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Doing Good is Mandatory, But Be Careful If Always Used Friends

'Sar, I forgot to take my money at the ATM, Borrow first, tomorrow I am dressing in the Office. ' like this Milky sentence popped up with two possibilities. First, forget not yet take money cash or both, let me not withdraw money.

importance of helping others

Sarah excellent Famous and got the royal properties. Seldom reject the friend who borrowed money or joking (read) asked To pay packed. Well anyway, but not healthy make finance Sarah?

Lest at the end of the month a shock because there is no money the rest of creating save money or can not buy stuff that is already planned.

Do good friends Necessary and compulsory Yes as a social creature, but not so well. Ok, for friends We've again needed the heck is natural, but what if charge mode and our good friends always used?

Goodness what the heck if Miss can make personal finance screwed up?

1. Avail in both lend money

Borrowing money habits among friends We've already so one of the habits second nature-meat anywhere around the world. In fact not wrong how to give money to friends, but please see first.

always utilized friends

See what? Here I'll describe. You have put aside such as Rp 1 million for savings plus emergency fund; some friends want to borrow $100.000. Ask and check first reason borrowed money.

If needed create medical treatment or lend, send to the food in the village. Don't give money if it turns out just needs an extra gadget to buy the latest model.

When you ignore the reasons friends borrow money until your needs aside, it could be savings you would not have a nominal increase. That is means that you further with your financial goals in the future.

2. Often treat eating

Share happiness when salaries rise, or relocation can make a 500 dollar happy hearts. It felt wanted to share it. May treat nearby peers, but if it's a habit that treats frequent-often can understand!

Make the other person happy Big reward, but lest ye compel. If Budget addresses just for ten people, All right picky. That's right you want to treat anyone.

Additional, your treat also does not that expensive, the $1000 prize can do not mean it must be Spent. Just specify budget treat ten people $100 for example.

3. Let the borrowed items

Shame it don't charge the same boyfriend or date! The same stuff you have is. Dear here meaning do not lend the goods to another person, let alone that you buy with the blood and sweat.

Let's say you still keep the old phone results exertion you work for six months. Then there are the friends who know and want to borrow the grounds again his phoneservice. Okay, you can loan, but make sure the after his phone fixed, ask your friend return the hp you with intact.

Don't be too freeing up the time of return, say same your friends, even if not already used mobile it is valuable for you. This will make your friends also appreciate other people's belongings.

4. Always buy

Times now is a lot of your friends who have a side job selling. Starting from selling small food, clothes, shoes, watches to cosmetics.

Intention to support a friend who had a side job selling by buying not one determining. But not all the friends coming offers you should buy it.

For example, the goddess again euphoric selling food products that are all made from durian. You are not a lover of durian, so did the people at home. No need to compel yourself buy sale Goddess if edges a foul or you give it to other people are hooked.

If all your friend and entrepreneur offers all the companionship, what willing bought all?

If only not anything you buy one team who all hooked durian. But if frequent-often, our loss! Why buy it when you can never enjoy.

There may be some habits do good to others that if often done not possible make a wallet grimace. Thinking of others is good, making others happy is also good, but remember just applied wrote.

Ourselves also reserves the right to acquire the best and happy, okay!

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