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Success Stories Lee Byung Chul the Founder of Samsung

Entrepreneurship or Self-employment is the process of identifying, developing, and bringing a vision to life. That vision can be innovative ideas, opportunities, and a better way of running things. The result of that process is the creation of a new venture formed in conditions of risk or uncertainty. 

Success Stories Lee Byung Chul the Founder of Samsung

In a country that is growing, the role of the entrepreneur cannot be ignored in carrying out development. A nation will grow faster when it has the entrepreneur who can create and innovate i.e. embody new ideas become real activities in each of its business.

It can see that once countries are developing like China, South Korea, the United States, Japan, and India are countries that have many successful businesspersons in the world. 

China has a product that comes from the kitchen of plastic material and dominates Asia. America has great restaurants like Mc Donald's, founded by Raymond Kroc and Carrefour, founded by Sam Walton. South Korea Lee Byung Chull has the founder of Samsung Electronics. Here we will highlight one of the stories of successful entrepreneurs come from the land of Korea.

Lee Byung Chull
Samsung Group founder was born February 12, 1910, and died November 19, 1987. He was the son of a family of wealthy landowners and attended lectures at the University Wesda of Tokyo though not up graduated. 

Lee Byung Chull uses his inheritance to open a rice mill for the first attempt. However, the effort did not go well, and Lee Byung Chull not despairs. The next year he founded the company export trade, the export trade that sells fish, vegetables, and fruits to China. The company is exploding. However, due to the war in Korea, he was forced to move from Seoul to Busan. In Busan, she established a flour mill and a lump of sugar in South Korea, then a company together. Lee Byung Chul founded the sugar mill due to still the lack of sugar production and still no sugar produced to a great.

After the war, Korea, Lee set up a wool factory in Daegu, and it was the largest woolen mill in the country. After the growing wool shop, Lee began another as the industry expands into finance, media, chemicals, and shipbuilding.

Byung-Chull Lee died in 1987 and held the positions as chairman Kun-Hee Lee. After that, the Samsung Group started to get into the electronics industry. 

So the company can thrive, then business a work task in the form of electronic divisions, such as Samsung Electronics Co. Devices, Samsung Electro-Mechanics co., Samsung Corning co., and Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co. in addition to that he also makes facilities in Suwon.

Samsung's first product was a black-and-white television. The company Samsung bought Hanguk Tongsin in Gumi and build devices. The first is a product of switchboards. This facility was later developed into a manufacturing system telephone and fax and became an industrial center Samsung phone.

Of the success stories Lee Byung Chul, We can take some of the lessons he has a high initiative and that the actual strength to success. It can be seen already how many companies roll the mat. However, Lee did not despair. He kept trying to succeed with the new corporation. Also, Lee has a hardworking, and he would not stop working when she has yet to get what he wants, let alone can read the business opportunities for the company.

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