Lovely Morn Poetry Form !!

Say give cheers y'all for bit chances. 
Say goodbye to past times injuries. 
Reach for the futurity amongst a hopeful heart. 
Say you're poor when y'all bespeak to... 
Say I dearest y'all when y'all bespeak to... 
Don't allow lilliputian things buy the farm big things. 
Remember the pump of the matter... 
Remember to dearest as well as endure loved is the greatest gift.

by Trish Day LeClere

I merely desire to say
I promise y'all have
A Beautiful day

And every bit the sun
Rises inward the sky
The clouds I see
Are passing by

And on each cloud
A wishing for you
That you'll enjoy
All that y'all do

And know you're loved
In every way
I promise y'all have 
A Beautiful Day!

HAVE Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 GREAT DAY AHEAD !!

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