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7 How To Forgive Ourselves and No Longer Live in The Past

Forgiving is not easy. It takes time, courage and patience to be able to forgive, especially forgiving yourself.

god forgives and forgets

1. The past is the past, let the past go

There's a beautiful quote that says that the past cannot be changed, deleted or forgotten, but can only accept as part of life. You can't change everything that has happened in the past, no matter how great your wish or how sorry you because of what happened.

Once you realize that nothing can be changed from the past, then you will begin to open your heart and receive the past as a part of your life. However, it does not mean that because the past is part of life, and you become trapped in the past.

The past is the past, so let the past go. If you do, it will be easier for you to forgive yourself and heal the wounds of the heart which makes you suffer greatly.

2. don't hide your mistakes, but be aware of and learn from your mistakes

The best teacher is the experience. If in the past you made many errors which cause yourself or other people also were injured, then do not let you hide the mistakes you have made.

Aware of any mistakes that you have made are initial steps to come to terms with yourself. After realizing the error, then everything is learning from those mistakes and promise to yourself to work hard so that it cannot repeat the same mistakes again.

Making mistakes is part of being human. From errors that we as humans learn, grow and develop into a better person.

3. Care for yourself as you care for other people

Have you wondered why when you loved someone, and that person commits an error, you are easy to forgive him? Because of that, you hold dear, and you will likely see that there are still a lot of goodness in him.

Then the next question is, why the time yourself that you make a mistake, it's hard to forgive yourself? Because many of us who do not have a loving relationship with yourself. We are critical of themselves than anyone else.

Also, when someone hurt us, we can quickly decide not to touch it again with that person. Unfortunately not the case with myself. We cannot sever the relationship with you.

Therefore, you should be able to appreciate and care for yourself as you care for other people. If it is so, it will be easier for you to forgive yourself, because you realize that you are valuable.

4. remember that nobody is perfect

In this world, nothing is perfect, including humans. Every person is sure never to err, at different levels, as well as yourself. There are times where you don't act their best, just like other human beings. Realize that nobody's perfect will help make it easier to forgive yourself and heal the inner.

5. let people come into your life

Forgiveness requires the involvement of the two sides. It will be difficult for you to forgive yourself if you don't try to learn to forgive others ever incised wound in your heart.

To make the process of forgiving can run easier, you need the support of others. So let people enter into your life. Do not shut down because you trauma due to events that occurred in the past.

6. try to relationship that ran aground

Trying to repair a relationship that ran aground also became one of the ways that you can apply if you want to be able to forgive yourself. The apology was to the people who have hurt you and made an effort to improve relations.

If the individual who has hurt you already forgave you, then you should also be able to forgive yourself.

7. start to behave by moral principles and values that you hold firm

In General, each person has the moral principles and values that became a cornerstone of his life, and one of the best ways that you can do to forgive yourself is to start being by the moral principles and values that you own cherished beliefs.

If your past is full of negative thoughts and deeds, then you can begin to turn it into a positive direction. You are aware that what happened in the past is not okay, then start to change the attitudes and behavior of little by little.

By being so, will start to arise a feeling of pride in yourself that you can deal with the situation by your wishes, and this will ultimately contribute to the formation of high self-esteem.

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