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Heartbroken Precipitate Heart

Heartbroken because the public is disappointed lover occurring in the love story. Also, to affect the emotions of the people who experienced it, heartbreak turned out can also cause damage to the heart.

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This conclusion is justified by a heart specialist or cardiologist and even sometimes can trigger death though his case is rare.

One example that was the death of his grandfather named NK Paliwak in Adelaide who died of a heart attack after hearing the news of his family was killed in an accident in India.

Besides this general note also if spouse or husband/wife who lost parts of his heart more risk died of a heart attack a few days, weeks or months after the dead were left behind his partner.

one reason is Exist a relationship between the effects of stress hormones on heart rate, blood pressure, and blood clotting.

But experts now suspect at least some of the cases of death associated with high levels of emotion can be a case of different heart disorders a recognized in Australia about ten years.

Broken heart syndrome or cardiomyopathy stress occurs when there is a surge of adrenaline rush from stress hormones triggered inflammation at heart.

That also happens on a condition called cardiomyopathy, Takotsubo with names that occur due to the abnormal form of the core that the impact of a spike in stress hormone that makes the heart shape resembling a traditional pot Japan for fishing Octopus.

"We can inject adrenaline into someone and triggers heart attacks ... There is a lot of evidence that shows the influence of adrenaline in these conditions," said Professor John Horowitz, Chief of Cardiology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Adelaide, who researched the broken heart syndrome.

Suspected Excessive hormone stress can seared heart, but how this happens is unknown.

Despite having symptoms similar to a heart attack cases of heart attacks that triggered the syndrome involves a broken heart blockage.

It's become a serious condition because most of the heart muscle weakened to the point of not being able to pump.

The decline in heart muscle function it can be fatal, causing a heart attack (in which the heart's electrical system disturbed so stop pumping).

Emotions such as sadness, anger or anxiety seem to be the trigger in almost 28 percent of cases, according to a study of the conditions published in the New England Journal of Medicine last year.

But there is still much to be learned about this broken heart syndrome is physical triggers such as difficulty breathing or severe infections that include 36 percent of the cases of this syndrome. While around 28 percent more cases of an unknown trigger at all.

Some of the ' trigger ' like damage to the House or a dispute with a neighbor who seems trivial, but on vulnerable people could also trigger the syndrome.

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