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Scientific Explanation When You Heart Broken

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A friend who never felt heartbroken that his name? Everyone never experienced it teenagers like us. Breakups, rejected by comes we liked, failed to reach the target we dreamed of until betrayed by those we pity is a series of things that can make our hearts hurt. Broken hearts are painful and hard to forget. The pain may be symbolized as affected by scratches blade, look small but very agonizing. Maybe even the pain will not be reflected until difficult expressed words.

Friend, when someone is experiencing the heartbreak as if he felt the sensation of pain in his heart. That seems like a load of very depressed by the weight of the chest to the heart. But, you guys know the sensation of pain they have inflicted a fact? And it turns out it's not always related to the mental condition we are natural, but also influenced by hormonal substances that work in our bodies. How can the process occur? Let us refer to the information!

The presence of signals from the brain

The pain we experienced while heartbroken originated from the existence of the signals that are sent from the brain to the cells of our body cells. As revealed by Naomi Eisenberg, PhD. from the University of California that when people experience a sense of heartbreak for example due to breakup or rejected by the individual, we love, the brain can't handle it alone. Because of that, the brain will transmit a signal to the body and tell you we are experiencing at the moment it is a pain. So, as if we feel the pain as depressed in the chest.

The Presence Of Hormonal Influences

In the human brain, there are several kinds of hormones that affect our feelings and emotional state. Some of these are hormones cortisol, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. The hormones affect the psychological state of a person.

The hormone cortisol also is known as hormone triggers stress. The hormone dopamine is a hormone that can stimulate a feeling of fun and pleasure. The norepinephrine hormone is a hormone that gives the effect of a sense of fun or super excited. And the last is the hormone serotonin which is a mood stabilizer is at once a contributor for the incidence of feeling happy.

Well, the performance of the hormone dopamine can be hampered if we feel sad, angry, or emotion because of broken hearts. Both hormones will go away and as a result, will cause the appearance of stress triggers hormones or hormone known as cortisol.

The hormone cortisol arises when we are in a State of stress, depressed, or threatened and function gives the reaction of resistance. For example, when we face the situation precarious, this hormone triggers muscle movement to avoid them. While experiencing heartbreak, hormones it will react to the body for example to the chest pain that can cause distress and disruption of blood circulation. Not only that, but these hormones also influence on our physical (the immune system) so susceptible to symptoms of the disease.

Friend, it is important for us to know that broken hearts have adverse side effects for us both physical and psychic. Do not let the frustration due to the broken heart, so our quality of life is declining. Try a moment for relaxation with a peaceful the mind while meditating, forget for a moment you, calm your thoughts, and the most important are to greet your days with confidence as well as a new, more positive spirit!

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