Spiritual Pilgrimage Equally Life Process

There are some books I convey which I taste having the run a hazard to read in i trial to a greater extent than in addition to again.  One of these books for me is a mass kickoff published inward the 1980s, namely, Will in addition to Spirit, past times Gerald G. May.  It is a mass I exercise when I instruct the class, Contemplative Spirituality.  Perhaps it is understandable when I percentage May’s subtitle for that book: A Contemplative Psychology.  May was a psychiatrist who founded in addition to was affiliated alongside a Spirituality middle inward Washington, DC, called Shalem.  I valued highly his diverse books in addition to his work.
As a psychiatrist, May knew the physiological in addition to emotional components of spirituality, which my ain teaching did non laissez passer on focus.  The expert tidings is i does non convey to live inward schoolhouse or a classroom to learn.  In fact, most of us had incredible learning experiences long earlier nosotros went to school.  It was but called childhood!  And so I eagerly bought Will in addition to Spirit many years agone in addition to devoured it.  It was so of import for me that I figured out how to exercise it inward class.  The students frequently experience similar it is difficult, but I assure them of import things are frequently difficult.  If it were easy, it mightiness non live worth learning.
The whole mass is good.  But at that topographic point are chapters I similar to a greater extent than than other chapters.  One of my favorite chapters is his lastly one.  May enticingly entitled that chapter, “On Being a Pilgrim in addition to a Helper.”  I similar the supposition contained inward the title.  May assumes nosotros volition live both pilgrim in addition to helper.  I divulge this reassuring to recall if nosotros acquire contemplatives, nosotros volition experience the wish too to live pilgrim in addition to helper.  This makes feel because if nosotros acquire contemplatives, it unremarkably way others convey been pilgrims who helped us.  Being spiritual in addition to becoming contemplative is non a solitary endeavor that happens alone on the footing of our ain wit in addition to effort.
I similar how May shapes the decision to this terminal chapter.  Effectively, it becomes a plumbing equipment decision to the whole mass every bit well.  May begins that decision past times acknowledging, “Spiritual pilgrimage involves solitary searching, receiving assistance in addition to guidance from others, in addition to offering assistance to others.”  (319)  That speaks volumes to me.  It suggests that nosotros don’t alternative upward spirituality similar a commodity from Walmart or online from Amazon.  To live spiritual way nosotros volition embark on a pilgrimage. 
If you lot recall close pilgrimage, it has some definite characteristics.  H5N1 pilgrimage has a specific destination.  H5N1 pilgrimage is non a walk inward the woods or some fourth dimension spent wandering roughly the neighborhood or the world.  If nosotros are on a pilgrimage, it is to some detail house or, perhaps, experience.  Normally, at that topographic point is an intensity in addition to focus on the pilgrimage.  We are intent on something.  We practice it past times ourselves, fifty-fifty if nosotros were too role of a group.  It is a search, every bit May says.
He adds ii qualifiers.  We have assistance in addition to guidance.  This tells me nosotros can’t or won’t arrive on our own.  But the other affair is exactly every bit important.  We too volition offering assistance to others.  Being on a pilgrimage may live solitary, but it is non ever solitary in addition to sure non meant to live lonely.  I feel May sees a mutuality amid folks on their spiritual pilgrimages.  It is both mine in addition to ours.  I divulge that exciting in addition to reassuring.
May continues inward his decision alongside a wonderful sentence.  He notes this spiritual pilgrimage “is a journeying of deepening willingness in addition to clarifying vision.”  I volition rank you lot that throughout his book, May shows that existence contemplative involves willingness rather than willfulness.  It ever seemed to me that willingness was a expert manner to utter close making ourselves---our souls---pliant to the beloved in addition to leading of God.  Willfulness is unremarkably driven past times a potent ego operating headstrongly inward our ain direction.  To live willful is non to brain or tending close what God mightiness desire.
And thus, our pilgrimage involves a deepening of our willingness in addition to a clear vision.  We come upward to know where our life is heading in addition to nosotros are willing for that vision to come upward truthful inward life.  It volition bespeak to a greater extent than the wish of God in addition to much less the egotistical desires of my ain will.  This sets May upward to write a judgement that truly contains the championship of his book.  He says, our spiritual pilgrimage is a journeying that truly “is a procedure of reconciling volition in addition to spirit.”  Our goal---if i tin dismiss speak of spiritual goals---is to harmonize God’s wish in addition to our willingness. 
The lastly judgement I add together speaks to me close the intent of the spiritual pilgrimage.  May observes that inward our journey, “one seeks to find, in addition to realizes alongside increasing certainty that i has already been found.”  To divulge in addition to to live works life is a wonderful trial inward life.  And if nosotros tin dismiss experience this earlier nosotros are dead, in addition to then nosotros tin dismiss alive out of this truth.  We tin dismiss alive out this truth inward ways that volition brand a huge divergence inward the world.
To divulge in addition to to live works life way to me that nosotros figure out life.  And role of the gift of this volition live realizing nosotros volition too live works life inward a community of others who convey figured out life.  We volition know ourselves in addition to know God in addition to know others who too know themselves in addition to know God.  There is nil to a greater extent than profound inward life.
To acquire at that topographic point is to embark on our spiritual pilgrimage every bit our life process.   
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