future goals to be a great businessperson.

Anthony Tan is a graduate of the University of Chicago, USA, majoring in economics. He entered 2000 and then became a scholar in 2004. In 2009, Anthony Tan then continued his studies at Harvard Business School and received a Master's degree in 2011.

Beginning of establishment Grab

The idea to create the Grab application occurred when he was in college. One friend Anthony Tan has been to Malaysia and having trouble finding and ordering a taxi at Malaysia. The complaint submitted to Antony Tan taxi system in Malaysia Why bad. Great-grandparents are a taxi driver, and grandfather became a successful entrepreneur in Malaysia transportation, you should be able to do something.

Based on his experience that difficult to get a cab in Malaysia led to the idea in the mind of Anthony Tan to make a taxi booking service that is easy and fast. Also, Anthony Tan made taxi booking System Company; the company named MyTeksi.

In 2012, Anthony Tan renamed MyTeksi be grab taxi, then changed again to Grab the grounds are easy to remember. To make Grab successful but required a long time and require a long and complicated process.

Success Grab

Anthony Tan of hard work paid off. Grab name day by day more and more known by many people. Not only in Malaysia but is Grab also reaped success in Southeast Asia. Grab operates in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Antony Tan believes that Grab will be king in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia region, Grab does not have a competitor that matches. Only Uber considered as a competitor and a threat to the real to Grab in Southeast Asia.

One way to win the competition transport services online is by having a lot of money. Many funds that will create a better position in a price war. This is because they can offer better discounts to users, helping the driver to buy a car, and try a new scheme to get a share in this market.

Uber has a funding of USD 1.2 billion and is looking at other funding. While the new grab taxi received funds amounting to USD 90 million, however, Grab still confident because it considers Uber focus will split due to face a lot of opponents in the United States, Europe, and Asia, while grab taxi focus only in the Southeast Asia region.

Tan had planned to distribute Grab shares on the stock exchange if the order is penetrating grab taxi 2 million per day. Tan predicts grab taxi users will continue to soar as the popularity of mobile devices. Not only grab taxi, now the company has had Grab Bike Grab, Grab Pay, Grab Car making big grab,


Success Story Maker Jewelry and Watches the World Celebrities

"Jacob the Jeweler,” this name you may have heard in one of the songs of Kenya West or 50 Cent. Jacob Jeweler is the nickname for Jacob Arabo, designer jewelry and watches most expensive in the United States.

Jacob the Jeweler Jacob the Jeweler

Jewelry and watches worn by celebrities and socialites of the world, ranging from Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé, to the family of the royal family.

Jacob was born in Uzbekistan and is 14 years old; his family immigrated to New York.

At the time his family builds a new life, Jacob got out of school at 16 years and a course at a trade school in Brooklyn jewelry. The first jewelry she made was a jewelry box, which makes it win the race in his class design.

Graduated from the school, Jacob worked in a jewelry factory. When applying for a job, he lied about his age, that he was 18 years old to get a job and pay the US $ 125 per week.

"When I was hungry to get a job," he says.
Jacob then designed his jewelry and working with a salesperson to sell it in the market.

"I always knew I had something in me I could do this," he said.

He also generated revenues more than the US $ 1,500 per week, over ten times her salary in the factory. He then did a jewelry workshop in his bedroom. He also recruited some of his friends at school jewels to help build a business.

Later, he moved his business to a factory on 45th Street in Manhattan. A few years later, she sold her jewelry to brand name itself.

Reputation unique products that are popular and many Hollywood celebrities come to him. Listening first is a rapper, BIG, and Diddy, who made the song to be named "Jacob the Jeweler.” His name has been called the least in 70 songs.

Big names such as designers Dolce & Gabbana also buy jewelry. His clients range Michael Jackson, David Beckham, and Madonna. They even invited to the party orient them and asked him to design jewelry to wear on the red carpet and magazines.

Then, Jacob develops a first clock named "Angel" from the name of his wife Angela, in 2001. Supermodel Naomi Campbell wears a homemade clock called Five Time Zone Watch (five-time-zone clock) for a fashion media.

Free publication sparked a huge demand for the hour. The diamond-encrusted watch is intended for clients who like to travel.

Hours Jacob has a unique characteristic of its complexity Astronomy watches with transparent glass. The price starts from the US $ 200 thousand (Rp2, 64 billion) to about the US $ 1 million (13.2 billion).

You can buy Jacob & Co watches in 20 countries. Chronological and Swiss watchmaker, who come to Basel world to see his work every year, now respect the brand.

One hour of his trademark, with technical design, is Quentin, which retails for the US $ 358 thousand. This clock designed at the request of the famous director Quentin Tarantino.

Billionaire Watch with 260 karats of diamonds worth the US $ 18 million to be one of the most expensive watches ever created Jacob.

World leaders wear jewelry. Some of the celebrity world who wore her jewelry is Paris Hilton and Pharrell.

"If it's not a celebrity, a businessman, a prince, or a queen ... I met all these people," he said.


Success Stories Liu Qiangdong: Founder of

If you love to shop online even until the marketplace abroad hard not familiar with the website named Origin of the Chinese market is becoming one of the biggest online shops in the country.

Success Stories Liu Qiangdong: Founder of

There are myriad factors that made the marketplace is a success it is today, among them because the stuff on sale super complete, almost all the usual goods on sale in the online store is available here.

The transaction system is secure and comfortable, too, and no doubt it was all thanks to the hard work of Liu Qiangdong or Richard Liu, the Co-founder of full of innovation.

Starting from unexpected things
Become an entrepreneur is never easy. Failure could come at anytime without being able to predict. Likewise with the inspiration to do business, can come from something as unpredictable as well.

That's what felt Liu Qiangdong when starting the site Creating a began when his country are stricken with a deadly virus outbreak called SARS.

Many people in China as it was afraid to leave the house for fear of contracting SARS disease that attacks the respiratory tract. This result in a regular store deserted, and many shops moved close.

Viewed such phenomena, Liu Qiangdong else moved to address this problem by making use of the internet as a medium of transaction. From this emerged building a marketplace or shop online for generating conditions of the economy of his country.

Liu Qiangdong teens are only interested in the world of social and political
Liu Qiangdong, born in 1974, in the city of Suqian, China and high. Look at the success in the world of marketing today; maybe there won't be a thought if teens Liu turns out to be more interested in the political and social world.

This can be seen when he entered high school. In the secondary, Liu Qiangdong, founder of love to learn everything about public relations, sociology and political science.

His interest in politics continued until she was in college. After graduating from high school, Liu Qiangdong studied in the faculty of the sociology University of Tiongkok.

There, her talent and interest in this growing and directional. Also, Liu also met with great people who are influential and took him on a political career.

Learn Computer Programs
After a long dwell in the world of politics at its campus in 1996, Liu Qiangdong has another view about the future. He contended that in fact with politicking, itself couldn't collect enough money to support his life to meet the needs in the world of politics.

Aware of it, Liu Qiangdong the real moment it hasn't graduated from the University studied other areas he considered having better prospects.

Liu Qiangdong choice fell on the world of computer programming. Since then he started working in the field of computers and the Internet.

Although daily divided between studying social sciences and computer programming, but because of his intelligence, Liu Qiangdong graduated on time. Liu Qiangdong got a job at "Japan Life" is one of the leading insurance companies in China, not long after he finished college at the People University of Tiongkok.

Liu's career in the business is beautiful and stable. Thanks to his experience studying the world of programming, Liu pun was awarded a spot as Director of information and technology Affairs at the Japan Life. Since then his career the more. With the high salaries, Liu raised funds for the sake of building a business of his own.

Set up own business
Having worked in Japan Life, he established a business. In 1998, Liu set up a business that specialized in supplying magneto-optical computing devices.

This business runs and can be said to have been a success. This evident after five years running, or rather 2003, Liu Qiangdong owned business has opened 12 large branches spread throughout China.

But a few months after that, a bad thing struck China. The deadly disease called SARS infects the majority of the Chinese population. This result in the business Liu Qiangdong bit.

Inspiration in the midst of calamity plague
In 2003, China experienced a decline in economic conditions of the SARS virus outbreak. People feel afraid to leave the house for fear infected with the deadly virus. As a result, many stores and companies lose customers. Not even a few of those who closed.

This phenomenon seems to be a new round of struggle
Liu Qiangdong in his business career. He made great efforts to revive its business suffered a setback due to an outbreak of disease.

Armed with knowledge of computer programming in college he got, Liu finally minded to expand their business to the internet world. Although it has never been tried, Liu Qiangdong still ventured to set up their own marketplace.

Business Changes
To realize his idea, Liu Qiangdong create a site that sells a variety of electronic devices computer. Not surprisingly action-Coban try the sweet fruit. She was flooded with orders, and in 2005, sales have reached 12 million dollars each year.

Not wanting to stop there, Liu Qiangdong developed In 2013 Liu changed be and sell more products.

In 2014, Liu returned rename his marketplace be well as cooperating with the company named Tencent technology to promote e-commerce competition which was still dominated by

The cooperation between the two sides proved to be very good. growing rapidly and in a short time be able to compete on world domination online shop China.

Success stories Liu Qiangdong, founder of this could be an inspiration for us. He could build something extraordinary even though the country was getting disaster.

Qiangdong Liu's inspirational story shows us that success is not achieved in an instant, but accomplished and not to be a failure.


Success Stories Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan: Manchester City Owner

Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan was born in 1970. He was a Millionaire at once from the United Arab Emirates and is a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi (UAE). He is the half-brother of the President of the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Success Stories Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan: Manchester City Owner

Outside the United Arab Emirates, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is famous as the original owner United Kingdom club Manchester City. He was the fifth son of the Emir of Abu Dhabi Zayed II and his wife, Fatima. Mansour bin Zayd Al Nahyan graduate school in his homeland and set out to the United States to continue his education. Then he gained a bachelor's degree in political science in 1993.

He did appoint as Chairman of the Council of Ministers for Health attached to the Cabinet, the Council of Ministers to the Ministry consists of many Ministers who lead the Service Department. Since 2000, he led the National Centre for documentation and research.

In 2005, he became the Vice Chairman of the Assembly Education Abu Dhabi (ADEC), Chairman of the Foundation's Food Authority of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi Development Funds. In 2006, he did appoint Chairman of the Department of Justice in Abu Dhabi.

In 2007, he did appoint as Chairman of the Khalifa Bin Zayed Charity Foundation. Sheikh Mansour has served as Chairman of First Gulf Bank, and as a member of the Board of Trustees Charity Foundation Zayed and humanity. Sheikh Mansour has established a scholarship program for students of the UAE to study abroad. Also, as the form of his love for the sport, he became chairman of a sports organization, namely the Racecourse Horse Racing Authority United Arab Emirates (EHRA).

Al-Nahyan led Abu Dhabi since the 1960s. Sheikh Mansour is married to Sheikha Manal bin Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. She is a daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. Sheikh Mansour also sits as a member of the Cabinet of the UAE and great love the sport. He served as President of the soccer club Al-Jazeera as well as horseracing, the Emirates Horse Racing.

Sheikh Mansour is believed to have a wealth valued at 20 billion pounds. The name arose after buying Manchester City Club to hear the price of more than 300 million pounds.

Compared with his wealth, the injection of funds into the Manchester City is not anything. However, the attitude of the Royal with star players brings a lot to the club Manchester City making many circles amazed. Sheikh Mansour started receiving the results of his work. In addition to acquiring fame, Now, Manchester City became a formidable club in England, and even in Europe. Last season, Coach Roberto Mancini's team that won the FA Cup this season and qualified for the Champions League despite not yet convincing.

In the United Kingdom, Manchester City is now a strong contender. Sheikh Mansour is the brother of the ruler of Abu Dhabi-rich Kingdom since the discovery of oil resources in the town in 1958. The total wealth of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi that reserves are nearing 400 billion pounds.

Most of the wealth generated from Oil Company owned by the Al-Nahyan family since 1958. If the price of oil is up to USD 1 per barrel, then the money coffers Sheikh Mansour will be increased by 500 million dollars per day.

He is a Director of First Gulf Bank and President of the International Petroleum Investment Company. The source of the money Sheikh Mansour is not just from the oil sector alone. He is also a giver of capital from Hydra Properties owned by Dr. Sulaiman. Hydra Properties is an elite residential complex with facilities that cater for super luxury among the world jet set. Sheikh Mansour has also become the primary sponsor of the benefactors to Barclay Premier League amounted 3.5 million pounds. Funding had invited debate, remember Sheikh Mansour is one of the owners of Premier League clubs.


Success Stories Mario Polegato: Owners of the Company Geox Shoes

Mario Moretti Polegato was a successful entrepreneur in the field of shoes. His name became famous after he managed to bring shoes Geox product became the most popular products in Italy. Mario is the son of Wine that is a success in Italy.

Success Stories Mario Polegato: Owners of the Company Geox Shoes

Mario Polegato was born in 1952, in Crocetta Del Montello. After graduating college, Mario worked at his family's company. The company is a business that has been widely known and has seven locations across Italy wine makers.

The story of Mario’s business trip to Reno, Nevada, United States. At that time, he was promoting his family's homemade wine. At that point, Mario feels busy and would like to take a walk in the desert. Plagued with feet that sweat, he got the idea by making holes in both his shoes, so that air can exit sign. He thinks this is an excellent idea, could be for sale and earn money..

After he had returned to Italy, he developed the idea. Also, she is also interested in the outer figure dress technology developed for NASA. From here; he developed ventilated shoes. Until the end, he wanted to create a shoe capable of removing perspiration and prevent water from entering the shoes.

Mario stunted this idea by the lack of experience. He had no experience on how to make shoes and how to distribute it. So the idea is not lost, he tried to contact the major shoe manufacturers in the United States, Germany, and Italy. The shoe manufacturer that is, Puma, Timberland, Reebok, Adidas, Nike. However, the proposal he received.

In 1995, Mario determined to start his own business with the manufacture of shoes. Without experience, he ventured to take any risk should be over. Until the end, she patented the design, then searching for a beautiful name and gets the name of Geox.

After producing it, Mario thought of sales strategy. He uses different strategies, with stray to the segment of the upper middle class. Its market share was the children.

In a short period, the Geox shoes are a favorite in the community Italy. Within five years, Geox is thriving. After the success of the family company, IE company making wine he pass to his younger brother.

In 2000, he expanded into overseas by opening new outlets in major cities. Until within 15 years, Mario could print a large wealth. Forbes placed it in the order 468 world's richest people with a net worth of US $1.5 billion.

In 1998, the Geox 1.4 million pairs of sales records. In 1999, the sales figures increased to 6.5 million pairs of shoes.


Success Stories Lee Byung Chul the Founder of Samsung

Entrepreneurship or Self-employment is the process of identifying, developing, and bringing a vision to life. That vision can be innovative ideas, opportunities, and a better way of running things. The result of that process is the creation of a new venture formed in conditions of risk or uncertainty. 

Success Stories Lee Byung Chul the Founder of Samsung

In a country that is growing, the role of the entrepreneur cannot be ignored in carrying out development. A nation will grow faster when it has the entrepreneur who can create and innovate i.e. embody new ideas become real activities in each of its business.

It can see that once countries are developing like China, South Korea, the United States, Japan, and India are countries that have many successful businesspersons in the world. 

China has a product that comes from the kitchen of plastic material and dominates Asia. America has great restaurants like Mc Donald's, founded by Raymond Kroc and Carrefour, founded by Sam Walton. South Korea Lee Byung Chull has the founder of Samsung Electronics. Here we will highlight one of the stories of successful entrepreneurs come from the land of Korea.

Lee Byung Chull
Samsung Group founder was born February 12, 1910, and died November 19, 1987. He was the son of a family of wealthy landowners and attended lectures at the University Wesda of Tokyo though not up graduated. 

Lee Byung Chull uses his inheritance to open a rice mill for the first attempt. However, the effort did not go well, and Lee Byung Chull not despairs. The next year he founded the company export trade, the export trade that sells fish, vegetables, and fruits to China. The company is exploding. However, due to the war in Korea, he was forced to move from Seoul to Busan. In Busan, she established a flour mill and a lump of sugar in South Korea, then a company together. Lee Byung Chul founded the sugar mill due to still the lack of sugar production and still no sugar produced to a great.

After the war, Korea, Lee set up a wool factory in Daegu, and it was the largest woolen mill in the country. After the growing wool shop, Lee began another as the industry expands into finance, media, chemicals, and shipbuilding.

Byung-Chull Lee died in 1987 and held the positions as chairman Kun-Hee Lee. After that, the Samsung Group started to get into the electronics industry. 

So the company can thrive, then business a work task in the form of electronic divisions, such as Samsung Electronics Co. Devices, Samsung Electro-Mechanics co., Samsung Corning co., and Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co. in addition to that he also makes facilities in Suwon.

Samsung's first product was a black-and-white television. The company Samsung bought Hanguk Tongsin in Gumi and build devices. The first is a product of switchboards. This facility was later developed into a manufacturing system telephone and fax and became an industrial center Samsung phone.

Of the success stories Lee Byung Chul, We can take some of the lessons he has a high initiative and that the actual strength to success. It can be seen already how many companies roll the mat. However, Lee did not despair. He kept trying to succeed with the new corporation. Also, Lee has a hardworking, and he would not stop working when she has yet to get what he wants, let alone can read the business opportunities for the company.


Success Stories Chung Ju Yung: Founder Of Hyundai

Chung Ju Yung is the founder of Hyundai, Korea's largest car company, a pioneer, and a pioneer of globalization, changes in his country. He was a son of farmers who never became peasants, laborers, porters and a harbor. Who would have thought if he could become King of the world automotive industry

Success Stories Chung Ju Yung: Founder Of Hyundai

Chung Ju-Yung born November 1915 in Asan-Ri, Song Jon-Myun, Prefecture Tongchon, Kangwondo, in a mountainous area in the northern part of Korea. That time Korea overpowered Japan. Her parents were farmers who lived, although they are the descendants of Chung Mong Ju, a leading Confucius teaching workers toward the end of the era of the Kingdom in Korea. Chung Ju Mong was also a great poet Ju-Yung had studied three years at his grandfather's place hometown school to become the head of the school. Here he had to memorize the teachings of Confucius that it is affecting his life and then became his company's philosophy.

To raise a family, mom and dad Ju Yung work since morning till late at night. As the eldest son, Ju Yung is expected to be the seventh parenting her sister. This same as his father had done to help improve his brothers. Since the age of 10, at 04.00 a.m., Ju-Yung has already awakened his father. In the cold air, they walk 8 km to reach the fields and work there. His father was determined to be educating a terrible farmer.

Besides helping his father, Ju-Yung still attends school. Coming back from school, a variety of jobs was already waiting for him at home. In 1931 he completed ELEMENTARY education although according to Ju-Yung he almost did not learn in school.

While working in the fields, Ju-Yung often ask in your heart, "does he want to survive the daily Drudge with poor results? Should he be laborers are the results? ,"

As warm and hard working nature, Chung Ju-Yung managed to captivate the hearts of customers. All children his boss slackers, so that Ju-Yung to grab the confidence his manager to handle the store. With his work, he bought the land for his family in Tongchon. Shortly after that, he returned to the villages and was betrothed to out to be Joong-Seok, a young woman in his community. Although they've yet to face to face, they remain happy. His wife was the ideal woman according to Eastern traditions: full attention to her husband, sparing, diligent and take care of the household.

Not long after Ju-Yung returned to Seoul. He rented a house near the Shintangdong overlooking the street and opened a store called the Agricultural Firm Kyongil. The condition of the economy became excellent. Then, he was only 22 years old, means four years after a run last time from home. 

However, the new two years, Japan held a massive aggression against China. The rule of Japan in Korea to take over and control the procurement of foodstuffs during the war. Ju-Yung shop closed, and he was forced to go home back to his community.

Ju-Yung thought, as long as he has always overcome difficulties if it tried. So, he went back to Seoul with a determination to explore the possibility of opening other businesses. He opened a workshop for the repair of a motor vehicle.

On 1 February 1940, he took over the management of car repair workshop "A-Do Service." He had to pull out all his money and still borrow from his old customers. Capital 5,000 Won. However, the ordeal back, only five days, a fire gutted the garage.

Without money, Chung Ju-Yung remains steadfast with his determination. She owes more of 3,000 Won on his old customers and to again forge "A-Do Service" in a new place with the hiring of 50 employees. Because the business does not have permission, he always raided the Japanese police in the region. Cleverly, he succeeded in the endearing police who then told him to move the nameplate to a somewhat hidden so that the police can pretend not to see it. Since then, his workshop is free of "inspection" and growing rapidly.

When the competition is close car repair shop, Ju-Yung was applying strategies "quick service" with paid more. According to Ju-Yung, the quality of duty workshop on average the same. The advantages he could give is a fast and efficient service. Owners of cars of that era are very wealthy. They don't mind out of money more they finished vehicle origin handled well in quick time. As a result, he gained a greater advantage from other workshops.

Orientation on the efficiency applied to the management of Hyundai in competing in the industrialized world.

At the end of 1941, Japan started the Pacific war, and an edict issued that requires that all companies downsized to fit the face of war. Many companies Korea should be merged with the enterprise of Japan. In early 1943, "A-Do Service" property of Chung Ju-Yung forced into a merger with the company Japan. Businesses he had built three years later as a collapse in a day.

Chung Ju-Yung did not want to give up on the condition. He bought 30 trucks and running business transportation. His Truck mining gold from the ore transported to the processing plant. His friends derived from mining operations into its business barrier. This result he was forced to sell its activities under the price for a Japanese businessperson in May 1945. However, who would have thought three months later, on August 15, 1945, Japan surrendered.

A month later Ju-Yung back to Seoul to join a metal smelting business while waiting for a chance starting a new venture.

Expand business
In April 1946, with her friends, Chung Ju-Yung, bought the land in central Seoul. He installs nameplate Hyundai Motor Industrial Co. (also the Hyundai Auto Repair Works) for the first time. Hyundai means modernistic.

At the time of the US armed forces stationed in Korea are equipped with vehicles in large numbers. Because the company Ju-Yung is very experienced and has high skills in car repair, he soon gained the trust of its customers. In less than a year, the workshops were growing into a large repair shop that uses 100 people.

One day, Chung Ju-Yung went to City Hall to ask for a loan to the company. He gets 1 million Won. However, other individuals who ask for loans received 10 million Won. He so curious and get answers that construction companies are much more attractive than venture investors workshop.

Once home, he hits a board bearing the Hyundai Civil Engineering Co., next to the old nameplate. On May 25, 1947, he founded the construction company will be a giant company. When some friends reminded not to step into the direction that  not quite mastered, he chimed in, "I used to work at some docks and have the experience more than the others." With those words, Chung Ju-Yung started his new business.

Starting with just a couple of engineers and technicians, the Hyundai Civil Engineering Co. grabbed a record total contract 15.3 million Won in the first year. In the next two years, the company established excellent reputations among 3,000 domestic construction businesses that monopolized the broad industry groups.

Then the Republic of Korea created on August 15, 1948, and was appointed President Lee Syngman. January 1950, Chung Ju-Yung of Hyundai combines Civil Engineering Co. and the Hyundai Motor Company into Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. which became the forerunner of the Hyundai Enterprises Group. When Chung Ju-Yung will do next, expansion in June Korea War occurred. North Korea supported the communist stronghold of war with US-backed South Korea. Hyundai Construction which was only six months any mess.

Chung Ju-Yung and his family fled. As head of the household, he should seek from the bottom again. When dropping off papers to a politician, he had time to witness just how Republican leaders Daehan (another name of Korea) luxury was living when people are miserable, so she felt upset.

On 15 September 1950, US troops landing at Inchon. The army of the country Uncle Sam is rolling out many development projects. A younger brother of Chung Ju-Yung, namely Chung In-Yung, became an interpreter, Lieutenant McAllister. McAllister needs a construction company that can be trusted and requested information from the language interpreter then recommend Chung Ju-Yung with Hyundai Construction Company. The blessing of the Inchon port dock construction, Hyundai got elementary experiences in reaching international project. It is the capital of the moment to compete in international markets.

In 1952, General Eisenhower, a hero of World War II who later became U.s. President paid a visit to Korea. U.S. Trust Garrison Hyundai to build a House-General. With the terms of his WC wear closet. In fact, Chung Ju-Yung did not know what water closet. However, everything goes wrong also in just 15 days.

An armistice signed between North Korea and South Korea on July 27, 1953. The US is interesting most of its troops from Korea. After 36 years of suffering under colonial rule, Korea gained its independence. Avoid the entry of new invaders, Korea was determined to build an economy based on the strengths and resources of its own. Hyundai Construction received offers from within the country.

However, by that time inflation craze. Chung Ju-Yung suffered great losses in the project of the reconstruction of the bridge over the river Golyong Nak-Dong. Treasures gathered during this depleted ingested. Responding to these losses the Ju-Yung did not know surrender said, "this is not a loss, but the new ordeal." The important thing, he defended the reputation of its business although it may take 20 years to pay off all debt.

The loss becomes a lesson for him in the face of inflation. "Please do not empty if they're grappling with tigers. Don't be barefoot across the River was being flooded, "so he quotes the words of Pearl of ancient books.

In 1957, when Hyundai repair Port Inchon, companies face a shortage of equipment. Chung Ju-Yung then sent technicians to the headquarters of the US Army to steal glances of the previous material. From there, he produced for own use. Since then, various projects in Korea handled Hyundai including the development of the Han River Bridge in September 1957. Hyundai also became one of the five leading construction company in Korea.

Hyundai did not hesitate to learn from the U.S. and abroad. Its employees language-learning United Kingdom. Hyundai is also the first construction company in Korea who recruit graduates.

Learning from failure
After economic reforms rolled out, following the turn of a Government that puts the Park Chung-Hee as leader of Korea, appear new hope in the field of economics. Foreign investment is encouraged. High-tech imported. The priority is given to the industry to import. Korea wants to turn itself into a modern industrial power that could compete in international markets. Chung Ju-Yung was one of the pioneers of this progress. To establish an independent industrial system, the company must obtain raw materials from within the country.

In July 1962, the construction of a cement factory of Danyang began. Every week, during the two years of development, Ju-Yung came to the project location to conduct supervision. When he comes, the workers seemed active work. Be advised him they called "Savage Tiger." One time, he fell asleep on the train so down at the next station: It comes too late as 30 minutes. He captured the wet lazy workers, and they got angry. The cement factory completed six months ahead of plan.

In January 1970, the company turned into Hyundai Cement Co. Ltd. Korea makes its presence need not depend on construction materials from abroad. The stucco master market in Korea because it is cheap and the company became one of the biggest businesses in Korea. Hyundai now plays a significant role in setting up a network of the power industry, ranging from nuclear to geothermal.

Progress in Korea industry experiencing a wide variety of obstacle for entrepreneurs. They lack the funds, foreign exchange is restricted, and the domestic market is saturated. The only way out is to take part in international competition.

Hyundai Construction Co. managed to gain trust from abroad. He gets Pattaninarathiwat Road development project in Thailand, and this is the first project. In the auction, Hyundai beat 29 companies from 16 countries, including Germany, Japan, and France. However, who would have thought a Government-funded project that Thailand ended in failure. Hyundai suffered enormous losses.

The question of the failure of hers, Ju-Yung said, "this failure gives us a lesson that abroad we should solve problems of geology and meteorology-specific first before starting construction. Besides, any human is different. We have to adjust to the local conditions. Bad experience to remember. By recognizing the losses and failures, we can make improvements. Remember, those who forget past mistakes, it will fail again, and fail again. "

The largest automotive company in Korea
Learn from big losses when the execution of the repair of the bridge of Golyong and the construction of a highway in Thailand, Hyundai raked in profit from other road projects in Thailand. The company was then working on the giant project, such as project Alaska Storm, military headquarters, housing projects in Guam, the project dam South Pacific Islands, and Cam Ramh Bay in Viet Nam. The whole project it gives a valuable lesson about the human and financial resources for Hyundai to work on freeway Seoul-Pusan in 1968.

Highway construction work Seoul-Pusan began on 1 February 1968. Ju-Yung much passion for working on this project. In fact, he took the bed to the location of the project. Night and day, she worked there. 428 km long highway opened on June 27, 1970.

In December 1966, two years before the construction of the freeway Seoul-Pusan began, Hyundai Motor Company established in Seoul. Before, motor vehicle in Korea imported from Japan. Chung Ju-Yung had their reasons to build the auto industry. "The prosperity of a nation is associated with the development of mobility and flexibility. The history of the development of personal transportation from horse riding to an artificial vessel the United Kingdom in modern times and the car America this century has proved it, "he said. 

The company with the production of more than one million units per year this is the largest automotive company in Korea. That became the target entered in five of the world's biggest automotive company in 2010. However, the monetary crisis in 1997-1998 Hyundai Group's position had degenerated.

At first, Chungju-Yung had cooperated with American car factory, Ford. However, Ford just interested in selling spare parts to Korea, so the cooperation was halted. Chung Ju-Yung relied on its strength in developing automotive factories. Then, he entrusted his brother to Hyundai Motors, Chung Se-Yung. Interwoven collaboration ever moved to Italy to get car technology.

The first Pony model out of Hyundai Motors assembly line in January 1976. That was the first car ever made in Korea. Supported by improved economic conditions and a highway network extends, as well as the market is ready, that domestic product was reaching great success.

Based on the model of the Hyundai Pony, renew his car into a new generation of products. December 1984 car model Pony made Hyundai Motor Company with 500,000 per year production unit.

So far, Hyundai has produced dozens of models, some of them achieve great success. The Excel model, for example, its success in The U.S. market. In July 1988, production. The annual sedan model has reached one million units. In 1992, the Scoupe model became one of ten of the top models in the US. In the same year awarded the Elantra model in Austria. Then, in 1994, the sedan car model developed successful Accent Hyundai Motor Company. Its industrial development also is done by buying a KIA Motor Corporation in December 1998.

The culture of equality
Chung Ju-Yung argued, "the most honest in doing the little things, often the most honest anyway in doing a great thing. People who have the sincerity in doing the little things, it often will be sincere anyway when doing something great. " Dishonest employees could lose jobs that night anyway. Hyundai also tried to develop the culture of "equality."

According to Chung Ju-Yung, the technicians, workers, and all of the employees, when everything feels treated equivalent, as companions, they would feel to have Hyundai. No one at Hyundai expected to feel inferior in position, and nobody allowed so superior against another.

In the Hyundai no stairs to walk only for CEOS as in other companies. Do not be surprised, once upon a time when Chung Ju-Yung new step enters a crowded elevator, will retreat to give place to the people due to the urgent requirement driven.

In some large international companies, more challenging seeing his CEO rather than the country's President. But Hyundai, Chung Ju-Yung is always visible in the middle of the workers to perform supervision, discussing with them, or to hear their complaints. There are so many photos are quoted without his knowledge that shows others a formal dress shirt while he was ordinary.

When there is free time, Ju-Yung will join with the workers, for a match to arm wrestling, drinking, or chatting. He was also present among the workers in activities such as playing volleyball and wrestling. Chung Ju-Yung will come up and sing in front of the employees in each party to rejoice with them.