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Three Ways to Train Your Brain So That More Confidence

Do you believe in yourself? In fact, nothing personal, born with tremendous confidence. If someone looks to have high confidence that confidence could be taken after established for many years. Some of the literature also revealed by train the brain to believe yourself, and your confidence will increase.

confidences definition

Self-belief or confidence is derived from Latin feeder to trust. In other words, confidence is the ability to trust your abilities, so brave to take on a challenge, capable of handling a difficult situation to responsible for the decisions that have been made. In short, confidence is what you feel and think about yourself.

Have low self-confidence, can trigger the onset of a shy character, restlessness while socializing to another possible impact can affect your relationship with your social life and your career development. Low self-confidence even affords increases your risk of developing mental health disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Confidence can be manipulated the brains

The pattern of brain activity turned out to be able to give you an idea about a person's confidence. In other words, manage particular brain activity, can increase the level of confidence you have.

Research conducted by doctors this process using Cortege Aurelio known as combine artificial intelligence with brain scanning technology or decoded neuron feed back, to 17 participants. Where each participant could increase the level of confidence in themselves that are detect in the brain scanner tool, researchers will overwrite the memory of that moment by giving gifts or something positive.

However, without the need of a brain scanner tool or are with an active memory such as the above research, you can train the brain to believe yourself. Here are tips provided by a self-performance consultant, Graham Young:

1. The strength of others as the opportunity to develop themselves
When you see the power of someone else, you get used to giving reaction, "Wow! The ability of public speaking is great compared to my ability. “Without you even knowing it, you often compare the strength of someone with a weakness you have. The reaction gives then train your brain works by the pattern like that until you start is not aware of any other skills you have.

Let us value this condition from another point of view. Soothe your emotions, set each time this moment arrives. Rather than look at him from the side as the opponent, it would be better if you see it as an opportunity that you should develop yourself on these capabilities.

2. Make your uncomfortable feelings
Analyze the painful feelings may not be fun, but know of those moments when You feel uncomfortable to find out the cause, without you even realizing it can boost your confidence levels. With styling your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you do when you feel discomfort; you can identify the causes of mistrust yourself. You can search this cause with some questions such as:

When you know you have done a job well?
What to do to make you feel appreciated, loved, and happy?
Such conditions are some of the questions above have occurred in your life.

3. Do not form your feelings based on how you are treated
Concerned with what other people think about yourself is excellent, but the condition can thus end when you judge yourself from the minds of individuals. Deal with this situation, first, you can embed inside when you have given the best attitude in treating other people and make sure your goals are the right time to treat them. It is their right and your responsibility. Therefore, it is not an obligation to worry about what you think.

After that, every time you start to feel uncomfortable with other people's judgments against yourself, to instill within you that there is nothing more to know yourself in addition to yourself.

Once you know what triggers a sense of confidence you have, even how should you train your brain to be confident and react to all the trigger, don't forget to smile! This simple act can also trigger your confidence might even be another person who saw it.

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