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When Doing Good Becomes a Necessity

"Nothing great to do good." This sentence seems strange, so need to be careful in Interpret it not to get caught in the meaning of mistaken. This sentence inspired by the contemplation that meets the knot of the mind that "doing good is a necessity." Doing good is often echoed as part of a way to get closer to God and hoping for God's alignment on all sides of a man's life.

importance of helping others

It seems human nature if there is always "motive" every time to do something. Motives are the factors driving someone to act. When there is a need for it, one is compelled to act until it meets with what is necessary. Rang work because there is a motive to earn income to meet all needs. People exercise because there is a reason want to be healthy. People worship because of desire over the abundance of grace, mercy and grace and guardianship from God. The idea can be horizontal and can also be vertical. In a parallel context, humans expect appreciation from other people when they do something. Whereas, in a vertical context, people do something expect the reward of the Creator, God.

When people do something, there must be a motive in it. "Doing good" meant, in this case, is to do something useful for themselves or others. Categories do well in this context, based on assessments of the Lord until there assuredness virtue of an action. Legal aspects and norms prevailing in society were a thing that can not ignore. Relation to "do good," a person also need to define the motives or intention to have a clear reason to do so. Because every charity that depends on faith. When done well it is based on the desire or intention to be a glorified man, and it is limited to that which would get. Unlike when good works do based on the desire or intention to be more precious in God's eyes, it is not limited wisdom that will come into her life. However, all back to each. Detection of "motive" in every act of kindness means that there is an element of "needs" it. On that basic, it may then conclude that "doing good is a necessity."

Here try to explain the meaning of "doing good," from a survey of vertical and horizontal review hoping to spark a writer and all readers to be liked and loved and made "good deeds" to the needs and culture of life.

As for the meaning contained between the other is described:
1. Be kind an act of gratitude and recognition at the same time a slave and that all grace comes from God's grace.
2. Do good in the sense of "shared" real way to double the mercy and grace of God.
3. Be kind to the strategic bridge over virtue.
4. Be kind to bring a feeling of near and in the care of God.
5. Good deeds will always give pleasure and become a positive energy that will provide many advantages.
6. etc.

Meanwhile, in an active context, some of the meanings of doing good are explained:
1. Doing good is soothing and reassuring. doing bad things always brings a feeling of guilt, restlessness, sin and makes life uneasy.
2. Doing good brings great happiness and is not expressed in words or thousands of lines.
3. Do good as an efficient way of expanding brotherhood and friendship, because people who like to do good give birth to a sense of comfort for others to always interact. See how unplanned circumstances often meet those who share the same frequencies in good matters.
4. Commit to doing good is energy. The feeling of calm makes energy always at the point of 100%, and the mind becomes focused on doing something.
5. Doing well inspires others' energies to imitate and then do good things although they may be different in form.
6. Doing good in the sense of caring is another caring ticket. Doing good in the help is a ticket to get help.
7. etc.

However, there is also "good deeds" are trapped in narcissism. However, it is better to build positive thoughts and believe in good deeds are repeated at a certain point to meet sincere and do it for the sight of the glory of God. In the higher level where a person doing good because of God, do good to bring it as a panacea. This thing feels God had given them a chance to have a spiritual experience for the abundance of various favors and guidance after performing various acts of kindness. At this level, a person continues to be encouraged to continue to enhance the advantages of a new reason to believe will lead to more wisdom in his life.

Who is the man who does not want the good in her life?. But, what is appropriate in life will present itself with no excuse? this question is for the reader to inspire goodness. the extent of  good deeds, so that is not an exaggeration to conclude that "it is a big loss if you do not fill the chance to live with the vagaries of the real track record."

B. The Miracle Comes Not Without the Cause
Often we hear a friend, relative or friend meet a kind of miracle in his life, whether in small or simple things or of the great things that amaze that his presence when unexpected. a miracle as help when the person is experiencing a deadlock sense, so support was like a miracle.

There is no better place to rely on and give up except the Lord alone. It characterizes the faith that whatever happens in this world is by the permission of God. However, it is far from the possibility of a person getting a miracle without causality. The presence of blessings and graces is gifts from God for all sincere efforts and accompanied by constant prayer. Prayer alone is not enough to get guidance without accompanied by real action.

Aid is only present for those who are eager to help. Instead, they are excellent to the business itself and ignore the difficulties or problems of others often experience solitude sorrow or distress when approaching his life. On that, no exaggeration to then concludes that "a miracle as aid is the impact the accumulation of merit that has been done and even may have forgotten kindness when it was done." It is also in line with God's word promises that the slightest advantage or disadvantage will be reciprocated. For it is interesting to study together for the sake of doing the good civilizing presence of various miracles in life. However, it worth hoping for a miracle for the man who never serves kindness to other people?. One thing to note, it may be right or caregiver and just simple things, but it is not impossible that means "sustainability" for the recipient.

C. Variety of Reality as Inspiration to Do Good
The wise man says doing good to others begins with a sensitivity that then inspires care. Sensitivity to the difficulties and problems seen heard and witnessed encourages empathy and attention that culminates with the action of positioning itself as part of the search for solutions to the variety of issue. confidence when time, energy, a chance of life and possession of material are understood as trust/trust / trust, then doing good that manifest caring interprets as a manifestation of gratitude to God for the variety of grace and guidance that has diverted into the person's life. When the opportunity to live in the world understood as an opportunity to collect the provisions in the final yard, the concern as "doing good" is interpreted as part of the collection of rules as much as possible. When the variety of difficulty construed as a kind of message and God's way of showing the opportunity of goodness, then all the sadness will be an energy inspiration to do good. It will be even more remarkable when the passion for doing good is born not because of sadness, but by the desire to form new goodness enhances the track of goodness before God.

The sensitivity born from the accumulation of repetitive initiatives to the cares and the words of the wise can begin from simple things. The variety of wisdom and guidance that comes after it induces a jump in the desire to expand the good deeds themselves.

D. When That Thankful On Receiving
Messages often wise to listen to us, "when the right hand gives, a left hand should not know." This message taught to avoid "feeling cocky and arrogant" to do good every time. Therefore, it may seem to be strange when there is a sentence "that should have good to receive." Dogma oddity because it is often cultivated from childhood to us all is to thank you each time getting or receiving something from someone else. It is worth contemplating for a moment the phrase "Give thanks to the received" in which there may be several meanings are:

1. The sentence recalled that the real giver is the person who takes over "acts of kindness" itself because kindness is a bridge for him to be cared for and loved by God. On this logic makes the giver deserves to thank the recipient. Know receiving a benefit not a simple matter because in it requires mental and sincerity plays as a receiver. Therefore, give the pros also need a proper manner so as not to offend. In fact, the purpose of the action giving followed by education wise so that the recipient expressed a strong desire for a position as a provider at a time.

2. The sentence was developing a deeper sense of sincerity and not felt happy or proud of the good that is done.

3. The understanding will encourage action to better appreciate a kindness to the substance and to make it and to support a culture of life.

E. Last Words
A strong desire to learn and improve them as well Encourage availability to inspire the reader is this simple inscription. The reality of life shows just how much things require care to those less fortunate in his life feel alone and feel marginalized or even of social and community life.

It's time we learn together to increase our sensitivity and develop concern, because we are helping ourselves every time we spread help. When God gives an opportunity to be a good maker, then it is also the best moment to learn to thank the recipient. inspire the good for the author and all readers. Amen.

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