Success Stories Liu Qiangdong: Founder of

If you love to shop online even until the marketplace abroad hard not familiar with the website named Origin of the Chinese market is becoming one of the biggest online shops in the country.

Success Stories Liu Qiangdong: Founder of

There are myriad factors that made the marketplace is a success it is today, among them because the stuff on sale super complete, almost all the usual goods on sale in the online store is available here.

The transaction system is secure and comfortable, too, and no doubt it was all thanks to the hard work of Liu Qiangdong or Richard Liu, the Co-founder of full of innovation.

Starting from unexpected things
Become an entrepreneur is never easy. Failure could come at anytime without being able to predict. Likewise with the inspiration to do business, can come from something as unpredictable as well.

That's what felt Liu Qiangdong when starting the site Creating a began when his country are stricken with a deadly virus outbreak called SARS.

Many people in China as it was afraid to leave the house for fear of contracting SARS disease that attacks the respiratory tract. This result in a regular store deserted, and many shops moved close.

Viewed such phenomena, Liu Qiangdong else moved to address this problem by making use of the internet as a medium of transaction. From this emerged building a marketplace or shop online for generating conditions of the economy of his country.

Liu Qiangdong teens are only interested in the world of social and political
Liu Qiangdong, born in 1974, in the city of Suqian, China and high. Look at the success in the world of marketing today; maybe there won't be a thought if teens Liu turns out to be more interested in the political and social world.

This can be seen when he entered high school. In the secondary, Liu Qiangdong, founder of love to learn everything about public relations, sociology and political science.

His interest in politics continued until she was in college. After graduating from high school, Liu Qiangdong studied in the faculty of the sociology University of Tiongkok.

There, her talent and interest in this growing and directional. Also, Liu also met with great people who are influential and took him on a political career.

Learn Computer Programs
After a long dwell in the world of politics at its campus in 1996, Liu Qiangdong has another view about the future. He contended that in fact with politicking, itself couldn't collect enough money to support his life to meet the needs in the world of politics.

Aware of it, Liu Qiangdong the real moment it hasn't graduated from the University studied other areas he considered having better prospects.

Liu Qiangdong choice fell on the world of computer programming. Since then he started working in the field of computers and the Internet.

Although daily divided between studying social sciences and computer programming, but because of his intelligence, Liu Qiangdong graduated on time. Liu Qiangdong got a job at "Japan Life" is one of the leading insurance companies in China, not long after he finished college at the People University of Tiongkok.

Liu's career in the business is beautiful and stable. Thanks to his experience studying the world of programming, Liu pun was awarded a spot as Director of information and technology Affairs at the Japan Life. Since then his career the more. With the high salaries, Liu raised funds for the sake of building a business of his own.

Set up own business
Having worked in Japan Life, he established a business. In 1998, Liu set up a business that specialized in supplying magneto-optical computing devices.

This business runs and can be said to have been a success. This evident after five years running, or rather 2003, Liu Qiangdong owned business has opened 12 large branches spread throughout China.

But a few months after that, a bad thing struck China. The deadly disease called SARS infects the majority of the Chinese population. This result in the business Liu Qiangdong bit.

Inspiration in the midst of calamity plague
In 2003, China experienced a decline in economic conditions of the SARS virus outbreak. People feel afraid to leave the house for fear infected with the deadly virus. As a result, many stores and companies lose customers. Not even a few of those who closed.

This phenomenon seems to be a new round of struggle
Liu Qiangdong in his business career. He made great efforts to revive its business suffered a setback due to an outbreak of disease.

Armed with knowledge of computer programming in college he got, Liu finally minded to expand their business to the internet world. Although it has never been tried, Liu Qiangdong still ventured to set up their own marketplace.

Business Changes
To realize his idea, Liu Qiangdong create a site that sells a variety of electronic devices computer. Not surprisingly action-Coban try the sweet fruit. She was flooded with orders, and in 2005, sales have reached 12 million dollars each year.

Not wanting to stop there, Liu Qiangdong developed In 2013 Liu changed be and sell more products.

In 2014, Liu returned rename his marketplace be well as cooperating with the company named Tencent technology to promote e-commerce competition which was still dominated by

The cooperation between the two sides proved to be very good. growing rapidly and in a short time be able to compete on world domination online shop China.

Success stories Liu Qiangdong, founder of this could be an inspiration for us. He could build something extraordinary even though the country was getting disaster.

Qiangdong Liu's inspirational story shows us that success is not achieved in an instant, but accomplished and not to be a failure.

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