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5 Reasons Why You Often Break Up Love

The relationship foundered and ended bad romance do not directly blame your partner.

The cause of the beautiful romantic relationship continues, according to when you or Lifehack, him/her, or even both, felt it was no longer there is trust each other.

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A relationship without the ultimate goal will be hard to sustain. There is no longer a sense of happy when she's with you because there is no zeal for drafting plans for the future.

Besides, the stranded relationship can also be triggered by your attitude. There is no harm if you introspection so as not to experience a failure of love for the umpteenth time.

The following five things that may unwittingly become the causes she decided no longer wanted to continue the story of her flirtatious with you.

Want to win your own

Selfish attitudes should be removed when you have commitments in dealing with others. When you decide to undergo a romance with someone who liked, meaning you not only think of yourself.

That is already a consequence of a bond. Keep the attitude willing to win yourself, consider yourself always right, and you want to take precedence.

A good relationship is not always focused on one person, but there are two individuals involved in it.

Blind Jealousy

Jealous mark dear? Yes, it is often considered a sign of jealousy. Nothing forbids you to be jealous of the couple. But remains realistic.

A good relationship is based on mutual trust. So, stop the attitude to suspect him/her every day. According to Cosmopolitan, you can control your jealousy with not acting quickly when he saw the couple talking with opponents of its kind.

If you suspect the couple's closeness with others, do not direct the emotions and the accused. Just ask in a right way.


You now indeed have become her lover. But that does not mean 24 hours have to be with you so that all the time spent with you.

For men, in particular, it is not very well liked. For, feel restrained and not free.

Suggestions for your relationship ends badly, and you should not give the freedom so that he could do the things preferred. For example, he could do him freely or gather with friends and his family.

I am alerting you, allow time for the lover thus build mutual trust.

The same type

If you had a bad experience in a relationship with a man, do not choose a man with the same guy later in the day.

Because, if You constantly glued to the same kind of guy, you will most likely find a similar disappointment in the new relationship.

Try exploring and looking for a different type. You will learn to understand different characters.

Long distance relationship

Establish a separate love distance and time is not easy. If you are the type that is a challenging and distant attitude of jealous, do not choose a couple that is. Because such a relationship it would be easy to end up.

However, you can do business to survive when the distance was separating. One of them took the time face to face, and there is a touch of physical.

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