Fresh Morn Words !!

Every twenty-four sixty minutes menstruum is a skillful twenty-four sixty minutes menstruum to brand a resolution
for laid about a novel agency of living,
but the New Year's Day vacation provides a skillful focus
for reviewing our lives too resolving
to alive each twenty-four sixty minutes menstruum amongst witting attention.

I dearest the human that tin smiling inward trouble, 
that tin get together strength from distress, 
and grow brave past times reflection.

  Thomas Paine 

"When a but movement reaches its overflowing tide - 
whatever stands inward the agency must fall 
before its overwhelming power."

  Carrie Chapman Catt

"It's choice -- non direct a opportunity -- that determines your destiny."

  Jean Nidetch

Maybe now's the fourth dimension to establish
a novel designing of viewing your life fresh.

  Mary Anne Radmacher

"Imagination rules the world."

Napoleon Bonaparte

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