Enlightening Morn Words !

"Learn from the past, 
set vivid, detailed goals for the future, 
and alive inwards the entirely bit of time 
over which you lot convey whatsoever control: now."

  Denis Waitley

"You are non hither to endeavour to larn the world 
to hold out simply every bit you lot desire it. 
You are hither to occupation the earth around you 
that you lot choose."

  Rhonda Byrne 

The giving of beloved is an teaching inwards itself.

  Eleanor Roosevelt

It costs you lot cipher to brand some other happy -
and you lot gain your truthful self 
through the human activity of spreading joy.

Treat people every bit if they were what they ought to be 
and you lot volition assistance them become 
what they are capable of becoming.

  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The entirely affair nosotros convey to fright is fright itself.

  Franklin D. Roosevelt

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