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3 Stages Of Planning

Over the finally brace of days I possess got read a bunch of wonderfully written #OneWord posts. I oft found myself nodding my caput inward agreement, peculiarly inward the illustration of this powerful post service most empathy past times my friend Bill. Although I couldn't necessarily selection simply 1 word, of late I possess got been thinking a lot most planning in addition to how that impacts teaching in addition to learning inward our schoolhouse each day. Much of my thinking has been anchored inward the monthly literacy check-in conversations nosotros possess got had at Cantiague where nosotros possess got been discussing the integration of the novel TC Units of Study in addition to how these resources are impacting planning for literacy teaching in addition to actual implementation. 

Planning: H5N1 Personal Journey

This notion of "planning" is 1 I possess got struggled amongst my entire career equally an educator... I could never quite conception far plenty ahead all the same I ever over planned to brand certain every infinitesimal was accounted for inward my classroom. I possess got run the spectrum of planning... planning calendar week to calendar week using a conception book; planning an entire unit of measurement of written report inward advance using a template; in addition to planning 24-hour interval to 24-hour interval on sheets of unloosen foliage newspaper based on what I truly got accomplished on whatever given 24-hour interval amongst my students. The next graphic accurately captures what the "planning" sense looked similar for me equally a classroom instructor in addition to fifty-fifty sometimes equally a main (be honest - how many of yous tin plow over the sack relate??)...  

Fortunately, amongst almost twenty years sense equally an educator I tin plow over the sack confidently nation that although I may possess got all the same to master copy the whole planning situation, I possess got come upward to empathize how of import it truly is to conception for learning in addition to teaching inside our classrooms. Regardless of what vogue or approach or format an educator uses, the bottom trouble is that nosotros must conception inward advance to possess got some kind of trajectory for the learning nosotros promise to take in unfold inward our classrooms. Some of the questions I am constantly reflecting on include... What create nosotros desire our learners to master copy during a course of teaching of inquiry? What are the essential questions for this unit? What are the skills in addition to strategies nosotros desire to let on our learners to during this lesson or unit? How are nosotros going to ensure that the learning is educatee centered in addition to educatee driven? Having reflected on questions similar these (and dozens more), I possess got come upward to some personal understandings most planning. The agency I take in it, in that place are 3 stages of planning nosotros could travel engaging inward that could possess got a positive affect on our students. 

Stage 1: Unit Design

The starting fourth dimension phase of planning, in addition to the 1 that I intend is most effective in addition to beneficial to maximizing the learning in addition to teaching experience, is unit of measurement planning. What create I hateful past times unit of measurement planning? I don't hateful picking upward the novel TC Units of Study (reading or writing) in addition to necessarily next them verbatim (although that may travel for many educators). No, I hateful thinking most a unit of measurement of written report that would travel most beneficial to students... YOUR students. Think most what yous desire your students to possess got accomplished at the terminate of the unit of measurement of study. What are the essential (big & overarching) questions they should travel able to answer? What cognition in addition to skills should students possess got acquired at the terminate of a unit? Could the TC Units of Study travel the resources an educator uses equally the anchor for a unit? Yes! But, the terminate goals should travel established for the electrical flow grouping of students... TC Units of Study are a resources - they are non the curriculum. 

After identifying the essential questions in addition to specific cognition in addition to skills, at nowadays accept a few steps dorsum in addition to intend most what testify could travel "collected" during a unit of measurement to demonstrate what children possess got learned. This is the fourth dimension to intend most how the learning during a unit of measurement of written report volition travel assessed because starting amongst the assessment inward hear in addition to planning backwards from that betoken only increases the chances of academic success for learners. The terminal stride inward unit of measurement planning is thinking most the 24-hour interval to 24-hour interval learning experiences in addition to the teaching that demand to accept house inward lodge for the children to travel able to reply the essential questions at the terminate of the unit.

A resources that is oft used to facilitate this type of unit of measurement planning is the Understanding By Design model. The graphic below provides a non bad visual for the thinking that goes into this type of planning. What nosotros know about systems thinking is that nosotros conception ahead for our terminate finish - basically planning for our ideal province of affairs - in addition to working dorsum from there. 

Stage 2: Logistics, Schedules & Priorities

The minute phase of planning considers all the logistics... scheduling, units of written report across the unlike content areas in addition to possibilities for interdisciplinary learning experiences. This is where the calendar week to calendar week planning gets refined in addition to executed. If a instructor knows 4 students volition travel out of the classroom at reading at 9:30am twice during the week, they volition conception around that to ensure that the children don't immature lady whatever novel content. The minute phase of planning volition likewise consider what was accomplished the calendar week earlier in addition to what the finish is for the next week. This phase of planning drills deeper than what powerfulness travel considered when planning the entire unit of measurement of study. This is where an educator considers the daily learning experiences in addition to how they powerfulness unfold inward the classroom using mini-lessons, at 1 time instruction, guided practice, modest grouping travel in addition to independent practice.

Stage 3: Day To Day

The 3rd phase of planning is based on the information nosotros collect from our students on a daily dry reason in addition to this impacts the 24-hour interval to 24-hour interval teaching that unfolds inward our classrooms. Yes, nosotros may possess got planned a half-dozen calendar week unit of measurement of written report inward writing workshop that focuses on poesy but if nosotros detect that the bulk of our students are struggling amongst a strategy or science on whatever given day, in addition to thus that should impact, in addition to fifty-fifty dictate, the adjacent day's mini-lesson. It powerfulness throw the unit of measurement of written report slightly off course of teaching but ultimately, nosotros must role information to direct in addition to conception our daily teaching thus that nosotros are coming together the needs of our students in addition to helping them travel towards mastery of specific skills. The learning in addition to teaching that unfolds inward a classroom each 24-hour interval should non travel exclusively based on a unit of measurement that was planned weeks inward advance - it needs to travel shaped in addition to impacted past times our students in addition to their needs.

You Decide

Although in that place is non 1 size fits all approach to planning, I create believe these 3 stages of planning volition ultimately possess got the most positive affect on the teaching in addition to learning that unfolds inward our classrooms each day. I promise that the readers of this post service volition bring together me inward reflecting on their private planning styles in addition to how nosotros tin plow over the sack collaborate, equally a PLN, to heighten our skills inward this area!  
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