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Confidence Definition and How To build Self Confidence and self esteem

Self Confidence is assured on the ability and judgment yourself in doing the task and select an effective approach. That would include reliance on its capacity to face an  Challenging environment and reliance on decisions or opinions.

confidences definition

While confidence is a positive attitude of an individual which enables him to develop a positive assessment to the self or the environment or situation that was faced. That does not mean that individual is capable and competent to do everything alone.

High confidence refers only to the existence of some aspects of the life of the person which he felt qualified, confident, capable and believes that he can because it is supported by experience, potential, achievements as well as realistic expectations towards yourself.

Related Terms Are Confident
There are several conditions related to the question of confidence. Here I would just like to mention six:
1. Self-concept shows how you concluded your overall self, how do you see your self-portrait as a whole, how you conceived yourself as a whole.

2. Self-esteem shows the extent to which you have positive feelings towards yourself, as far as where you got something that feel is worthy or valuable than yourself, the extent to which you believe the existence of something of value, dignity or expensive inside you.

3. Self-efficacy shows how far you've got confidence in the capacity you have to  run errands or handle the matter with great results (to succeed). That is called the general self-efficacy. Or also, to what extent you are convinced of your capacity in your field in handling certain Affairs. That is called with the specific self-efficacy.

4. Self-confidence shows how far you have confidence in your assessment of your ability and the extent to which you can feel  "merit" to succeed. The self-confidence that is combination of self-esteem and self-efficacy (James Neill, 2005).

5. Self-ideal consisting of all the hopes, dreams, visions and your dream. People who have self-ideal of good will from the confidence that good anyway. People know who they are and what she believed was consistent with the typical values and embraced.

6. Self-image is a section that shows how you see yourself and your opinion of yourself. In this section, you look inside yourself and determine how you should behave. Self-image will affect a broad range of emotions, behavior, attitude and how your interaction with others. To have confidence that enough, you have to create self-image anyway.

By it all, we can also make some conclusion that self-confident it is the effect of how we feel, believe, and know. People who have little confidence or loss of faith has negative feelings against him, have confidence in the ability of weak against him and had a less accurate against the knowledge capacity. When this is associated with the practice of everyday life, people who have low confidence or has lost faith, tend to feel being as follows:
Not having something (desire, goal, target) who fought in earnest.
Easily frustrated or give up when facing a problem or difficulty.
Less motivated to go forward, lazy or half-measures.
Often fails to flesh out the duties or responsibilities (not optimal).
Awkward in dealing with people.
Can not demonstrate the ability to speak and capacity to listen to a convincing.
Often have unrealistic expectations.
To perfectionist.
Too sensitive.

Instead, people are friendly, the confidence they have positive feelings towards him, had high confidence in himself and had accurate knowledge of capabilities. Individuals who had a great self-confidence not only felt able to (but not capable of) but rather is one who knows that he can afford based on experience and the calculations.

Various studies and experience have explained that confidence a person associated with the two most fundamental in the practice of our lives. First, confidence is related to how a person was fighting for his desire to achieve something (achievement or performance). It's like the Twin Mark said: "what you need to Excel is to have an intact commitment and confidence." Second, the confidence associated with a person's ability deal with problems that impede its struggles. Individuals who trust him good will conclude that her "larger" than the problem. people who have little confidence would conclude that the problem is much bigger than himself. It's like a recognized Mohammad Ali. "The only thing that makes people run away from challenges confidence."

The conclusion the Bandura (Dr. Albert Bandura, 1994), explains that the self-efficacy are nice to have a significant contribution towards someone's motivation. That includes among others: How does one plan goals or targets for himself, as far as where people fight for that goal, as strong as what the person can overcome the problems that arise, and robust as what that person could face failure.

Not only the conclusion of such a Bandura. Education experts also had pitched the same conclusions. Self-efficacy will be the determinant of the success of someone (students) in carrying out its tasks. They'd have a mental preparedness to learn more, have a strong urge to work, more resilient in overcoming difficulties and more able to reach higher achievement levels (Pajares & SCHUNK, The Development of Achievement Motivation, San Diego: Academic Press, 2002).

Build Confidence
In life, the Association is need a person acceptable to others. It is not possible we can do business, Negotiate, and do private deals without direct contact. Our attitude in the associate showed personality. Confidence is the primary requirement so we can watch for watch out. Confidence and a strong personality could support someone to establish rapport with the surrounding people. not all people that have. Everyone will better accept only people who calm someone's nerves and strong personality and impressed of charismatic. Everyone has charisma and can learn to everyday life.

For most of us who have issues surrounding little confidence or feel has lost their trust, here is an engineering and how to achieve personal confidence:

1. Love yourself
When someone feels her self-esteem is low, of course, it will have an effect on his emotions. Someone who is humble, will always feel not satisfied against himself, did not receive what is in themselves, don't feel comfortable and happy with himself. That will cause anger and hate towards himself, does not respect himself and sometimes unconsciously punish me. Properties such as this can reduce a person's confidence to try something new in his life. That will make someone often blame themselves. Finally, he felt no pride in himself and become depressed.

If it does, how can you improve your self-esteem and feel comfortable with yourself? You should be aware that everyone has the advantages of each. No ordinary man created by God Almighty perfect in all respects. You must organize your hearts to receive self-potluck and at peace with myself though not perfect. If you stop hating yourself and appreciate and care for yourself, your mind becomes more open to receiving all changes. Appreciate any success you get the slightest, so you will keep trying. Avoid criticizing and chastising yourself when fail otherwise learn from failure in stride and try it again.

2. Face the real world
Courage in taking this risk is significant because rather than giving in to fear it would be better to learn to take reasonable risks. Face this world upon a real self-understanding or reading yourself, you can predict the potential for any challenges faced. Thus, you do not need to avoid any risk, but rather using strategies to avoid, prevent, and cope with risk. If you want to develop yourself, certainly there are risks and challenges. However, a worse silence rather than forward to grow by taking risks.

3. walk 25 percent faster
The motion of the body is the result of the action of the mind. Stagger the motion signify confidence approaching zero. Running faster than most people, as if to say to the world, "I have to go to a place that is important, and there are important things that I should do." It builds a sense of confidence. When your shoulders, raise your head, moving forward a bit faster and feel your confidence develops.

4. Show me what you are proud of

Most of us feel we have more capability than what we show, but did not take the  steps to change the situation. Only confidence can exert power or a significant advantage which belonged to everyone. Without confidence, strength or excess remains hidden because it is never called. Remember, if the science is an excess or superiority, then Proud you with the science.

In this life, we need other people. Reflect on other individuals who have access is also an argument to be Imitating it. But, that does not mean we are the same and made ourselves with her. Everyone is born unique and special, and have different characteristics.

Be independent of man is the man who will have self-esteem. We are given an ability by God to change the fate of our own, means our ability to independently Wade through this life is the key to successful it gives in the world and the hereafter.

People trained separately and solved the problem on its own will be different in the spirit in this life than wading through individuals who have always been lean and depend on other people. Appropriate independent people will be calmer and more peaceful in the face of this life. Also, she is, ready to sail, and he also has a steady bounce. Independent it is mental attitude, so for what must be the other people.

6. do not inferior to taunt people
Don't care about all the ridicule that yesterday, now, and someday that will come toward you. All of that is not an obstacle to creat your actual life. Make it a foothold so you can further improve them or updating potential became better. Remember that trees on the environment more violent weather have roots more than hitting a tree in a weather environment of mediocrity.

7. Many smiles
The smile is non-verbal communication that shows us as a kind and friendly people. People are often smiling and always laughing how we see the water on her face looks so bright, vigorous, goes, by the way, has a lot of friends, and in the end a lot of follow-up to the activities popular among his peers. A smile is a powerful remedy to lack a sense of confidence. Try smiling it's when you feel fear, the confidence will grow and by itself would reduce the sense of fear. Because fear and reticent is the fruit of a sense of lacking confidence.

8. Enter the environment of people who believe themselves
Confidence is contagious nature. Meaning if we are surrounded by individuals who have a positive point of view way, excited, optimistic, and so on, then we have the trend mimic nature. Therefore seek an environment that can motivate us to be successful. We must begin to love to hang out with people that ability to bounce. Spend Time with people who believe themselves to be different in compare to the ones that fail.

9. Point of view everyone with the same glasses
God game man with all its strengths and weaknesses. Human beings have been created with so perfect to deserve to play a role as the noblest creatures on this earth. People have been set up equal, though he was born from different circles and circles that don't have any. In principle, people are equal in the eyes of God is only the degree of piety that made him the closer or further from the reach of the creator.

On all human beings with the same glasses, believe that your life is easier on the living. Trust me that there is not the drawback of latitude that meaning before you. ' Trust that everything will be easier, believe that you can.

10. Discard the bad preconceptions
Don't let negative thoughts dragged on because the mind involuntarily will continue to take root, leafy and branching. The bigger and harder to spread, controlled and cut. Don't let negative thoughts rule the thoughts and feelings you.

To combat negative thinking, always thinking that optimistic and use the self-affirmation, namely in the form of words that evoke a sense of confidence as "I can make it!"

11. Ask for the opinions of others
As a person, we can't judge ourselves. Moreover, we are never honest about our shortcomings. By handing our judgments to others objectively, it will be clearly visible to the abundance of our shortcomings. If it is found, it will be easy for us to fix them one by one. With so confident, we will increase because it already understands the power of yourself.

12. Confidence is not merely a physical
Trust is not always a physical problem, but confidence comes with the advantages that we have. Instead, a sense of inferiority may also appear due to a shortage that we have.

Skills often do have to be trained. Like a machine made of iron, if never worn then the machine will be a lot of rust, and this will make the engine will not the road. Such skills also continue to practice the skills then we have, and if it needs to gain some continue to finesse it so that our confidence increased by itself.

13. Expand your insight
Increase self-confidence can not be just mere outward circumstances Capitalize. Your head should also be by sharing knowledge and information. Socialize them freely, not as many. Wide it means you get along in a variety of circles, without prejudice and limitation of any kind. Everybody has their uniqueness. You will become a more open human by trying to take honors among this.

Then Get used to it become simple, humble. Confident it does not mean you are exposing your personal greatness. Remember the adage that says, "more Rice that contains the more ducking."

14. Practice Speaking
On every occasion be as solvers stiffness, the first person to comment. Fear issuing opinions as much caused by worries within the heart. Fear of talking according to what you have in mind will only be more and bury the courage the next opinion issuing inadequate feel inferior. And each failed to speak, and we take one more dose of toxins the trust becomes less confident. Instead the more talk, the bigger the increase of your confidence and the easier it is to speak on the occasion of the next.

15. learn to more communicative
Communicate is the thing we have to do Important ones anytime and anywhere. The selected communication are many ways to do the salt. One of them is communicating by way of aperitif. Also, communication aperitif used as an effective feedback. The purpose of an aperitif way of communicating is to accept the relationship without doing the rejection of self Nor against other people.

In short, you must sow the aura of confidence while talking. Because Darin was there, all final results will be determined. So, your starting point for all activities it is self-confidence better.

16. Stop complaining
This life is beautiful but, why is it still so often we find people who feel life is full of trouble and problems, so there is no longer a beauty, and the Earth was felt cramped to squeeze. It turns out that the secret lies in the inability of positive thinking in addressing a variety of events and issues that hit.

Is important for us always to keep clean hearts and positive thinking when looking at other people and yourself. Stop complaining and fuss with seeing a variety of the kindness of others and learn to acknowledge all owned. Find yourself with excess we have any available time so rewarding with their best.

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