Success Stories Anthony Tan: Founder of Grab Applications

Grab transportation Startup Company popular in Southeast Asia. If we hear about Grab, we know Grab taxi or Grab Bike. Grab just focus on Taxi services online, but given the demands of the customers and competition, then widen Grab his wings to start a motorcycle online.

Success Stories Anthony Tan: Founder of Grab Applications

Grab last of the big names, do we all know who the figure behind the success of the Grab? He is Anthony Tan, CEO, and founder of Grab. Besides, how the success story of Anthony Tan when creating enterprise Grab? Here we will get to know the profile and brief biographies and discuss inspiring stories and the life of the founder Grab Anthony Tan.

Brief Profile Anthony Tan

Anthony Tan was born in Malaysia; he is the youngest of three brothers. Father Anthony Tan named Tan Heng Chew one of the richest men in Malaysia in 2015 and is a graduate of civil engineering. Mrs. Anthony Tan worked as a stockbroker in Malaysia; Tan is family friendly businesspersons in Malaysia.

Grandfather Anthony Tan named Tan Yuet Foh. He establishes car assembly business and distribution network of Japanese cars in Malaysia. Now the company his grandfather Tan Chong Motor Holdings Bhd., Become a major distributor of the Japanese automaker Nissan in Malaysia.

Since childhood, Anthony Tan small already familiar with the business world. Anthony Tan has future goals to be a great businessperson.

Anthony Tan is a graduate of the University of Chicago, USA, majoring in economics. He entered 2000 and then became a scholar in 2004. In 2009, Anthony Tan then continued his studies at Harvard Business School and received a Master's degree in 2011.

Beginning of establishment Grab

The idea to create the Grab application occurred when he was in college. One friend Anthony Tan has been to Malaysia and having trouble finding and ordering a taxi at Malaysia. The complaint submitted to Antony Tan taxi system in Malaysia Why bad. Great-grandparents are a taxi driver, and grandfather became a successful entrepreneur in Malaysia transportation, you should be able to do something.

Based on his experience that difficult to get a cab in Malaysia led to the idea in the mind of Anthony Tan to make a taxi booking service that is easy and fast. Also, Anthony Tan made taxi booking System Company; the company named MyTeksi.

In 2012, Anthony Tan renamed MyTeksi be grab taxi, then changed again to Grab the grounds are easy to remember. To make Grab successful but required a long time and require a long and complicated process.

Success Grab

Anthony Tan of hard work paid off. Grab name day by day more and more known by many people. Not only in Malaysia but is Grab also reaped success in Southeast Asia. Grab operates in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Antony Tan believes that Grab will be king in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia region, Grab does not have a competitor that matches. Only Uber considered as a competitor and a threat to the real to Grab in Southeast Asia.

One way to win the competition transport services online is by having a lot of money. Many funds that will create a better position in a price war. This is because they can offer better discounts to users, helping the driver to buy a car, and try a new scheme to get a share in this market.

Uber has a funding of USD 1.2 billion and is looking at other funding. While the new grab taxi received funds amounting to USD 90 million, however, Grab still confident because it considers Uber focus will split due to face a lot of opponents in the United States, Europe, and Asia, while grab taxi focus only in the Southeast Asia region.

Tan had planned to distribute Grab shares on the stock exchange if the order is penetrating grab taxi 2 million per day. Tan predicts grab taxi users will continue to soar as the popularity of mobile devices. Not only grab taxi, now the company has had Grab Bike Grab, Grab Pay, Grab Car making big grab,

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