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5 Tips to become a Confident Employees

One of the factors restricting the progress of an employee is of little confidence. This distrust of the shape can be an aversion led the meeting, presentation, embarrassed when nervous met the boss, or choose tasks and responsibilities that easy.

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If you experience any one of the above, here are five tips that can help boost your confidence.

1. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of you
The first thing you need to do is identify Your strengths and weaknesses regarding skills (skills) and behavior (attitudes). The way that you can do is to register at least 5 of your strengths and weaknesses.

If you work as an employee about the chemical laboratory, for example, could be like this.

The advantages of skill:
Able to operate the atomic absorption spectroscopy
Able to create standard solutions
Adept at operating the x-ray Spectrophotometer
Able to take samples are representative
It has an ISO 17025

Lack of skills:
Can't operate the ICP spectrometer
Not yet adept at using gas chromatography equipment
Do not know how to Reproduce a good soil sample and correct
Not yet proficient using Microsoft Excel
Can not speak United Kingdom (either oral or writing)
As for the advantages and disadvantages of the behavior could be like this:

The benefits of the action:
Able to replace the role of the boss when the boss on leave
Like a challenge
Capable of working with the team
Go home on time

Lack of behavior:
Arriving late
Often gossiping
Do not complete the task on time
Sleeping on the job

By identifying the advantages and disadvantages, you will know what causes you to be low self-esteem, which might be sourced from Your behavior and skills.

2. Eliminate a weakness You each month
After you know the cause you to be less confident, the next step is you focusing eliminates one downside you each month. If a weakness is already resolved, remove another disadvantage You in the next month.

To eliminate your weaknesses from the skills, you can ask for it to your boss to create a training program for you. Effective ways to let your boss granted such requests is to convey to the employer you need it as it pertains to Your duties and responsibilities.

For example, if you are not capable of operating an equipment gas chromatography, you ask your boss to appoint other employees or instructors who are adept at running the computer train you until you're proficient.

In the meantime, to change the behavior of the weaknesses, you could consult to the personnel section. By asking for advice from them, you'll know the right steps to get rid of your bad behavior.

In addition to human resources, you can also eliminate the weakness of behavior by changing your habits. When you procrastinate a job, break that habit with the work as soon as possible. Remember, finishing the job with greater benefits than immediate delay it because you will not be burdened with the task deadlines.

3. follow the activities of the company are held
If during this you feel embarrassed to support your business operations performed, remove it. Monitor the activity of your business for example by joining golf clubs, football clubs, the Club cycling, an annual gathering of employees and management of the company, and take part in the outbound events.

By following these activities, you will socialize with staff from other departments so that your friend is getting a lot of friends, not a just same department. Also, sooner or later, you will realize that you are confident.

4. follow the rules of the company
If your confidence because you often violate the rules of the Belgian company, then how easy it is to obey the rules. Don't Fortress yourself with the specific reasons for the rules the company already agreed between the management companies with employee unions.

For example, you often come too late, and this delay makes you feel inferior among friends or Your subordinates. To resolve it, go out of your home 15-30 minutes earlier than the time you get to work each day.

5. The interface networking with friends outside the company
Establish healthy relationships with friends outside Your firm to building working now (networking) is crucial to you. So networking is effective, the formula is simple it is giving before receiving. Just answer the questions your friends (e.g. LinkedIn) if they answer something related to your field.

Thus, you will get used to online. Well, when you are already confident in online, there is no reason not to be confident in your workplace, isn't it?


Become a certain employee is not as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is identify the cause you are not confident and eliminating the causes of one by one. However, you need to remember, eliminating your weaknesses takes time. Focus removes a single weakness You every month so that confidence You woke up.

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