Beautiful Adept Morn Messages !!

Small cheer together with slap-up welcome makes a merry feast.  

  William Shakespeare

God gave you lot a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  
Have you lot used i to tell "thank you?"  

  William A. Ward

The best sort of friend is the sort you lot tin terminate sit down on a porch and 
swing amongst never tell a word, together with then 
walk away feeling similar it was the best conversation you've always had.

It's truthful that nosotros don't know what we've got until nosotros lose it, 
but it's too truthful that nosotros don't know what 
we've been missing until it arrives. 

There are things you'd honey to listen that you lot would never 
hear from the person who you lot would similar to listen from, 
but don't move therefore deaf every bit non to listen it from the one 
who says it from their heart.

Don't larn for looks, they tin terminate deceive. 
Don't larn for wealth, inwards the halt it fades away. 
Go for someone who makes you lot smiling because 
it takes entirely a smiling to brand a night hateful solar daytime seem bright.

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