What Blogging Taught Me Most Myself

As nosotros start a New Year the scent of possibility too novel challenges are inwards the air.  It’s amazing to remember that 3 years ago, I wrote my foremost spider web log post.  A shipping service that was to survive the get-go of a novel chapter inwards my life too 1 that would survive the catalyst for a life-changing experience.

I conduct hold learned too thence much over the by 3 years, non simply close how to blog, but close myself too who I desire to be, too it all began amongst a listing of New Year's Day Resolutions.

What is a resolution? 

The English linguistic communication Oxford Dictionary describes it as, 'a theatre determination too the character of being determined.'

It was on New Year's Eve 2012 when I set myself a challenge; sick of setting resolutions too breaking them earlier the mince pies ran out, I decided to laid upward a ameliorate illustration too and thence I wrote a listing of twelve resolutions - 1 for each calendar month of the year.

This listing included the green suspects - lose weight, acquire fit, atomic publish 26 less too express joy more but I every bit good wanted to challenge myself.  I included things like, 'do something new', 'give upward alcohol', 'give upward Facebook (that 1 was tough!) too many more.

Having never blogged before I idea it would survive a fun way to maintain me motivated.  It every bit good forced me to survive accountable for my actions – a flake similar having a diet buddy.  But I knew that I wanted to maintain it existent too blog the lows every bit good every bit the highs throughout the year.  

As I ticked the months off, an amazing affair happened.  People from all over the basis began to comment on my feeds amongst messages of encouragement.  Readers were existence inspired to start their own challenges, too I made some wonderful novel friends, all from my kitchen table.

Making that determination to measurement out of my comfort zone too start a blog, while tackling my resolutions inwards earth eye, changed my life.

I had to outflow too grow my wings on the way down.  I realised that blogging was a huge total of work, but it was every bit good cracking fun, too every bit a foremost course of education procrastinator I found myself settling into a regular weekly writing routine too suddenly my twelve challenges became fifty-two - 1 for every week.

I succeeded inwards completing all the resolutions I laid upward myself that yr too a few to a greater extent than that I hadn’t idea about, too and thence my blogging path was set. 

Here are simply a few of the things I found out inwards that foremost year:
  • Regular posts are vital to keeping y'all visible inwards the blog-o-sphere, but also, assist y'all to found a regular writing schedule.
  • Planning out your spider web log content takes away the stress of wondering what to write about.  I invention out every spider web log shipping service twelve months inwards advance now, but allow myself some wiggle room inwards instance I bespeak to part some of import news.
  • Interacting amongst other bloggers is 1 of the most of import things to do.  I conduct hold made some incredible friends online, too I proceed to read too comment on their spider web log posts.  Blogging is a community activity too existence a business office of that community is an honour.
  • I allocate fourth dimension inwards my diary to practise my spider web log content, shipping service my articles too for promoting.  I conduct hold my blogging seriously because I know I acquire to a greater extent than out of it that way.
My blog has acquire an of import business office of my life, too it continues to evolve thank y'all to the thousands of people who pay it a visit.  I conduct hold e'er suffered amongst depression self-esteem too self-doubt, every bit practise many people, but blogging has helped me to facial expression upward these fears caput on.  I've grown stronger too are less critical of myself.  I used that initial challenge, too my spider web log content, to write my foremost book.  That mass is currently sitting inwards the reach v of Amazon's best seller listing for self-help.  Without my spider web log I may never conduct hold had the courage to follow my dream too make too thence much.

Last yr I started a minute blog, this 1 is for my writing, books too reviews.  It way double the function but every bit good double the fun.  Feel gratis to pay it a see at http://www.shelleywilsonauthor.com  

I am too thence excited close the New Year's Day too await forrad to sharing some inspirational posts amongst y'all all.  I conduct hold a novel characteristic to introduce, ‘Real Women, Real Lives’ where nosotros see some incredible ladies who are changing their lives or doing amazing things for charity.  In the Spring, I volition survive concentrating on personal evolution too writing close how to empower yourself.  

I love hearing from you, too thence delight maintain the comments coming.

Wishing y'all all a happy, salubrious too abundant 2016. 
With Love, Shelley xxx
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