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Just Like Women, Men Are Also Easily Brittle When Broken Hearts

Most of the people never had a breakdown in a relationship. The result of the stranded this relationship makes good man or woman feel heartache. However, it may be during this time that we see only women so feel the hurt as compared with men.

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Women will feel sorrowful if viewed former lover can already move on him in a fast time when they haven't been able to do the same. As it turns out, is not only women who feel this, men also feel the same way with what is felt by the woman. The man is also hard to forget someone who had stopped at heart.

Research proves that men are very hard hit when it failed in the life of their romance. A recent study conducted by Professor Robin Simon at Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA, showed that when men dumped or their relationship should run aground, then this will affect their lives.

A classic example is when a boxer Mike Tyson who revealed openly at an event with American talk show said that he felt crushed 20 years ago when he saw his ex-wife, Robin Givens, out of the car with working with actor Brad Pitt.

When a relationship must end with the word, a man feels if this is galling to them. A romantic relationship experts say men are more affected when a relationship is not going according to their wishes.

"The guy is calculation when they're in a relationship. They will see from two sides that is the good side and the bad side too. So, when their relationship failed and former lover to move on from them, then this will make them feel like losers and hollow, ,"said Dr. Rajan Bhonsle an expert relationship romance as reported by the Times of India.

The researchers also explained that when a relationship becomes a mess, then it will have an impact on a man's self-esteem. Unlike women, men find it difficult to express their feelings against peers or even their families.

Other romance relationship experts, Seema Hingorrany, said that's not true if only women who feel more suffer moments of heartbreak. Men are also more susceptible to heartbreak as they become the party that is more often called into question when her relationship didn't work.

Hingorrany also explained that a man very closed about her feelings. People tend to be quiet and not tell it to anyone until they feel more at ease.

"Men do not cry when their romance failed. But they show it in various ways such as not eating, becoming more aggressive, fussing with his job or not sleep all night, ,"explained Hingorrany.

After a bad experience they have encountered, the guy would be hard to fall in love again. And when they have to feel it again, they will tend to be protective of trying to protect as much as possible so that it does not fall into his favorite woman with other men.

"It's almost like a personal failure. That is the person who makes it harder to move on, "close Dr. Bhonsle.

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