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Success Stories Lakshmi Mittal: Steel Entrepreneur Richest In the World

Did you know the world's largest steel company now? It is said its owner is one of the richest men in the world. Several times, he got in the top five most generous people in the world with a value of billions of US dollars. Such a person is Lakshmi Mittal, also known as Lakshmi Niwas Mittal. Men's native India but is now live in London, the United Kingdom is even got the title as the richest person in mainland United Kingdom. 

Success Stories Lakshmi Mittal

Symbolizing the success of Lakshmi in business recorded through her story while buying the most expensive House in history, Kensington Mansion, which is valued at the US $128 million. He also married his daughter Vanisha's wedding party, with the most luxurious in the 20th century. It is said for the party; he spent the funds of US $50 million more.

The value of wealth Lakshmi is very tantalizing. But, it all gets from the hard struggle for decades. He was born in Sadulpur, Churu, a part of Rajasthan India. He was born to a poor family. While a child, he and his family live in a house inhabited by 20 people. They sleep on the floor, sometimes on rattan. To Cook, they make a fireplace from a pile of bricks on the back of the house built by his grandfather.

Lucky, he and his family do not want to suffer forever. They are determined to change his fate. Therefore, he then joined his father, and the family moved to Calcutta India. There, Mohan (his father, partnered with one colleague to make efforts in the field of steel. And, here's the beginning of Lakshmi is associated with a business that is now bringing up his name.

Then he completed education Bachelor of Commerce degree from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta. This is where Lakshmi is attempting to prove that education is not a theory. He was also involved with the family business further in the steel business. With extensive knowledge and his intercourse, he seeks to expand his family not only in India, but reach out to the international area.

Lakshmi bought a company that almost went bankrupt in Indonesia starting from 1976. In it, he can develop the business well. In 1994, the time of which the family was further uphill, difference, made the effort that broke. Lakshmi chose the path of raising his own business, without involving the family. He was later assisted by his wife, Usha.

Proven he developed a Mittal Steel until it penetrated a dozen countries and four continents. He also discovered steel enterprise development innovations that make the factory became the largest in the world with millions of tons of production. Because of that, no wonder he was awarded various predicates from the different institutions and the media in the world. European Fortune magazine gave the word European Businessman of the Year 2004. Also, American Metal Market and World Steel Dynamics Paine Weber's gave the title the Willy Korf Steel Vision Award in 1998 for his dedication to the steel industry.

When asked about the key to his success, Lakshmi just says that all of it is the result of hard work. "A lot of people work hard. Therefore, if you want to succeed we have to work harder and dedicate themselves to the goals we want to achieve, "called Lakshmi.

Lakshmi could not forget of difficulty even though he was already a wealthy man. He never forgets the place he was born even though he live in the United Kingdom. One form of it is to develop sportsmen in India to perform. He made the Mittal Champions Trust grant funds and the US $9 million to support athletes of India to Excel and bring the name of the nation. Besides, he also developed a concern in countries lagging, such as South Africa, with Kazakhstan and embedded investment there.

Success is the right of anyone willing to fight. Lakshmi Mittal is one example of a person able to change fate with a hard struggle. After the success, she could not forget her country. Not only that, but he also cares for the other countries are being left behind. Success, it will be much more meaningful, if we can share to the fellow.

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