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4 Things to Avoid When The New Breakup

"Sometimes you've longed for is not him but all the memories of that beautiful"

Experiencing breakups with him/her after years of strained relations, sound so complicated. After so many moments that traveled with him, you face new days where the circumstances are not the same anymore as if I used to. You will find the process of adaptation could be so difficult for you.

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However, you also need to know that your life is still ongoing, so too with him. You still need to learn a lot of other things and grow. You also still have the right to be happy. Although some of the hard stuff, like the thought of him and stories you guys first, did make the liver being sliced smarting.

Well, you're heartbroken and want to come back excited even though we are still in the dumps, 4 it is compulsory you avoid.

Attempts to contact him
The new State without him in your days will make you uneasy. You are still difficult to accept the fact that the current situation has been very different than it used to be when you're with him. I was so The pain your heart, you are tempted to contact him/her, whether through the short message or chat on social media, just to say hi and ask reportedly.

Usually, a feeling like this happened a few days up to several weeks after the breakup. The desire to keep him remained large at times. There is nothing wrong with him, but your heart will be increasingly sliced when she didn't reply to your message at all.

So, try not to contact him after dropping out, Yes! For the good of yourself and your heart condition.

Read the messages of sweet of him, while still together
The flavors don't believe coupled with a sense of hurt and feelings of loss mingled stir so one, makes your shadows and reminded of the sweetness of the relationship you guys first. you re-read the messages for your sweetness message, chat or when the connection you guys are still doing fine.

Read messages from him and in fact will make you flash back with stories of you guys at that time. That will make you get carried away the atmosphere and consequently you so back to feel sad.

So better don't do this Yes. If you can just delete the messages When he felt sorry, we recommend you contact your friend or your family.

Stalking Ex
Perhaps, your sad has already started to erode, and you start back quietly undergoing days of the new. However, it was not with a sense of Curious you. It is an awkward feeling to stem. You still feel intrigued by all the activity he did. You were so avid stalking all the social media he is just to know what she does all day directly. But often, a sense of Curious you paid off with feeling sad and upset when knowing his life is now happier than you.

So, say no to stalking and move on! You can pay the Curious you flavor by doing other things more useful like working in this hobby and do an activity that you like.

Panic the moment meet? It's a big no!
It could be that you and he are still at one of the circle are the same, either in an association, one campus, one Office, and others, which requires that you always cross paths and meet in a period which is quite often.

With such circumstances, you don't have to do things that are not mature for instance by pretending not to know or be cynical. No matter if he say hello first, reply it with greetings as well or when he opens the chat, you need to respond to a new talk with a quiet demeanor and mediocrity.

A current attitude like this, really cool friends. So control yourself when meeting with him. It's about time you focus on yourself first. Passion always!

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