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The Difficulty of Forgiving Yourself

Still, remember my post about his difficult to forgive and apologize earlier? If you have forgotten or have not had time to read, please scroll to the page. In this occasion, I will discuss similar topics surrounding sorry forgive, only this time the object of different IE not forgive others but forgive yourself. Sounds quite classic but trust me I've been a few times getting emails that ask for opinions at once asked for advice on the subject of forgiving yourself. Forgive yourself, and it is sometimes harder than forgiving others.

god forgives and forgets

A little torture  if we make a mistake and always ringing in his head about mistakes we make. If the error involved people closest to us, maybe it tastes ranging from shy, tormented interfaculty sleeping, or maybe want to do plastic surgery to replace the face.  Hehehe ... Impressed just kidding but in fact, its  serious problems since it could not forgive us for  very traumatic may make a person unable to live a "normal." And this paper is intend for individuals hard to forgive himself.

The guilt is indeed very necessary, and there is a feeling of guilt is not a bad thing if we React appropriately. The existence of the sin it shows that someone still has the sense of shame and fear, that is, to say, the least there was still the faith in his heart. This kind of analogy, suppose that our heart is a paper and freckles are mistakes we do. If the guilt appears in the liver is clean then as the black stain that is on the white paper, it is very annoying and eager to be cleaned. Then imagine if the paper is black, a dark stain is certainly not so bully because it does not change the article are blackish. The black paper that's what likened as hearts that are already immune to error, already accustomed to making mistakes and seems to have no guilt at all. So, first of all, be grateful first because your heart is not black because the paper still had a heart scare will be a mistake.

The problem is that sometimes excessive guilt can provide extraordinary inner pressure. Even able to make someone despair and the worst is the intention to appear to end their lives. That is why guilt must be controlled to avoid depression.

Some of the things we can do to control our guilt include:

Wrong is Human, Better to Admit than to be covered.

There is no perfect 100% sinless person on earth. Everyone must have made a mistake either a small mistake or a terrible mistake. Even the higher the position of a person the greater the temptation to err. There is no merit to cover up a mistake that we do, better to immediately admit and avoid lying to cover it. God knows all human actions. If the wrongdoing involves the affairs of others quickly come and apologize to him. That is will make the heart more relieved and will more easily forgive yourself.

Replace With Good
Think of ourselves as saving in which mistakes mean less balance, and doing good is to make a cash deposit. If you make a mistake immediately do good to keep our savings balance is not drained.

Make The Lesson
Err is indeed "bitter" taste, but it will mean a positive for us if allowed as a lesson. From our mistakes more aware of just how painful and expensive price of a mistake. Then make the mistakes we make as a valuable lesson, not just memories.

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