Fresh Forenoon Lines !!

Relations & Ego both are inter connected 
The get-go fails if the 2nd is hurt
The 2nd fails if the get-go succeeds

A truthful friend understands when yous say, "I forgot"
Waits forever when yous say, "1 minute"
Stays when yous say, "leave me alone"
and opens the door, "even earlier yous knock.."

When yous convey cipher to say. 
Its ameliorate to nation nothing.

See the Good inward Everyone.
Be Blind to the Faults Of Others. 
It Brings Peace inward your Life.
Things don't Change, 
You Change yoUr Way Of Looking at them..!

When yous convey to brand a difficult decision, flip a coin,
Why ?
Because when that money is inward air...
You all of a precipitous know what yous are hoping for.

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