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How to Become a Successful Manager

Management field is an area vital for an organization or companyThe Manager of the control area has a big responsibility to set up an appropriate management process in all aspects of the company's current job so could run.

to be successful

But in fact, many managers have not created a 100% in these aspects which could be a barrier to success.

There are several tips and how to become a successful manager that can be applied by all directors:

Delegate tasks

That is one way to become a successful manager who still performed by many managers. Delegate tasks and to the other members of the team will ease the workload too piled up.

Also, delegating things to other people will help upgrade and also calm someone's nerves the people that could be beneficial to perform work.

The setting of standards and clear rules

Managers should create standards and clear rules that need to be known by their subordinates. Everyone needs to know with certainty the direction what is expected of existing managers so they can perform tasks better.

The setting of these standards could also be got based on feedback and input from the employees themselves. Also, the determination of the norm could be clarified further into goal setting to achieve together

Communication Effective

The ability to conduct effective communication is mandatory to be owned by the managers. Communication itself can be done in various ways either by oral or writing.

This communication also should take place two directions or where the Manager and employee understand each other. A Manager is also expected to provide time for employees so they created mutual appreciate between all parties.

Recognizing the Achievements of the existing
After the setting of rules and a clear purpose, the managers should learn to recognize the achievements made by the subordinate. Don't just stop at the efforts to recognize accomplishments, one way to become a successful Manager is the ability to reward those who achieve.

Looking For A Long Term Solution

A manager should be able to accept the changes there and could create a policy to solve the problems that come up. However, the need to also think about to find a long-term solution that will create a variety of challenges that often appears not to happen again. Try to address the root of the problem and not just the symptoms of problems that arise.

Create the atmosphere of a comfortable Office

The workload of a Manager is gigantic and sometimes it can be a source of stress is good for the Manager and for employees. A manager can minimize this problem using creating an atmosphere and work environment that is comfortable and enjoyable.

That will make all the people remain capable of working with a maximum regardless of the workload because these offices are fun.

Acknowledging Mistakes

A Manager is a person who can make mistakes. It never hurts to admit mistakes done and apologize to all members of the team.

When necessary, the discussion could be made to discuss things that have already happened and what can be done to cope with the effects of the error and what can do so that the same thing will not happen again.

Find out in advance what the motivation of the employees. One way to become a successful Manager is knowing what the motivation of the subordinates and provide something that could fulfill this motivation.

Not everyone motivate because of the money, some people feel motivated for other reasons e.g. the opportunity to develop themselves in these companies, the chance to get health insurance or an opportunity to gain recognition of their achievements in the show.

Accepting Difference

A good manager should be able to agree on the difference and not favoritism towards certain people. The attitude of favoritism may occur from time to time for different reasons, and it affectsthe respect of other employees.

Treat everyone with good and equivalent, but do not forget to reward people who are eligible.

Be an example and a minimal model

A good manager should be able to give examples and real giving to everyone. When a rule has established, then let his manager is the first person to show he is an individual who adheres to the rules.

That would make employees more respectful to the managers, and this will invite them to comply with existing standards.


Discipline is one thing that need to be applied by a Manager. The regulation in question here could include many things including remain disciplined in performing a broad range of matters relating to the duties of a Manager.

A manager has a big responsibility that seemed endless. However, by remaining disciplined in performing the task will make the Manager better able to do his job to the maximum and get him to become a better Manager.

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