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Lesson: Why The Broken Heart It Hurts

These questions of million people. Controversy is good or not. Create a new you disconnect or exit from a dark hole current turmoil indeed this issue comes to always "why this way?" or you who again face the friends and relatives who again struggled in a vacuum without love and compassion. Why the heck? What is it indeed, such very to it feels if left lover and the devotion of heart? 

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All Centralized In Our Brains.
Nothing cover something a little scientific? Let you somewhat pine a little, let me ask if anyone ' you are not moving on anyway? ' you can answer ' Yes, the Anterior Cingulate Cortex because I still keep sending signals of pain, so I haven't been able to move on .'

Okay, here's the story, the ACC is its position and the part of the brain responsible for pain to the body giving you every time you feel isolated in the social environment. ACC is also part of the brain that is active the reply you feel the pain, such as Pinched. As simple as losing to play games can make the ACC it react, let alone having no lover, yeah right. this is most stupid ... how human beings need social connections. Well, considering that the ACC is also part of the brain that is active the reply you feel physical pain, so the pain inflicted the same heartbreak is also real. Blame ex-boyfriend that makes the hearts of squeeze seemed every time you hurt.

A high number of stages That Must Be Skipped.

If the ACC is a physical reaction, Psychic reaction to the next. His Name Is the Process Of Grieving. Its contents include emotional instability (emotional rollercoaster), cognitive (thinking/perspective change) and behavior. The stages you should make to move on from past Darkness along the former are:

1. Denial

That is the first stage, where you still deny the events your new natural. The taste is still not believe so, not able to accept the fact. So still like pinch-pinch yourself so. Invitation was.

Example case:

Sms/BBM you still good morning, noon, afternoon, evening, I've packed yet, careful on the road, rain jacket brings? And never replied. Read by him, but not responded.
You still feel the status of the FB and Twitter that klezmer and praise #nomention that was addressed to you. When in the hell create artisan fried rice.

2. Anger

That is when you feel trampled, and suddenly you Upset and hate the same situation befell you. This reply has to do the same former, yes hate equal the old.

Example case:
Where all of a sudden you start putting together a lot of ideas of revenge in the brain.

3. Bargaining
This is the stage where you feel the hate you not no right, keep your start dressing strategies, namely by trying so much better so. Better because there is all everyone wants so. More or less like the HOUSE.

Example case:
Change the appearance and behavior as expected by the former first time still courting. With the hope that he could see the changes you, and want to revert again. Nice try, dude!

4. Depression

You start to feel too sad to Already can not see again what's the point of continuing to work as usual. Reserve a sense of happy you because there are people who care about the same affection and you've run out. You start crying uncontrollably and forget how to smile and laugh. 

Example case:
Not hooked eating, insomnia, not concentrated do anything, will alone write in the room, turn the lamp beds, facing the wall. Tau-tau already three days past and you had the smell of the drug due three days ago is already drying up. HII.

5. Acceptance

At this stage, you do not know anymore what can be done to make the feeling so much better. The allusion to want angry also can not and do not know who else, want Bid also not understand how, so you receive the State like this. You finally start to live the life you like always.

Example case:
You wake up in the morning, see the Sun and suddenly could feel all Lived alone. Luscious.

Heartbroken Indeed something serious. Can result in death if not handled properly. The above phases can be different for each person, the span of time also. Anyone could linger in the stage of anger but directly skip to acceptance. Or some never sample to the level of acceptance but continues to Get around the return to denial. Indeed hearts full of mystery. But most not with you read this article, so why is it called tau heartbroken? Because the pain is real. Poignant.

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