Beautiful Morn Statements !

Patience alongside Family is love,
Patience alongside others is respect,
Patience alongside self is confidence, and
Patience alongside GOD is faith.

Never Think Hard nearly PAST,
It brings Tears...
Don’t Think to a greater extent than nearly FUTURE,
It brings Fears...
Live this Moment alongside a Smile,
It brings Cheers.!!!! 

Every examination inwards our life makes us bitter or better,
Every work comes to brand us or suspension us,
Choice is ours whether nosotros larn victim or victorious !!! 

Search a beautiful pump non a beautiful face.
Beautiful things are non ever good
but proficient things are ever beautiful.

Remember me similar pressed bloom inwards your Notebook.
It may non endure having whatsoever fragrance
but volition remind you lot of my beingness forever inwards your life.

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