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How to Deal With Breakups

Not much to explain how life after a breakup. The effect, after ending a relationship with a partner, you will be freed from the various loads during this makes steamy and uncomfortable. However, the process of ending a relationship is never easy running. for couples who've been dating a long time or is a party to the left.

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First, the breakup came with exposure to the storm of emotions. Lost persona that's never absent asks the news and your activity is not trivial. a sense of loneliness will be felt, if the friends were busy with activities of the Office and her lover himself. They do not have the time to hear your story, and you ask the attention of prestige. cry me with ice cream and chocolate as a friend had to be the most logical choice.

The last thing you need are memories with the former lover who appears. The funny thing is, it is not important whether the memories you feel it is right or wrong. It seems like a small wood splinter keeps coming into the fingertips, stung but not sick until can make tears.  Prepare more time through you guys often dating, favorite song on the radio, or rotated objects popping up in his room.

Not to mention, you now realize having much time for daydreaming. Imagine the former will be sorry when I saw your appearance that is increasingly mesmerizing and even invited back live relationships. But sorry, you'll proudly say no. But as it turns out, you see his post in social media is watching the latest movies with others, which may be her new lover. And the world will shut down for a minute, for sure.

So, what things should do so that when this happens, you will just laugh and say "oh hi! What's your name again? "

1. say au revoir on social media
Social media will become your main enemy after breaking up. Because each sees his face tucked when scrolling down in the timeline, you can not lie to yourself if you still want to know about it. Not to mention friends and insensitive man who still take pictures with her former lover.

So, try to stop yourself from ' kept .' It's going to be hard, no doubt. But that has to be realized, the only person who can help You is yourself. If it helps, you can clean up by deleting the photos social media and social media. And no, you are not a loser, you just love yourself more.

If you cannot avoid social media, at least avoid looking at her face. Remember, do not be ignited if there is a friend who reported your ex-look happy with her new life. Because of darling, this is not a competition. Let's say your ex chose how to move on.

2. Allow yourself to grieve
There is no harm if you want to cry. Any loss took pertain. Thus, the cry will bear fruit is good for you to accept the situation more easily. Can you make a playlist of favorite songs that could ease the tears, or watch romantic-drama film? Four favorite movie Bazaar is 500 Days of Summer, Celeste and Jesse Forever, The Break-up, and Eternal Sunshine.

3. Talk about it
The more often talk about your grief, the more easily through it. Sometimes, there are just friends who thought you were dating your ex. That is may be a bitter little taste tilting was trying to be overlooked. But you need to through it until later, and you will not be affected again.

And it's okay to be angry if indeed you are in the party who are being hurt. You can channel it with storytelling on a friend. But remember, don't add a thing does not happen just because it wants to look right. The truth will be revealed sooner or later.

4. avoid see hers
Each of his objects is now a warehouse of memory to remember. collect the goods associated with it in a particular box.

If the return of the goods is the only reason for granting you a meeting again, just don't do it. If you still have the feeling every see her face in the photos, don't look for an excuse to see him.

If you are not willing to let go of his legacy items, we recommend that you leave her box in the House of Your friend, and gave him instructions not to allow you to take it up again before another year passes.

Later, after you calm down and move on, looking at the stuff in the box will give you a different feeling being sweet to remember.

5. Do the activity to identify themselves better
To kill time, join the organization that you want. Art-related activities or sports certainly can bring positive things to your life.

If less fit, you also get to start trying to learn musical instruments, arranging flowers, or make the prose. Trust us; your creativity will flourish at this period.

6. No, you don't need to stay friends
If it is difficult for you, steer clear and refused to talk to him may be an option. That can help you to forget the memories with her, and it's not your fault. You just need to allow time for your liver to recover as they are. Your friend should understand the decision.

7. No dating, not yet
Dating after a breakup can be tricky. You could have hurt other people because it makes it break out, and delaying the feeling of hurt you until the time of others.

It's a safer choice, but the pain is still coming. Wait until the right moment until you feel stable and ready to accept new challenges.

Sometimes, even though You think it is ready to undergo the relationship back, the experience with your ex can still affect the relationship further. Just remember never to compare.

8. Friends mean everything
Not all bad things must You own risk. Advice from the friend nearby can help you through this time of grieving. Even sometimes, solutions can come from yourself when giving advice to other people's romance.

Try to reproduce the duration of the meeting with good friends or even friends who have been a long time no meet to have fun together. Sometimes, the most appropriate advice is coming from people you do not guess at the unexpected because every human being has a story of its own.

9. Vacation or adopt an animal
Apparently, the energy that you use to meet and spend time with lover now is not used. Channel to do fun stuff you've never do like mountain climbing or camping in exotic locations.

As for the redirect compassion, you can adopt an animal like a cat or dog to accompany everyday activities.

10. Give your story a nice closure
Every beginning must have an end, so did the relationship. Although he didn't end up with a happy ending, just remember if at first, you guys start a story with a beautiful. Then make a real closure.

When a State has already stabled, you can chat back with a former lover. Discussing the decision to part ways with cooler heads and explain their respective views until the understand.

Sometimes misunderstanding occurs because you guys are still selfish each other. So make sure before closing the story you guys are together, the feeling You've been reticent. Up to selfishness will not be regained discussion.

Now, you are ready to go back to develop wings. Opens up all possibilities that can occur when met a new persona. A time when you wake from sleep at the most unexpected moments, you will notice if everything has passed. Now You just excellent, and stand with both feet on your own.

Because time does heal wounds. Good luck!

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