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How to Handle Heartbreaks

Need the motivation of the individual being heart broken? Maybe now you're heartbroken so reading this article. Or the anticipation case later sad can be tough. Regardless of whatever it is, hopefully, this article can be rewarding, motivating people who are heartbroken.

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Why a broken heart?

This article will discuss the broken heart in General. Whatever Your heart broke, will be answered completely with this article and would return motivated, back rise, back and move on. 

There are many causes of broken hearts. Heartbroken because of the termination of a girlfriend or is denied the love is only part of the heartbreak. At its core is heartbroken describes sadness or disappointment because his wish not achieved or lose what he considers his own or a loved one.

Broken hearts can happen because you denied working in your company. Or you are tasty-tasty work in a great workplace, dismissed. Or your business goes bankrupt, lose money or customers. And a variety of disappointment again.

What Is Heart Broken As A Result?

There are diverse due to broken hearts. The first is feeling sad and disappointed. It is still reasonable for this feeling is not protracted and affects your life in General. He quickly got up and move on to another.

That flop results in danger the moment of despair. He gave up and never hope again. That is not possible. Despair is forbidden by God.

The most dangerous are the moment flop carries themselves towards acts of sins, even sins such as suicide not Forgiven his sin. Suicide is the danger, for whatever sins You still could have hope for Forgive as long as you are alive.

If suicide, when want to beg forgiveness?

Never, never, never think about death. The loss is very far away!
"Who dropped himself from the mountain to die then in hell he would drop himself, remain in it forever. One vertical poison to death, then the poison will be given in his hands, then he drank in hell, stay in it forever. Who murdered him with a sharp weapon then arms are given in his hands then he Puncture his belly in hell, forever. "

If you are committing the sin of others, you still had a chance to repent before he died. But if you commit suicide, when want to regret? Think with a clear head.

The Key To Avoid Heartbreak

The key for us is not broken hearts are with the belief that God always gives the best for us. That's about it. So no matter what happens to us, that's what's best for us. Though it tastes bitter, bitter, painful, and thus for the good of ourselves.

Not forever a sweetie, we love, we are proud of, and we have so far is the best for us. Quite the contrary in fact, so God let go of ourselves.

Not forever that we hate, that we don't like, we avoid during this or that we once did enemy is the best for the kit. So God gave it to us.

A Broken Heart Is Useless

What heartbreak the most useless?

"Heartbroken because a girlfriend is cheating on you."

First: boyfriend was not binding. I have yet to find evidence about the bonds of courtship. Are applying for and the high bond (married). That's about it. The boyfriend was no relationship anything. Lose if it had to be gutted.

Second: Courting was much contrition. Because dating is not yet justifying the relationship between men and women. Should be grateful if the breakup dating for free from sin. But if You continue with the broken hearts alone, the desperate, it adds.

Third: what are busy thinking about people who already don't care about you? You were wasting God's favor in the form of time and energy just thinking about people that don't care about you.

If you are ready to get married, then Get married. If not, focus on your current main tasks, namely, learning or study for the preparation of the future. Do not waste your time for something that's not goodness at all.

It's been a lot of discussion about the Covenants, and courtship. But often Devil wrap it with something beautiful, so sensual is more controlled and defeated the Shari'a.

Motivational words Make Move On from ex-girlfriend

Heartbreak Make You Better
There is a phrase that I often hear from Westerners:
Something that doesn't kill you will make you the stronger.
These have a point because every test that we get and if we deal with it appropriately will make us better.

Gutted due to disappointment or loss or failure, if we handle it properly, it will make us real people. So it is not a problem as severe as anything that befalls us, if we receive it correctly, it will be good.

A crime and a betrayal of others will make us more mature, tougher, stronger, and more alert in living life.

And, if we deal with it with patient and sincere, then a reply from God who is infinite.

Double the benefit isn't it? In our world become stronger and better, while our sins are removed, and the hereafter gets heaven.

Even when you break up with a girlfriend, it could be that this is the way of kindness where You cease from sin so that we enter the right path.

The motivation of the person being Heartbroken Next
After believes that God gives the best for us. Then start now focus on your future. What ideals, vision, mission, and your goals in the future. Concentrate on grabbing it, making the ideals to live better in the future as your motivation. To continue to move on and achieve a better life.

Don't waste your life to mourn for the past, for the future still long stretches and we need to follow. Just take the considerations behind and use as Scrip, so you get stronger and tougher to achieve a brighter future.

Time for You to rise, not to mourn for sorrow. You can be.

Thank you for reading the article entitled : How to Handle Heartbreaks

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