Interesting Morn Sentences !!

God has no iPhone , but I utter to him... 
He has no Facebook, but he is all the same my friend... 
He does non convey a twitter, but I all the same follow him....

To him whose elastic together with vigorous idea keeps measuring amongst the sun, 
the twenty-four hr menstruation is a perpetual morning.  

  Henry David Thoreau

The Sun has non caught me inwards bed inwards 50 years.  

  Thomas Jefferson

Sadness flies on the wings of the morn and 
out of the pump of darkness comes the light.  

  Jean Giraudoux

The act of taking the laid out measuring is what 
separates the winners from the losers 

  Brian Tracy

The best utilization of the morn is knowing that
someone is waiting for you lot to wake up.... Good Morning Friends !!

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