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15 How to Apologize and Forgive Others

This world is too ephemeral if trying a lot of things that are not good. We don't need to remember a lot more about the past. Only take the wisdom and lessons from all the events you have ever experienced. We no longer can see something good aka dark eyes when it is filled with thoughts of the past. Severe events in the past can create an emotional trauma (can be frightened or angry). The events of fun yesterday could lead to arrogant. So whatever the reason, the incident is over should be forgotten.

god forgives and forgets

Please remove all your memories

Erase the past is controlling passions. Many people who have the desire to be embedded because evil memories will be resentment, bitterness, and sorrow on the day that has elapsed. It will trigger us to do heroic acts that aren't needed. The question "why the fighters brave to defend the independent United States?". The answer is "Because they never experienced how painful it became slaves and bullied suffering over arbitrariness  when it happens in your own eyes." The past is dangerous if not forgotten/keep on ringing in mind will encourage us to act reckless violence and anarchic attitude towards others/group of people.

His Eve high terrorist
"Why would the terrorists very heroic to a tumultuous country to commit suicide?". Because they have been bored/fed up witnessing firsthand the injustice, repression, and suffering that happens everywhere. " The bad memories of the past, let alone the directly related to themselves and to involve the State apparatus to make them hate this country. So they provoked resentment, hatred, and bitterness in the past which builds up until the overflows into animalistic figures blindly. This section intentionally exaggerated and Affected to burn a spirit being the real terrorist. Moreover, when it is supported by belief.

Redirect concentration for her high IQ
Then what about those high IQ with a brilliant memorizing and tough to forget something. It certainly would be a hindrance for the more advanced the day off today. The only way to let go of the habit of memorizing the fault of people in hatred is to shift the focus. Every time the mind Start dreamy something wrong then switch to think right things so that the focus can be changed to be more positive (for instance in Scripture, textbooks or other useful science). This arrangement is indeed "not as easy to turn the Palm of the hand" but can learn from now.

You too can turn their concentration by always focusing the mind to God in prayers which are full of humility. As someone who is chatting, as if God is there beside you. That is also done by always praise and glorify the name of God in the heart.

The trust is expensive
When a conflict occurs, the most disadvantaged are the sides of the belief to others. If the problem with us is an outsider then this not so noticeably. But when we are having problems with people in close to us as companions. Undoubtedly difficult all the same trust building as it was before. Therefore never exchanged your friendship with the conflict. Be aware, that this would make the relationship between the two is not as nicely as before. A Mistake should be forgiven, but the trust level can not be restored quickly.

Who is wrong and who is right?
When a social turmoil lasts, "who are the perpetrators and who is the victim?" "Who's right and who's wrong?" Then who becomes a judge and decision? ". That is the most ambiguous world pertanyaan2 because no one can answer it except for taking it to the face of the law (the judiciary). When an issue is not up to the face of the law, then the judges over us is ourselves. So when a social friction occurs, it would be better if we correct ourselves. Remember that "man is born in sin, don't be pretentious. Keep in mind that as big as someone else's fault for sure you also guilty (though a bit) because it reams in dispute. When you cannot decide alone can be sharing with the spouse, parents, pastors, and other figures that Ustadz considered capable. If you should dare to apologize but if you don't craze and then demanding everyone else to apologize. Let all occurs according to the consciousness of each.

How to apologize to another party
Each of us would've never wronged another. Maybe in the family to parents, spouse, brother, sister, brother or in an association, friends, teachers, professors, friends and others. That is good once comrades. Well, first we will discuss how to apologize to others after we make a mistake? Because getting off this heart of guilt then the more peaceful and serene it feels alive. Here's more information.

Use your spare time do you have to fix yourself. It could be by selecting certain times while looking back. Who knows you accidentally have hurt other people then it would be better if you immediately apologize. Not up there alone, but in the future, please update (change) your attitude (words and deeds).

Realize your mistakes
This vital friend. How could you apologize when don't know and don't understand that have done wrong. Shape your personality to be a person who "know yourself."

So wrong immediately apologized.
The sooner apologized for an increasingly lighter load on the liver. The desire believes that it for this more weight if on hold. Because the guilt that was like the tree continues to grow if the longer would be difficult to admit it.

Accept the consequences.
If it does any of you, know that any breach of the rules (both the status of law as well as agreement) there are always consequences. Accept any consequences it with so we are aware of the law and held the words (principles) are never spoken (integrity).

Tell them directly.
Face-to-face is better because in so doing we also pointed out that appreciate the person. If the distance is far enough and does not allow to pursued (for example between provinces, between countries and others) to make it more economical to use the video call or call voice may also be (using).

Find a good moment.
When the time is her trade-off far forward aka gaffe is left too long. You have to find the right atmosphere/the right moment to apologize. Try to do at the moment in question is busy, there are other problems, family vacation and so forth but as being relaxed, break or other leisure time.

Everything is about communication. If the tensions already somewhat melted, then there is no harm if you invite friends to do the things you  do both. The term, bring him in the memories of mass then it used to be when that relationship is still lasting. When necessary at once take him  to the CRIME SCENE. Reminded of memories along the once beautiful might make this lip apologized, so the atmosphere is more fluid and real relations that lasting returns. His name is also requested. So should humbly and sounds so slowly to show remorse.

Do good to him would open the door to repair the relationship.
Realize that kindness is a positive energy that can neutralize the heating temperature (negative) that you are experiencing. Try starting from the smallest service alone used to any smile. And then after that, it continued to hold other goodness until he wants to accept your apology.

Goodness, we can also improve the confidence that had been washed out. However please remember those consistent principles for change that will restore the sense of trust that. Kindness only as a complement to the relationship that has been cracked.

Urge them to eat outside.
Say sorry to the aim of the talks.
Take on the streets. Say sorry my laughter and jokes.

This is usually done by a pair of lovers whose youth was exploitation (dating) just before getting married.

Help him finish his work.
It's one moment of togetherness that might unite all of you back. Take this opportunity to demonstrate your good intentions and state that you had changed.

Help him solve the problem.
Life is full of problems that are tortuous. Therefore you should know the condition of your friend was updated. It is possible that he had an issue that is being tested. Therefore, take advantage of this situation to show him the goodwill to be reunited with help resolve the issue.

Grasp the principles to be consistent and do not repeat it again.
When it's forgivable should never again repeat the same mistake. This is the commitment and the principle of life. So from this last part people can read your involvement while mouthing "sorry."

Do not be imposed, "maybe he still could not forget her hurt on us."
Don't force people to forgive you immediately. Give it some time so that he can consider it properly. Remember that building trust is hard. Everyone takes different times to cope with the heartache that arises due to errors others.

Yes, "when good intentions we replied with silence and hatred, how do you feel?". This is the sign that we are more anxious to strengthen the heart, maybe he still takes the time to dampen anger and realize the sincerity of our hearts. So just let the friend. OK, important obligations we've solved.

How to forgive others
Other people's mistakes are very burdening thoughts. The burden of memory is very tied to the emotional side and very disturbing. The mind will continue to remember it even in the midst of the bustle while working. Therefore, it 'd be good if we were able to manage their mindset. The ability to control the mindset in the learning process and gain from reading. Here's how to forgive the mistakes of others including:

Be a humble person.
If we would mind humbling is receptive to everything that this humble you (our already low anyway...). When we in the Stampede, the pain is not severe-severe really because we were already accustomed to humble.

So somebody did wrong immediately forgive by using a positive emotional side.

Humans would have positive emotions if he were directly facing God when other people make a mistake. Emotional intelligence is added to spiritual knowledge can suppress, neutralize even eliminate a variety of hatred, resentment, and anger in their hearts.

You may say in heart "Forgive these people o Lord, she does not know what it does."
"These people are the pity of God because he was too young and didn't understand with faults."
"These people Lead in the real truth of the Lord, for he has lost himself and strayed away from thy path."

The words (in the liver) can improve your emotional and spiritual intelligence. This emotional side to teach you to be more compassion to wrongs others surrender to God for all that has happened. Mercy like this can also eliminate various desires to fight someone regards easing anger before the overflow to the outside. Learn more at the link which we include.
Accept it for what it is.

Say to yourself "I deserved it, be strong my heart the face of all this, Lord."

Know in this world of "nobody is perfect."

walk even us from west to East, from North to South, will not find someone perfect. Only God alone  over all flesh. So is human errors and mistake. The important thing there is the intention to change.

Be aware that if you forgive others so mistake you too will be forgiven in this world and the hereafter.

In this lifetime applies system reap sow that gave will surely receive also, fast or slow. Therefore, there is no harm if you forgive the mistakes of fellow. If we can tolerate and defines the wrong person who knows we would later perform mistake unintentionally, will hopefully be forgiven also.

Have much tolerance and understanding but don't expect anything so your wage eternal in heaven.

It is not possible also apology we are accepted by God if the mistake of a fellow can't afford we understand/understandable.

Be strong of heart and be patient.

Wait that's synonymous with silence (especially the mouth). Though these lips are silent, the heart must always focus on the Lord in Word and praise to him. Focusing on the Lord may lead you to more peaceful and clean the liver of various passions and perverse bestiality.

Enjoy the painful in hurting.

This is indeed not easy to a friend. Especially when you experience it in front of a famous person (near someone who is valuable in your life, such as his wife) and in public.

There is pride in you, so that makes the pain it feels strong. Therefore, the lower self and destroy the vanity it is. Just say it aloud in your heart "I this ordinary human, sinful, trash and dust are not useful, I deserve it, be strong my heart o Lord." (please create your words).

Divert your concentration.

Don't let the negative things board mindsets in and fill the void. Switch to think something positive, such as Scripture, knowledge science, subjects that are beneficial to life and others.

No need to fight.

Unless the losses uncovered by law, not with muscle. Ckckckkk remembers that vengeance and the fairest judgment only comes from God alone.

This crucial friend. There may be errors of its own whenever has occurred. Play back the events over and over in the mind when there is spare time. Then specify the error you were. If you are sure, there is no meaning indeed nothing needed to be changed. However, if you are still in doubt, can ask the spouse (living), parents, Ustadz, clergy, and others. Modified for the sake of peace together.

People can be blessed in all conditions.

Remember that happy it came from the heart. Events outside are not entirely able to appease us. This is not a matter of what we have if you are a great person, beyond the moment when the mood is being happy, be sure to be able to share a smile with him. Because an injured sense of happiness in it be the solace.

Kindness is a positive attitude that we give to others who can neutralize these ongoing negative around us. Start a service from yourself using the most simple, i.e. a smile. If you have a smile means it can continue on the kindness of others. However, if the smile is not Replied by him how could he accept your service.

The problem that then arises is "what if he hated us?".

The intention of the heart to forgive turns out to be hindered by his introverted, loud and Anti-criticism. Yes, "when our real replied with silence and hatred, how do you feel?". Return to point a friend, again from the beginning. Okay, that is important your load is done.

The next question is "what if he didn't want to say I'm sorry." Should we wait to claim it?

According to my friends, living in this world do not force. Because if we're to impose the will of a prolonged conflict will occur. The words "sorry" don't matter. More rewarding it felt when he realized his mistake and changed for the better on the day. So which is more valuable: the words or actions! What more means that whichever comes first while the other "adherents" or "definitely believe this alone."

Remember that all those who are guilty should be forgiven, close relationships/lovey-dovey yesterday that cannot be returned.

This is the beginning to break free from the psychological burden i.e. hatred and personal grudges which make free space (free space) in mind is reduced drastically. This makes us able to think to concentrate and focus on it so that it can innovate, create and collaborate. That has changed after forgiving other people's mistakes is a relationship of closeness once could not return as before because of your trust back zero. This is the reflex that occurs as an ordinary man to be more careful in everything especially relating to that person. Be aware that it is not easy to build up a real belief therefore never ruin it.

The type of man who deserves to be forgiven
After you know how to forgive the transgressions of others, we are confronted with the human personality. Not to mention the problem of the situation and his little great offense. Therefore know the kinds of people who deserve to be forgiven. Here's more information.

The type of person who knows yourself. Immediately apologize. People like this are indeed worthy of a cherished friend. May be excused.
The type of man who humbled but still shy. They show a more attitude leads to guilt in the play through his humble. But they are still shy to say sorry. Should be given mercy only!
The kind of person who likes gifts all made unforgivable. Okay... forgiven only friends, sorry, too. ... Hopefully fixable his fore. ...!
The kind of man who likes to fight. This is a bit weird, and he's wrong on our Shouted yah ....! Do not Respond comrade, better silence it. ..! We hope one day he realized own and repented.
The type of person who quickly forgets/unconscious. Someone had forgotten, being only after making a mistake. There is no harm if we remind him. ... Try to find the right moment to arouse him, not in public it would be nice if it were "FOUR EYES."

The human type of person who has done sport. They made a mistake, forgivable, blundered again and then given the sorry then regularly, so there is no implied guilt and repentance. This may be intentional. Better be careful with them and do not attain anymore. If they make a mistake the umpteenth time. Do not judge, let the Lord be the judge over us!

What kind of people Arrogant for mercy. Kind of guy like this indeed is a bit annoying. But forgive just friends (inside, without he apologized directly) for reasons of peace of heart. It is typically pompous "attention" perhaps "to wobble": so ignore it.

So, the expression showed after the guilty plea. Before the guilt that overloads the heart and mind. Better spare your time voluntarily to apologize. Know yourself it's more soothing than Justin's heart only. Yield does not always mean losing but sometimes it becomes a new breakthrough for a better life.

When facing the conflict, everyone showcases the different attitudes. Therefore, please forgive everything so that the liver is not filled with anger, resentment, and revenge. If it is wrong, buy yourself to apologize but don't force others to apologize. Because awareness of guilt that accompanied by the willingness to change is more important than the mere words of apology.

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