Have A Perfect 24-Hour Interval !!

"The almost wasted twenty-four lx minutes current of all is that 
during which nosotros conduct maintain non laughed."

  Sebastian R. N. Chamfort

The 3 slap-up essentials to achieving anything worthwhile are;
first, difficult work, 
second, stick-to-it-iveness, 
and third, mutual sense.

  Thomas A. Edison 

The truthful stair out of a human being is how he treats someone
who tin laissez passer the axe create him absolutely no good.

  Samuel Johnson

"Walk on, walk on, alongside promise inward your heart; a
nd you'll never walk alone; you'll never walk alone."

  Oscar Hammerstein II

"A hug is similar a boomerang -- y'all larn it dorsum correct away."

  Bil Keane

All high achievers excogitation their operate as well as operate their plan, 
for they are keenly aware that "luck" is almost often 
being prepared to accept wages of a situation.


"Put your heart, mind, as well as soul into fifty-fifty your smallest acts.
This is the hugger-mugger of success."

  Swami Sivananda

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