Beautiful Morning Time Words !!

Whatever happens only relax too produce out to brand a smile, 
LIFE is non a occupation to live on solved but a gift to live on enjoyed. 
Make everyday your best day!

Be pleasant until x o'clock inwards the morning time and 
the residue of the solar daytime volition direct keep attention of itself.  

  Elbert Hubbard

People volition forget what y'all said,

people volition forget what y'all did,
but people volition never forget
how y'all made them feel.

  Maya Angelou

The precious rock cannot live on polished without friction, 
nor human being perfected without trials.

  Chinese proverb

"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience."

  Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Look, I don't desire to wax philosophic, 
but I volition nation that if you're alive 
you've got to flap your arms too legs, 
you've got to jump around a lot, 
for life is the rattling contrary of death,

and thus y'all must at rattling to the lowest degree think 
noisy and colorfully, or you're non alive."

  Mel Brooks

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