Fresh Morn Words !!

"Creative move is play. 
It is costless speculation using materials of one's chosen form."

  Stephen Nachmanovitch

"Birds are a miracle because they assay to us in that place is a
finer, simpler Earth of beingness which nosotros may strive to attain."

-- Doug Coupland

A well-developed feel of sense of humour is the pole that adds residue to your steps 
as y'all walk the tightrope of life.

  William Arthur Ward

A individual without a feel of sense of humour is similar a railroad vehicle without springs. 
It's jolted past times every pebble on the road.

  Henry Ward Beecher

Through humor, y'all tin soften roughly of the worst blows that life delivers. 
And ane time y'all discovery laughter, 
no affair how painful your province of affairs mightiness be, 
you tin hold upwards it.

  Bill Cosby

People are but nearly every bit happy every bit they brand upwards their minds to be.

  Abraham Lincoln

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