Lively Forenoon Thoughts !

"Every unmarried thing you lot produce matters. 
You convey been created equally i of a kind. 
You convey been created inward corporation to brand a difference. 
You convey inside you lot the ability to modify the world.”

  Andy Andrews

"Its non Important To Go To Heaven After We Leave,
But Its Important To Create Heaven In Someone's Heart,
Before We Leave''.. !

WORRY is similar a rocking chair
It gives you lot something to do
but it does non choke you lot anywhere

LIVE without pretending
LOVE without depending
LISTEN without defending
SPEAK without offending

Relations never teach out each other, Never part,
They only to a greater extent than or less times sit down silently, Deep inward each others heart 
Saying : "I'm nevertheless here, Are You There..?

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