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5 health problems caused broken hearts

There are surprising things about broken hearts you never thought of before. Every breakup, both walked the rest of the corn for many years, drained of not only emotion but also the health of your body.

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Research proves that heartbreak can cause physical disorders are real, even in some cases, it could be far-reaching. So, what happens in the body when you're heartbroken?

We summarize the 5 reactions experienced by the body during heartbreaks, including reasons why it could happen.

1. The brain sends signals of pain and longing are real
The controversy and the Klezmer turn out not only as Said seduction. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology stated, when you are forced to split up after spending most of your life get used to someone you love, the brain will send pain signals to the whole body and cause a variety of acute withdrawal symptoms, like a drunk person.

Such research requires 15 people who just dropped out of love for staring at photos of the ex-girlfriend and then solve a math problem. Then the process is repeated, but using images of the nearest relation has none romantic relationship. The results of the brain scan of the participants show the particular area of the brain that can trigger the pain looks activated when viewing photographs of their ex.

Headache grips, no appetite, insomnia, and "Panda" you experienced due to breakups can be proven. This is caused by decreased levels of dopamine and oxytocin, the chemical compounds that make happy, being replaced by the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) categories. The physical symptoms due to the breaking up of the drug experienced by users of cocaine.

2. build your body fight-or-flight response
When threatened, you will perform a wide variety of ways to survive. The fight-or-flight response refers to a physiological reaction that caused by a trigger stress, both and. In response to stress, nervous system sympathetic of the brain will be activated due to the release of some hormones. Nervous system stimulates the adrenal gland which will trigger create catecholamine to alert the body to take action.

However, the production of hormones in the body when not needed it would bring a host of other problems, such as shortness of breath and body, rheumatic pain (due to excess cortisol production), heart pounding toned (due to cortisol and adrenaline production), and the buildup of fat in the body. If the moment of heartbreak you feel very much reduced appetite, this results from the production of cortisol in the body increases. Cortisol produced when stress will hinder the flow of blood enters the digestive tract. As a result, stomach acid production is increased and gives a sense of discomfort in the stomach. The food that goes into anybody feels bland and unappetizing, making you More were packed.

And according to a 1994 study, stress can even affect fat distribution, because cortisol promotes deposition of fat in your stomach.

3. the Spotty and hair loss
Again because of the hormones. A 2007 study published in The New York Post ruled out factors common cause Acne (such as pollution, with learning inhabitants of Singapore where climate change is the case) and make sure that stress can cause the inflammation of acne. Researchers say, amounted to 23% of the cases of inflammatory acne occurs when people are under pressure of high stress, such as when being gutted.

Stress also lead to hair loss. Daniel K. Hall-Flavin, M. d., a health consultant in myoclonic.org, stated, there are reasons stress can lead to hair loss. The production of hormones due to stress will loosen the hair follicles, causing Strands of hair loss when combed or when you are washing your hair. Not only that, but stress can also trigger your habit to unplug the hair from the scalp (called trichotillomania), as a temporary solution the face feeling and uncomfortable due to stress, loneliness, or frustrating.

4. High blood pressure
According to the American Heart Association, blood pressure may rise while you hit by fear, but the sheer stress is uncertain as the cause of chronic high blood disease. So, no need to worry (plus) reserved. However, someone who has a history of high blood and hit by stress needs to be careful. Increased blood pressure in a short time for people with this condition will encourage the onset of the crisis of hypertension, which causes symptoms such as headaches, breathing difficulties, even up to nosebleeds.

American Heart Association explained that when under heavy stress (such as when broken hearts), sometimes most of your heart will be increased and cannot pump blood. While other parts of the heart function work well, could even contract with unyielding. This condition can cause the heart muscle failed short-term severe. the condition is referred to as stress-induced cardiomyopathy, but more often referred to as "broken heart syndrome."

The good news, broken heart syndrome including medical condition is very rare, but it's easy to be treated. A study in Japan by 2014 estimates there are only 2% of cases in the world of broken heart syndrome followed by acute coronary problems. However, the same study found the broken heart syndrome away is more likely to affect women, with case reports, achieve 80 percent to the present study.

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