Success Stories Kevin Plank

Handsome-faced, athletic body, and got was an American football player. But what he has chosen thus exist in the world of entrepreneurship or enterprise. 

Success Stories Kevin Plank

That his name is Kevin A. Plank, a handsome man who hails from Kensington, Maryland. His home was in suburban areas in Washington D.C. He was the son of William and Jayne Plank. Kevin's age was born thirteen years of his eldest brother named Bill.

His father was a land developer. While his mother Jayne Plank known as former Mayor of Kensington. The mother became the legislature even got into the ranks of government officials under President Ronald Reagan. His hobbies are playing American football. Meanwhile, in the educational value of Kevin referred to no luck. The other side of his life, in the summer holidays, he will be busy to follow in his father's work as a developer.

Grown into a player's ball to Maplewood Maple Leafs. He was a reliable player. Another hand, the value of academic bad brought him into trouble. Thanks to the ability that football itself can save. Moved the school from Georgetown Preparatory School, Kevin continued his education at Fork Union Military Academy, and he appointed as a footballer there. After that go to a high school named St. John's College High School. Then continue to the University of Maryland.

Sporting career

Is a pleasure while Enjoying the summer with his father. He learned a lot about business from there. His father, William, breathed his last in January 1993 because of cancer of the blood. His mother was also pleased to invite Kevin small for a vacation to Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. 

Even though young age, she already worked for money. And the most successful job is to trade them flowers. She was not disinclined to work of any kind, call it snow cleaning, mowing the grass, parked the car, or sell the typical concert t-shirt. The most memorable work was to be a courier on Valentine's day and also worked in a bar. Even though inadequate, Kevin is not ashamed to work.

"He is one of the hard workers I ever knew," said Jayne Plank.

A work ethic that formed when he walked into the Washington Georgetown Prep and St. John's College High School, graduating in 1990. Because the value of the academic's decision to not support, Kevin is working harder. He entered preparatory school besides Washington's Georgetown i.e. Fork Military Academy in Central Virginia; he joined the University of Maryland in August 1991.

In College, Kevin is active in campus activities. One of them went into their football team. His name was mentioned as one of the best on the team in high school by USA Today in 1990. 

Talking about the soul mate then at the time of the lecture he gets the woman of his dreams. Kevin met his future wife when the new entrance to the University. The woman named Desiree Jacqueline "D. J." Guerzon, whom she met when buying a book at an event campus.

A side business

While still a high school Kevin had done business. He along with his brother named Scott had just returned from Guatemala. There takes to learn the languages of Spain. Returning from there he brought a bag full of colorful knit bracelet contains. He invited his two brothers to be selling the bracelets for $20. When they sell her only real success. He could sell seven times as much from his brother.

Are open makes it easy to receive. Sell more is easy for Kevin. At the time of academic grades, school is not satisfactory. One of her classmates says value is below average. But Kevin refused to disclose the problem to his parents. He always tries to be a good son to his parents, and his parents always believed "He will always be OK."

Moved the school to make it more vibrant. There will be a new day for him regarding new things like American football. Besides doing business, he was active in sports. He follows sports like lacrosse and even the title of MVP when his football team. The hard-working body has a definite purpose in life. He's even willing to endure to play another year just to get to campus classes. Despite being denied a scholarship to go to Maryland; He still insisted on entering.

He has had a goal to play there. Want to let alone other than work harder than what he faced.

Met his future wife made his life different. Kevin always invites his girlfriend D.J in a variety of business investments. His school friends recalled that Kevin Plank figure respect money. He would be so uplifting to take him on doing something. Back to the lecture, she sells a variety of hobbies sweatshirt to his friends. The beloved D. J remembers when her boyfriend was trying to sell one shirt when the Grateful Dead concerts.

He hates his shirt while in the team. Kevin has always cut a half his T-shirt because she's so hot and sweaty. He is not familiar with the cotton t-shirt. "It will be soaked," his explained. "I replaced it at every possible opportunity," he added. Then the memory had the eyes on a day when he was in bed dormitory when first designing the first Under Armour sweatshirt.

"I thought, I found, and I will make a t-shirt," lid.

Before entering his dream business. Kevin is already working on a unique business. That's the business that is selling roses when Valentine's day comes. A seasonal business but produce enough where he could collect $17,000. The money the trade capital of his shirt. He then looks for fabrics that can be combined with the Hanes cotton t-shirt. The material is light and easy to dry.

You know women's underwear inspires the content. He then found one seamstress, paying them $480 for seven prototypes. Kevin then tried them on to one of his team in Maryland. graduated from the University of Maryland, her title Bachelor of Business Administration, in 1996 followed by the emergence of business Under Armour. She drove a vehicle heading to a garment district in New York.

"I had 500 t-shirts ready to use, and I contact any manager of sports equipment in the Atlantica Coast Conference who would listen," he said.

He reached his former teammate. Under Armour spread through word-of-mouth marketing. He's even willing to sponsor them., the company named Under Armour just a grandmother's legacy that is already obsolete in Georgetown. Kevin describes his grandmother as a "tough old broad," a formidable figure, a successful real estate business until his death. He died between in 1996 at the age of 93 years old; He was one teacher of his business.

Kevin enlisted the help of his school friend fitting high school and his lover D.J, who is busy studying in nursing school at Georgetown University. In 1996, small business wore sports success generating $17,000. The key to success Under Armour: He has always been confident, make a picture that looks great and the business of truth. But as you know he is running, it's just from his grandmother's old House.

The next year to meet the request of the company, he made a breakthrough. He went to a factory in Ohio. There were underway t-shirt fits what he has patented. He even got a $40,000 credit card arrears for five credit cards. Kevin beat the request for $100,000. Partners in the work mentioned that Kevin step it was crazy. Do not be the one you are heading to the extent it explained.

Kevin Plank no matters and continue to do business until it has a lot of debt. He even does not heed the advice they cannot stand against big players. In an exhibition of products, even Nike party couldn't help peeking inside Under Armour.

In 1999, during the release of the movie American Football belongs to Oliver Stone, whose film was titled Any Given Sunday, with actor Jamie Foxx wore a product Under Armor in a locker. While it, Kevin had to plead so that the product can be installed. Even dare send lots of sample products. He sends its products to costume designer and Assistant to convincing Stone to use its products.

Another way of marketing following is when the movie glide. He took the decision to sell the "story" of how Under Armour there. The company then issued a $25,000 for advertising costs. Kevin Plank and then launched an ad in the magazine ESPN the Magazine. He recalled that this was the turning point of his business. "We earn $750,000 in sales from those ads," he recalls. Three years after her launch what is called the Under Armour, now, Kevin has gotten paid.

In 2001, the body became known as the man who brought great change to the experience of athletes according to Forbes. He recorded the third-ninth on the list of 40 and entered the American's 20 Most Powerful CEOs 40. Total benefits have exceeded $1 billion in 2010. Kevin Plank is the owner of the majority of the shares and voting rights, have control have 12.5 million class B shares, or if I will be worth $750 million in August 2011.

In the year 2012 value wealth reaches $1.05 billion. And, in April 2015, his property worth $3.5 billion.

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